Here follow the holy pentacles, expressed in their proper figures and characters, together with their special virtues; for the use of the master of art.

From this Head Crafter: References from the Hebrew testament are given from the Hebrew arrangement , and placed into the context they have come from. This makes it easier for me to understand the story (spell, from Speil, story) that gives this verse power. Unless I specifically lay claim to a translation, all Hebrew Testament quotes are taken from Hebrew-English Tanakh: the traditional Hebrew text and the new JPS translation; 2nd ed. Jewish Publication Society; 1999.


figure 25

Figure 25.--The first Pentacle of Mars.--It is proper for invoking Spirits of the Nature of Mars, especially those which are written in the Pentacle.

Editor's Note.--Mystical Characters of Mars, and the Names of the four Angels:--Madimiel, Bartzachiah, Eschiel, and Ithuriel written in Hebrew around the Pentacle.

figure 26

Figure 26.--The Second Pentacle of Mars.--This Pentacle serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases, if it be applied unto the afflicted part.

Editor's Note.--The letter Hé, in the angles of the Hexagram. Within the same the Names IHVH, IHSHVH Yeheshuah (the mystic Hebrew Name for Joshua or Jesus, formed of the ordinary IHVH with the letter SH placed therein as emblematical of the Spirit), and Elohim. Around it is the sentence, John i. 4:--'In Him was life, and the life was the light of man.' This may be adduced as an argument of the greater antiquity of the first few mystical verses of the Gospel of St. John.

figure 27

Figure 27.--The Third Pentacle of Mars.--It is of great value for exciting war, wrath, discord, and hostility; also for resisting enemies, and striking terror into rebellious Spirits; the Names of God the All Powerful are therein expressly marked.

Editor's Note.--The Letters of the Names Eloah and Shaddai. In the Centre is the great letter Vau, the signature of the Qabalistic Microprosopus. Around is the versicle from Psalm lxxvii. 13:--'Who is so great a God as our Elohim?'

figure 28

Figure 28.--The Fourth Pentacle of Mars.-It is of great virtue and power in war, wherefore without doubt it will give thee victory.

Editor's Note.--In the Centre is the great Name Agla; right and left, the letters of the Name IHVH; above and below, El. Round it is the versicle from Psalm cx. 5:--'The Lord at thy right hand shall wound even Kings in the day of His Wrath.'

figure 29

Figure 29.--The Fifth Pentacle of Mars.--Write thou this Pentacle upon virgin parchment or paper, because it is terrible unto the Demons, and at its sight and aspect they will obey thee, for they cannot resist its presence.

Editor's Note.--Around the figure of the Scorpion is the word HVL. The versicle is from Psalm xci. 13:--'Thou shalt go upon the lion and adder, the young lion and the dragon shalt thou tread under thy feet.'

figure 30

Figure 30. — The Sixth Pentacle of Mars. — It hath so great virtue that being armed therewith, if thou art attacked by any one, thou shalt neither be injured nor wounded when thou fightest with him, and his own weapons shall turn against him.

Editor’s Note. — Around the eight points of the radii of the Pentacle are the words ‘Elohim qeber, Elohim hath covered (or protected),’ written in the Secret Alphabet of Malachim, or the writing of the Angels. The versicle is from Psalm 37.14-15 — “The wicked draw their swords, bend their bows, to bring down the lowly and needy, to slaughter those whose way is upright. Their swords shall pierce their own hearts, and their bows shall be broken.

figure 31

Figure 31. — The Seventh and last Pentacle of Mars. — Write thou this upon virgin parchment or paper with the blood of a bat, in the day and hour of Mars; and uncover it within the Circle, invoking the Demons whose Names are therein written; and thou shalt immediately see hail and tempest.

Editor’s Note. — In the centre of the Pentacle are the Divine Names, El and Yiai, which have the same numerical value when written in Hebrew. The Letters in Hebrew, and in the Secret Alphabet called the Celestial, compose the Names of Spirits. Round the Pentacle is: Psalm 105.32-33 — “He gave them hail for rain, and flaming fire in their land. He struck their vines and fig trees, broke down the trees of their country.”

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