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By: Jo Ann/(D&D Character pending)

Started: 04/18/2002 *~*~* Updated: 04/10/2003

Disclaimer: Dungeons & Dragons is owned by TSR Games. The cartoon is owned by Marvel/Sunbow productions. Any new character(s) are by me.

When you enter this room in Drak Pack Headquarters, you find that it leads to another world! And to greet you is a very short, old man in red robes.

"Greetings, bold adventurers!" he smiles. "Welcome to the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons! I am the Dungeon Master, your guide in the Realm. Much has changed since we last saw the young ones. Some live here, now, while the others visit when they can. Venger, my son, has changed to good and serves as magician of Hero's Keep. Come in and visit a 'spell'."(^_~)

These new adventures begin after "Requiem", the written-but-never-made final episode of Dungeons & Dragons, by Michael Reaves.

If you haven't read it, I suggest you do so, because the following stories will all have references to the events in "Requiem", especailly the parts about Venger.

Have you read it? Or, at least, took the lazy way out and read the ending? Good. We can procede.

Time: 5 years after the orginal series ended.

Settings: The Realm and Earth.

The six kids have completed their orginal mission in the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons and have returned home. They took up their lives almost as if nothing has happened. The older kids have graduated high school, while Presto is in his Senior year, and Bobby is in his Sophmore year in high school

On Hank and Shiela's wedding day, they recieve a very specail gift from an old friend from the Realm. Dungeon Master sent them a mirror through which the kids may travel back and fourth between the Realm and Earth. This way, they would have a way back home if they wanted to visit.

Hank and Sheila surprised everyone when they chose to return to the Realm and live there. The mirror --placed in a house owned by Eric's family and used by the Realm Heros, as the kids called themselves-- became the doorway into the Realm. The door on the Realm's side was a doorframe that seemingly led to nowhere.

The castle was a wedding gift from Venger, once enemy, now friend. The castle was meant to be, first of all, Hank and Sheila's home in the Realm, and second, the Realm Heros' home base while in the Realm. The castle is fully staffed, most servents from the Realm, but a few from Earth. There is also a huge company of soldiers, ready and willing to serve the Realm Heros, especially the Heros' leader, Hank.

What each of the Realm Heros has been doing since their return to Earth.

Hank: Married Sheila and returned with her to the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons to serve as protectors of the Realm. Lord of the castle known in the Realm as Heros' Keep, and of the surrounding country-side, named Ranger's Heart. May soon become a father.

Shiela: Married Hank and lives with him in their castle in the Realm. Is the Lady of Heros' Keep and Ranger's Heart. Acts as head of the house when Hank is away. May soon become a mother.

Eric: Has inherited his father's company and stays on Earth most of the time. Travels to the Realm often, especialy to visit Hank and Shiela.

Diana: An astronaut. Has been on serveral missions and has often been asked to lecture about her adventures in space to schools and other groups. Never speaks about her adventures in the Realm to anyone, except for those who has been there. Travels to the Realm to visit Hank and Sheila when she can.

Presto: Is in his Senior year of high school. Visits the Realm often. Plans to return there permenantly to continue his studies in magic, planning to study under the now-good Venger.

Bobby: Is in his Sophmore year of high school. Dates Terry (from, The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow). Spends a lot of time in the Realm with his sister and brother-in-law. Plans to return there permenantly to help Hank and Sheila guard the Realm. Will not return permenantly until he graduates high school. He hopes that Terry will come with him --as his wife!

The kids' magic weapons are kept in Heros' Keep, in a special room. When each Hero enters the Realm, they recieve their old clothes, resized to fit their growing bodies. Some changes has occurred, as a costume that suited the hero at one age, no longer suits him/her at the older age.

Hank (Ranger): Weapon: Energy Bow. Costume: Hasn't changed from his orginal of light-green studded-leather armor over green pants and shirt, brown belt with gold buckle, and brown, calf-high boots. Added: Leather guantlets.

Sheila (Theif): Weapon: Cloak of Invisibility. Costume: Short-sleeved rose-pink mini-dress, wide blue belt, thigh-high brown boots. Added: Short gloves

Eric (Cavalier): Weapon: Magic Shield. Costume: Yellow tunic over chain mail armor, belt, red cape, and blue boots. Added: Blue leather guantlets.

Diana (Acrobat): Weapon: Magic Javelin. Costume: Leather sleeveless bodysuit, fur boots, gold circlet with ruby, gold necklace, gold belt, and two gold armbands. Nothing added.

Presto (Magician): Weapon: Magic Hat. Costume: Long, green robe with long, loose sleeves. Green "pixie shoes". Brown belt with belt pouch. Nothing added or changed.

Bobby (Barbarian): Weapon: Magic Club. Costume: Leather armor (crossed bands, ala He-Man), brown pants, fur boots, wide, gold belt, gold wristbands, and helm with horns. Nothing added.

Few outside the Realm know about the kids' adventures in the Realm. Among those who do is a girl named Terry. She is currently Bobby's girlfriend.

The Dungeon Master is still alive, and pops into Heros' Keep every now and then. He is certainly there during holidays, and will most definatly be there when Sheila's baby is born.

Venger is an ally. When Presto graduates from high school, he will return to the Realm to study magic under Venger. Until then, Venger serves as the magician of Heros' Keep.

Other characters, such as Strongheart or Solars will make appearences occationally. You never can tell just who will turn up in the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons!

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