"Bad Ass" Bryan Tann

name = 'Bad Ass' Bryan Tann

Height = 5'11

Weight = 233

Age = 21 (will turn 22 May 11 this year)

hometown = Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Music = 'One Step Closer' Linkin Park

Appearance = He's 5'11" already stated, 233 finely toned. Black male.......basically picture the singer Ginuine.

Attire/Entrance = ~the lights go out, the sounds of Crows can be heard over the PA. The Jumbo-Tron is showing the scene of 'The Crow' as Brandon Lee is sitting at the make up mirror remembering his fiance. Music in the backround begins to pick up. Suddenly, when Brandon Lee punches the mirror 'Burn' by The Cure begins to play. The Tron now flashes back and forth from Brandon Lee painting his face and the BMF symbol. A few flashes show Bryan Tann working out, other show him in some of his more brutal, street fight style matches. And Bryan Tann is standing at the entrance way. The red lights flash on him heavily. He's wearing the same, black boots, black jeans, no shirt, and a black leather trench and sunglasses. His walk to the ring is slow, and intimidating. As Tann reaches the ring, the Tron shows Brandon Lee standing at the broken window of The Loft with The Crow on his shoulder. As this happens, a Crow flies from the rafters and lands on his shoulder. Tann then holds his arms out WIDE, the Crow then flies out to the perch by the announce position~

Attitude = Asshole, period point blank. Some days he's the Bryan Tann that will go hardcore and love ever second of it, Cactus Jack style. Other days, it's all about the finesse. A mix of the ego of Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam. He feels he's been kept in the backround so much, that it's time for him to be in the spot light. That's why he's the TRUE F'n Show

alignment = Neutral

style1 = High Flyer

style2 = All Rounder

15common_moves = 1) Holding Drop Kick (holds the opponent by the shoulders, springs into a drop kick)

2) Enziguri

3) Hurricanrana

4) Roll over DDT (Maivia Hurricane)

5) Jumping Tornado DDT

6) Reverse Enziguri

7) Face Crusher

8) 6 chops in the corner

9) 4 kick combo in the corner

10) Springboard Hurricanrana while opponent is in the corner

11) (while oppoent on ground) Flying Elbow

12) (while oppoent standing) Missle Drop kick

13) Top Rope Arm Whip (That move Eddie Guerro does)

14) 'Incredible' (running to the turnbuckle, single leap to the top, backflipping over the opponent and a front drop kick to the back)

15) Spear

5power_moves = 1) Aftermath (implant DDT)

2) Downtown (Tucked Shooting Star Press)

3) End Of The Road (Hanging 'Michinoku Driver')

4) Mind Numb (Evenflow DDT)

5) Shoulderbreaker

Finisher = Showstopper

FinDesc = Sit down Pedigree aka basic set up as the pedigree but instead of dropping to his knees, drops to his ass

Set_Up_Move_size= = Kick to the balls

setupDesc = ummmmm doesn't get more basic than that