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Vehicle Type:
YF-36 Prototype
Class: Special Operations Variable Fighter
Manufacturer: Avro Stellar Industries
Crew: One pilot wearing customized Tactical Life Support System.
    Head Pulse Laser                             30
(1) Head                                        110
    Hands (2)                                    50 each
    Arms (2)                                    115 each
    Shoulders (2)                               100 each
    Legs & Thrusters (2)                        170 each
(2) Main Body                                   380
    Main Wings (2)                              170 each
    Tails/Arm Shields (2)                        80 each
    Stealth Gun Pods (2)                        120 each
(3) Pinpoint Barrier Shield                     100
    Reinforced Pilot Compartment/Escape Pod     150
Destroying the head of the YF-36 will knock out the mecha's main sensor systems, including all of the optics systems (infrared, nightvision, thermal). Backup sensor systems will provide standard vision for the pilot in soldier mode. Radar and communications will be unaffected.
Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha. The pilot and cockpit section/escape pod will be automatically ejected from the doomed mecha before it explodes by the YF-36's main computer.
The pinpoint barrier shield regenerates at a rate of 50 MDC per round. Even if completely destroyed the shield will regenerate to full strength within 2 melee rounds. The shield is usually generated on the right or left arm of the Wraith.


125 mph (200 kmph)
50 ft (15 m) high or 70 ft (21 m) long without thrusters.
Mach One (670 mph/1072 kmph) maximum speed limit in an Earth-like atmosphere. Can also hover in place indefinitely.
Mach 4.5+ (3065 mph/4904 kmph) max speed at 10,000 meters or less above sea level. Mach 6+ (4090 mph/6544 kmph) max speed at 10,000-30,000 meters above sea level. Mach 25+ (16,900 mph/27,040 kmph) max speed at 30,000+ meters above sea level, for a maximum of 20 seconds. Cruising speed is usually Mach 5-6. The YF-36 can vary the configuration of its wings and control surfaces to provide greater speed or control as the situation requires. The Wraith is capable of achieving orbit over an Earth-class planet without additional rocket assistance. Maximum rate of ascent is 70,000 meters/minute. G limits are +60.0 to -45.0 Earth gravities.
43,200 kg x2 in an atmosphere, 68,200 kg x2 in space. The maximum thrust in an atmospheric envelope will limit the Wraith's the stealth ability due to the enormous heat signature produced by friction with air.
Dorsal: Under development
Special: Classified


52.70 ft in soldier configuration.
26.98 ft in gerwalk configuration.
15.93 ft in fighter configuration.
23.00 ft at shoulders in soldier configuration.
50..75 ft in gerwalk or fighter configuration with wings at maximum extension.
14.54 ft in soldier configuration.
46.15 ft in gerwalk configuration.
68.78 ft in fighter configuration.
10,350 kg empty. Maximum takeoff weight in an atmosphere is 46,223 kg, and maximum weight in space with optional fold booster is 48,305 kg (weights beyond that exceed theoretical safe limit for fold booster).
Equal to a P.S. of 70
Small compartment behind pilot's seat for personal belongings.

Two 65,200 kg Shinnakasu Industry/Pratt & Whitney/Rolls Royce FF-2450B thermonuclear turbine engines, designed for dual atmosphere/space use with optional concealed trapezoidal air intakes for use in an Earth-type atmosphere. Two 3-dimensional independent convergent/divergent exhaust are equipped on the FF-2450B for greater maneuverability and V/STOL performance. In addition, several Pratt & Whitney HMM-7H high-maneuverability vernier thrusters are mounted on the wingtips, vertical stabilizers, nose, and other key locations for added performance. Additional thruster options include an external fold generator developed for use with Project Super Nova.


  1. ERLIKON AAB-7.5 AIR-TO-AIR LASER GUN: The YF-36 mounts a pair of lasers for use in air combat skirmishes and for defensive purposes. The laser is mounted on the head of the mecha in soldier mode, and is located in the forward dorsal section of the main body pointed rearward in fighter and gerwalk modes. The laser can only fire to the REAR of the fighter in these modes; it cannot be turned to fire along another arc.
  1. MAULER REB-30A LASER GUNS: Two semi-fixed laser gun clusters are mounted in the arms the YF-36. Like the VF-22 Sturmvogel the arm lasers have two exit ports (one pointing each direction) and thus can fire either to the front or the rear of the mecha in any mode. In fighter mode the lasers can only be aimed along the front or rear arc of the aircraft (max angle is about 30 degrees in any direction from the centerline of the fighter) but in gerwalk/soldier they can be aimed in any direction by moving the mecha's arms.

  1. BIFORS BML-02S ALL-ENVIRONMENT RAPID-FIRE MICRO-MISSILE CLUSTERS: The YF-36 is armed with ten internal BML-02S missile launchers that were built exclusively for the mecha design. The launchers are mounted in the forward dorsal and forward ventral sections of the craft and have exit ports on the top and bottom of the wings near the engine nacelles. Any type of UN Spacy mini-missiles can be used by the launchers, including the high-maneuverability mini-missiles recently developed by the UN Spacy. Armor-piercing MMs are standard issue, however.
  1. HOWARD/GENERAL DYNAMICS GV-17L GUN PODS: For a main external weapon, the YF-36 contains TWO new stealth gatling gun pods produced by Howard Industries and General Dynamics. These gun pods are exclusively designed for the YF-36 and are mounted in specially designed storage bays located on the underside of the craft in fighter mode, similar to the gatling gun used by the VF-17 Nightmare. In Gerwalk or Soldier modes the gun pods can be ejected from their bays and used by one or both of the YF-36's hands. The gun pods can fire in any mode; they fire out of a special concealed port when stored in Fighter mode.
  • Like the original GU-11 gun pod used by the VF-1 Valkyrie, the GV-17L gun pods do NOT use clips of ammo, but instead have a large internal supply of ammo stored in the barrel of the pod. This allows the GV-17L to contain a larger supply of ammo and bypasses the need to reload while in the field. Once exhausted, the gun pods can only be reloaded by trained technicians at a supply base.
    1. WING HARD POINTS: The YF-36 has four fixed hard points (two per wing) which can be used to hold a variety of different ordinance payloads, including long ,medium, or short range missiles, or even the new medium-range high-maneuverability (MRHM) missiles. One long range, one MRHM, 3 medium range, or 5 short range missiles can be mounted per hardpoint. Usually long range, medium range, or MRHM missiles are used.
  • NOTE: Due to the location of the hard points, ALL missiles must be fired or ejected before the YF-36 can convert into soldier mode. For this reason the missiles mounted on the hard points are usually fired within the first few passes of an attack.
    1. CONCEALED MISSILE BAYS: A new addition to the Wraith, the fighter now contains two concealed missile bays on the lower rear area of the fuselage which can hold missiles, bombs, or other tactical ordinace within the body of the YF-36. The advantage to this system is that while enclosed, the payloads can be fully concealed by the active stealth system of the Wraith with no danger of detection. The bays are large enough to hold one long-range missile, two medium-range missiles, or equipment of approximately equal size can be held in each bay. During the Macross 7/Varuta war, the bays were used to carry "Planet Buster" Thermonuclear missiles for use against Protodeviln creatures (unfortunately due to the nature of the Protodeviln these missiles proved ineffective).
    1. HOWARD PBS-03F PIN-POINT BARRIER SYSTEM: The YF-36 is equipped with a new mecha-scale pinpoint barrier system for defense. The system can generate a single pinpoint barrier that can be moved anywhere on the mecha and used as a shield against incoming attacks. The barrier provides 100 MDC of protection, and regenerates at a rate of 50 MDC per round when damaged. Even if destroyed by combined attacks, the shield will regenerate itself within 2 rounds. In order to use the shield, the pilot must make a successful parry roll to intercept an incoming attack. Due to the tremendous power requirements of the system, the head and wing lasers on the YF-19 cannot be used while the barrier is in operation.
    1. HAND TO HAND COMBAT: If necessary, the YF-36 can engage in melee combat rather than use a weapon. The variable fighter is extremely agile and can execute most typical hand to hand combat moves, such as punches, jump kicks, leap attacks, rolling with impacts, etc.

  • NOTE: Since the YF-36's stealth capability is a system and not a feature of the design, it can be damaged or destroyed. Once the mecha has lost half of its main body MDC, there is a 50% chance that the stealth system will fail every time the main body of the craft is hit. Once the stealth system has failed, it will not work again until repaired at a UN Spacy base.


    NOTE: Due to the special forces nature of the Wraith, YF-36 AVF Combat Training should not be available to characters as an initial skill selection. Instead, they should buy the skill when they gain enough experience to advance in rank and receive UN Spacy special forces combat training. Pilots flying the YF-36 Wraith without training only get bonuses from Basic Variable Fighter Combat Training.