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Little-known secrets of the educational maze allow you to EARN an ACCREDITED BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN SIX MONTHS OR LESS and FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST (how does under $1,500 sound?) And you don't have to take the dreaded SAT or any entrance exams.

Degrees in
Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Communication, Economics, Physics, Engineering, Foreign Language Literature, English Literature, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing... and more.
All approved by the US Department of Education.

This is not about sending you tapes and books or schedules of courses on TV, nor is it about "buying" a degree. This is about INDEPENDENT DISTANCE LEARNING. This is not "my" program or "my" university either.. please read on.

These degrees are accepted for graduate studies by prestigious institutions like:

Harvard University, Cornell University, Brigham Young University, Columbia Law School, Indiana University, Loyola School Of Law, George Washington University, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Antioch University, Pace University .....and many more.

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About 50 years ago, The American Council on Education (ACE), decided that there needs to be a way to assess a persons ability in a certain subject area instead of forcing them to take a course in it.  The main problem was that it made no sense to force a good typist to take a course in typing if they can already type 70 words per minute or more.
Similarly, in a classroom a professor can only speak at a speed of 70 words per minute; not to mention the interruptions and side-questions.
The average reader can read at a speed of 250 words per minute.  Some read thousands of words per minute with great retention and recall.  Would you want to slow them down?

This was the birth of institutions that specialized in giving credit where credit is due.  The Department of Education agreed with ACE and added that these schools that assessed and gave students credit for self-acquired knowledge, should list such credits on their official transcripts in the same way that they would if the student had completed an actual course on the subject.

Since 1972, three universities stepped up to the challenge and began developing assessment and testing programs to award students legitimate degrees for their proven credits.  All without having to attend classes or leave the comfort of their own home towns.

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   Dear Fellow Netizen,

If you are considering changing careers or finishing your Bachelor's, Master's or a Doctorate degree, this information is very valuable to you and it will also apply for International Students. Please read this information in its entirety before you form an opinion on the matter. All the information you need to make an intelligent decision is contained here.

Please do not be misguided into thinking that any of this does not require EFFORT and DISCIPLINE. Remember, this information is to help you EARN your degree not just pay fees and get a diploma.


  • The Undergraduate Degree
  • How This method got the blessings of the department of education
  • Non-traditional and traditional schools
  • Three great accredited non-traditional universities and contact info.
  • Accrediting agencies/authorities and contact info.
  • BS vs. BA
  • Sources of credit
  • The fastest, cheapest most effective credit source
  • Testing agencies and contact info.
  • The procedure..what to do next
  • The graduate degree
  • Fourteen Universities offering off-campus accredited Master degrees with contact info.
  • The Doctorate degree
  • Five Universities offering off-campus accredited Doctorate degrees with contact info.
  • Financial Aid info.
  • Some study/research skills, speed-reading, and psychological skills for overcoming resistance

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