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Dear random person,

I really suck at keeping my, uh, "web presence" or whatever up to date. There are so many things I need to update and add on to this site and I just never get around to it. Which is why I keep thinking about it but ultimately never buy my own domain because then I might look too professional and people might actually expect me to, like, promote my music or something. But, I mean, seriously, who has a geocities site in 2007, anyway? Kinda lame.

Also: check to see if I have anything up at jamendo that you haven't heard yet: HERE (who knows, I could put up a bunch of old stuff or put some new stuff up to see how people react to it and we all know how much I forget to actually keep people informed of what I'm doing.)

Also, part 2: I've been updating my livejournal quite a bit recently, check it out before it goes back into hibernation.