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Welcome to the magical world of Dran, a planet inhabitat by elves, trolls, preservers, unicorns and other magical beings. Wonder true it's bushes and get lost in it's desserts, climb the highest mountains and walk the deepest valleys. This is a world of adventure and only the strongest will survive. If you think your the one strong enough the survive this untaimed world, then enter and test your skills.
But i warn you! No matter how skilled you are, you will always need the help of others to be able to survive. Who will you join on your adventure, which path will you choose?

Maybe you will like to flourish in the jungle, live a spectatcular live, full of adventure and exitement. Then head for the west and join the catriders

Or Maybe you would like to swim the deepest oceans, learn about it's flora and fauna, and live a wonderfull live, Then i advise you to go to the east and join the wavedancers.

Or are you the person to live in the dessert peacefully, and lett your powerfull magic shape the world in how you want it to be. Then you will go south and join the glidersgliders.

Or maybe, you are a wanderer, a traveller, that lives an exiting live, exploring the world known as Dran, then join the Nomads and travel true the North, were you might find them.

But before you go to any of those tribes, you may like to learn more about Dran.

history of Dran

map of dran

join the world of Dran

Friends of Dran

Link to Dran

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