We regret to say that Tracy's Motivational Page is no
longer available. I simply do not have the time to keep it up the way it
needed to be! If you are looking for some good quotes, please try
www.motivationalquotes.com or some of the other wonderful sites out there.

I will soon be putting up a new site soon on my family's genealogy. This
includes the names (but not limited to): Drane, McCurdy, Taylor,
Lyles, Sanders/Saunders, Graves, Parrott, Lewis, Wade, Stamps, Cotton,
Wright, Dodson, Sarver, Surber, Johnson, Cotton, and others.

I apologize if this causes problems. After the genealogy information
is posted, I will probably add the quotes back in some how.

Thanks, and God Bless,
5 Oct 2002