Welcome to the United Kingdom of Primordia's information scrolls.  Within you will find all of the information that you will need to learn about our Kingdom and how you may contact someone for more information.

First a bit about us.  The United Kingdom of Primordia was founded by Talrol in February of the year 2003 as most humans would date it.  We were founded on the principals that all races are created equal and that each race has something to contribute to the society as a whole.

We seek to be a diverse Kingdom of individuals as well as good friendships.  Whether you are a warrior, mage, archer, or tradesmen, we welcome all who seek to enter the Kingdom provided that they fit in well with our society.

The United Kingdom of Primordia is divided into several divisions, each with their own division leader who oversees those individuals. The current divisions of the Kingdom are Ruling Family, Royal Guard, Guard, Huntsmen, Tradesmen, and Citizens. Below I will give a brief description of each division as well as the person currently in charge of that division.:

Ruling Family: Talrol is the King of the United Kingdom of Primordia and oversees all and final judgment on any decisions fall to him. Toriella is our Queen and has almost equal say as Lord Talrol. Ugluk of Mordor is the Kingdom's Chancellor and considered to be a part of the ruling family and acts as regent in the King's absence.

Royal Guard: The Royal Guard is overseen by the Ruling Family directly. Royal Guardsmen are directly responsible for the safety of the Ruling Family and only the Ruling Family.

Guardsmen: The Guardsmen are the Kingdom's regular military and are currently overseen by Lord Talrol himself, the elite warriors and mages of our Kingdom who excel at protecting citizens from would be murderers and thieves.

Huntsmen: Huntsmen are responsible for insuring that hunts are conducted in a safe manner by our citizens and that all treasures that are collected during a hunt are divided fairly, and are currently overseen by Sir Impetus

Tradesmen: Tradesmen are responsible for insuring that the Kingdom's Huntsmen and Guardsmen are well equipped. They will also be responsible for the construction of our cities, and provide resources for others in the Kingdom who wish to join the ranks of the Tradesmen, and are currently overseen by Sir Impetus

Citizens: Regular citizens of the Kingdom are those that do not wish to hold a regular job within the Kingdom. Their only responsibilities are to participate in Kingdom hunts, and to pay a small tax which is individually based. All Citizens are under the direct supervision of Sir Ugluk of Mordor.

We thank you for coming,
King Talrol [msn/email Talrol@hotmail.com DMB: Talrol
Queen Toriella [msn/email medusad61@hotmail.com DMB: {UKP}Toriella]
Chancellor Sir Ugluk of Mordor [DMB: Uguk]
Huntmaster/Trademaster Sir Impetus [In Game only]

United Kingdom of Primordia

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