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Since there's been some players on the Union Hall BBS using the IGMs in this Realm to cheat, gaining huge amounts of XPs, Gold and stats even on the very first day of play - I've decided to call their "bluff".

I challenged their "leader", to explain to the Sysop, myself, or a neutral player, just how he gets over 10 million XPs in the very first day of play; or how he continued to get such XPs without Player Challenges. Of course, he then announced he was 'tired of playing', and whined about me driving him away with my public branding of his cheating, and hasn't played since.

Since he was unwilling to demonstrate his honest play, (hard to show what doesn't exist), he proved himself the little wanna-be IGM cracker/cheater we all knew he was. But he couldn't sleaze away without accusing me of cheating also - just because I've killed over 2,000 Dragons in my years of play - and consistantly beat him even when he's cheating. Cheaters are like that... since they can't succeed honestly, they assume that anyone else that does well must also be cheating.

So in order to both prove my own methods, and to help my fellow honest Players, I'm setting up this web page which will examine the judicial, yet highly advantageous ways to honestly use the IGMs present in Realm B in order to kill the Dragon faster. While these methods have made me quite successful in this Realm, I hardly present them as the final or complete word on IGMs. There are IGMs (Independent Game Modules) in this Realm, and others that I am not familiar with, and will not try to address.  I'm sure there's also other uses of these IGMs  that I haven't discovered yet.

These are NOT cheats; there's no special cheat codes involved, and nothing is gained that wasn't built into and planned in the given IGM. These uses simply detail ways to use the IGMs to some of their full advantagous. These methods don't relay on bad programing, where entering in wierd/odd input will result in extrordinary gains; just good steady, intelligent play.

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Thus follows an examination as to how best to use certain IGMs present in this Realm. If anyone has other suggestions about other IGMs here, please let me know and I will be happy to post them here. Thank you, and Happy Hunting!

The following IGMs, in order of presentation, are available in this Realm:

1) Union Hall Market Place
2) The Castle of the DreamLord
3) The GraveYard
4)Seth's Tribute Lotto
5) The Wise One
7) The Warrior's Graveyard
8)Barak's House
9) Violet's Cottage
10) Turgon's House
11)L.O.R.D. Pit
12) Moondust's County Fair
13)Phantom of the Catacombs
14) The Old Skull Inn
16) Turgons Dungeon

The IGM's that I use a lot and have particular tips about are in BOLD with links; the others are IGMs that are on the Board, but that I don't use very often and so have no real words of wisdom. Warning: if you came here to learn how to CHEAT at LORD, then go somewhere else and grow up. This site isn't for cheating, cracking badly written IGMs, or otherwise being an asshole.

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Thank you for visiting this site...
you are Dragon Killer number to come here. Happy Hunting!

Page last modified 10 March, 2000.

In the future, I plan to link this page to my other site which deals with Dragon Killing - before and after - and the effective use of IGMs in that. I have some work to do on that page first though, so watch this site for more developements - thanks! 1