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  1. wash post: brendan 20 feb 2009. brendan and his wife talk about their living arrangements for a real estate story. cute kids!
  2. reno news review: ian 13 nov 08
  3. denver westword: ian 12 nov 2008. the owner of a lonely heart syndrome explained.
  4. ventura county reporter: ian 30 oct 2008. chatting about guitar hero and record collecting.
  5. new university: ian 22 oct 2008. talk at davis, ca.
  6. billboard: brendan 24 nov 2004. the future of the live series project.
  7. southern: ian oct 2004. evens news.
  8. coke machine glow: ian 2004. the presidential election, the ramones, and the new dischord bands.
  9. deathrockstar: guy. jan 2004. talks about new movies and what he's been reading recently.
  10. downhill battle: ian 20 jan 2004. why fugazi will never be invited to dick clark's new year's rockin' eve.
  11. nada mucho: ian sep 2003. how he organizes his record collection.
  12. swingset: ian and thurston moore talk about recording youth against fascism and working with an extra drummer.
  13. kultur: guy. 10 dec 2003 this german zine requires acrobat to read. (here's the html version. he seems to be talking about the end of fugazi and working with janney, but i don't know german.)
  14. chicago tribune: ian 27 apr 2003 the chicago scene and some press for the box set.
  15. prindle: guy 2003
  16. kerrang: ian jan 2003
  17. enjoyment independent: ian 18 oct 2002 talks about the kent state tribute and minor threat.
  18. wash post: ian 13 oct 2002 his top 10 songs of all time.
  19. wash post: ian 4 oct 2002 an online chat.
  20. amp: ian 2002
  21. playlouder: ian oct 2002 tells the truth about the hives, plus tales from the british tour.
  22. stoner rock: joe 27 oct 2002 talks about tolotta records.
  23. nude as the news: guy 22 oct 2002 chats with jon cohen about every album.
  24. university of va cavalier: ian 20 sep 2002 talks about instrument and the infamous richmond show of 1998.
  25. magent: ian 2002 talks about the boxed set and why he won't smile for the camera.
  26. hook: ian 19 sep 2002 talks about instrument and charlottesville.
  27. stylus: guy 24 jun 2002. a great interview that touches on every record. very enlightening.
  28. lab productions: ian 8 jun 2002. new orleans jazz and bootleg profiteers.
  29. hybrid: ian 2002 hey now, there's no need to hate on bono. other than that, it's a fine interview dealing with war, police, and something about black dice.
  30. lollipop: joe. a breath of fresh air.
  31. starpolish: ian apr 2002 and the legendary mike watt sit down to answer questions from fans. marvelous.
  32. wesleyan university: ian 20 apr 02 gave this talk at wu in conjunction with this interview about anti-violence and the record biz.
  33. rewire views: guy and brendan 28 mar 02. a quick exchange of words after a gig in texas.
  34. slug: ian mar 2002 instrument and cashout.
  35. f2g: ian en espanol.
  36. emmie: ian 2002 gives a huge interview talking about minor threat and lyrics. i have to say, i love this one.
  37. bbc: ian 15 mar 02.
  38. neumu: guy 23 jan 02. kinda short, kinda sweet.
  39. break dance glove: guy, ever-humble, on the rickenbacker, benefit shows, and the current state of the dc scene.
  40. ox: ian in german. the english translation doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's here for you to decipher.
  41. oz: guy
  42. morphizm: guy gets to talk about kiss, ac/dc, and the red medicine leap while being compared to john lennon. can you blame him for giving one of his best interviews yet?
  43. the hearing aide: guy
  44. nwu: ian feb 02. take a look in the trojan birthday pony's mouth.
  45. pgi: guy
  46. kill rock stars newsletter: guy 14 jan 02
  47. pitchfork: guy jan 02
  48. future of music for lost at sea: ian 8 jan 02. a synopsis of the time dischord almost got sued by disney.
  49. music4autobahns: ian requires video player, 20 minutes.
  50. dot:alt: guy a british interview on the topic of emo and listening recommendations.
  51. fine print: guy local music and the political situation.
  52. lost at sea: ian 2001.
  53. city paper: ian 15 nov 01. response to the redskins' adoption of waiting room.
  54. nude as the news: guy 17 oct 01. talks with jonathan cohen about the argument, octus, busher, and technology.
  55. project-ex: brendan, oct 01. the story behind the furniture ep and the new documentary score.
  56. kerrang: ian 3 oct 01. just a short excerpt from the printed interview.
  57. anb: guy sep 2001. favorite cover art, the protest movement, and the problem with moshing.
  58. facedown fall: guy 2001 biggest influences and favorite amps.
  59. nardwuar: ian 7 jul 01. some very strange questions here. [on second thought, i'll pass on the haagen dazs!] also available in real audio. hilarious exchange!
  60. recto: guy in french. (unauthorized translation)
  61. in your ear: brendan, 13 apr 01. yay! chisel, discovery channel, vh1, new songs, and rem. good interview from tucson.
  62. army of destruction: ian apr 01. not to be confused with army of darkness, this short interview covers an arizona show in 93 and meeting george garner.
  63. dance of days: ian, guy 23 mar 01 on seeing the bad brains for the first time.
  64. bottom feeder: joe 14 feb 2001.
  65. emp: ian talks about punk in this vh1-style clip. requires win media. be sure to click on "more media clips available here" or you'll miss out on all the non-transcribed clips.
  66. brave new waves: ian 3 feb 01
  67. salon: ian 8 jan 01. the napster question and the ken kesey story, which explains a lot.
  68. utopia: jerry 5 jan 01. hear from fugazi's talented fifth member.
  69. thirsty ear: ian jan 2001. pictures of the dischord folks on the 20th anniversary and lots of talk about the minor threat days. [haagen dazs, anyone?]
  70. ventilator for fuzzy robot: ian 2000 san francisco.
  71. fugazilist egroup: guy 27 dec 00. guy was kind enough to answer instrument questions that have been burning in the minds of us fugazilist people. thanks to huxley for organizing.
  72. goposi: ian 11 dec 2000
  73. moshaholic: ian oct 2000. who's gavin rossdale?
  74. scratch bomb: guy reveals what really happened in joe's iggy pop dream, some details on the new dvd, why the albini sessions bombed, and the advantages of the rickenbacker.
  75. dragster: guy talks about the instrument video and his favorite new song.
  76. sup: ian
  77. springtime: ian, joe, guy, brendan. don't expect a lot of words from picciotto and canty. you get lally's influences and mackaye's great answer to the classic desert island question.
  78. juice: ian 2000 discusses skateboarding california and dc suburbs in this interview from woodbridge, va.
  79. geek america: guy apr 00 talks about the brazil tours and his production work.
  80. signal drench: guy apr 00. shares his thoughts on favorite robert bresson films, the wto protests, and the radiohead film.
  81. kinda muzik you like: guy, 3 apr 00. talk on the european language barrier and reactions to instrument, among other things.
  82. insound: ian digs into mtv and the nab in this interview from jenny toomey. joan jett, nirvana, and chumbawamba get discussed. whatever happened to the radio?
  83. komakino:guy dec 99. italy and current listens.
  84. antisocial anticorporation: ian dec 99
  85. dischord: ian nov 99, a 6 page written history of dischord.
  86. flagpole: guy nov 99 talks about the band's early years a little bit. what does he think about the internet? read and find out.
  87. promenade and utopia: guy talks about his favorite films and his last major car crash.
  88. stagedive: guy 5 oct 99. and the award for most ironic zine title.
  89. subbacultcha: guy oct 99. france-man, straight edge, and instrument.
  90. bokson: joe oct 99. a french interview from the master bassist. [also in broken english here]
  91. the nation: ian 30 sep 99. is quoted by johnny temple [girls against boys] in his essay on punk politics and independents.
  92. slavica dolezal and utopia: ian 28 sep 99 talks with various people about dischord and many more things in this 6-part real audio interview. check it out.
  93. no tequila: ian 1999 writes about his biggest regret in life and all the alcohol he's ever drunk.
  94. supersphere: ian, sep 99. requires java and some sort of video software. this interview is 40 mintues long! it's good for what it is [an unfiltered look at mackaye in an interview situation], but there's nothing earth-shattering said here. what i'm saying is, don't spend a month's phone bill on this one. (here is a text excerpt from around the same time.)
  95. wash post online: ian, 20 aug 99. in his first online chat, mackaye answers questions from fans from all over the world.
  96. washington post: ian, 8 aug 99. he answers questions about spin's effect on record sales and generally trashes the magazine. then the post gives spin the last word.
  97. pillow fight: ian, jul 99. he talks about happiness in music and instrument.
  98. diskant: ian 13 may 99. after a gig, talk about slo crostic and the instrument interviews.
  99. southern.com: ian gives props to the obsessed for the spirit caravan web site.
  100. slender music: guy 12 may 99. mentions his favorite guitarists and talks about the results of instrument.
  101. new los angeles times: joe 6-12 may 99. gives props to wino of the obsessed and spirit caravan.
  102. washington post: ian and guy, 7 may 99. the post reviews instrument and talks to jem cohen. special thanks to *uno mas* for bothering to reprint this.
  103. hook: guy, 1999. gives a good perspective into the fugazi songwriting process.
  104. the onion: ian, apr 1999. explains some of the meanings behind "end hits."
  105. damn you: ian, 30 apr 99. a post-gig interview about the editing of instrument.
  106. i'd dream guy spring 99. includes the picciotto discography. he also talks about his production work.
  107. brum: guy, apr 99. he talks about the making of instrument and his side projects.
  108. the synthesis: ian, mar 99. talks about steve albini, instrument, and public enemy.
  109. kdvs: ian, 1999. talks about veganism on the road, minor threat's record sales, and dog fighting on skateboards.
  110. the rocket: ian, 24 feb 99. speaks out against seattle's teen dance ordinance.
  111. palo alto weekly: ian, 19 feb 99. i have a hard time beliving they actually interviewed him. mackaye gets about 3 quotes in this article.
  112. stanford: ian, 18 feb 99. a fast-paced but long interview dealing with college, wgtb, and violence. he gives some good insight into what punk means to him.
  113. thoughtpress: guy, 4 feb 99. he writes about the prison system and writing lyrics.
  114. aaa film: guy, 1999. he talks about his 2 films, jem cohen, cassavetes, and the idea of political lyrics. (he also gave aaa his top 10 list for the year.
  115. kspc: ian, 1998.
  116. signal drench: brendan, dec 98. this is *the* canty interview! he goes into much detail about his son, instrument, and his future solo project. an interview your whole family will enjoy.
  117. skaterock: guy and ian two short interviews for the price of one.
  118. diskant: guy jan 98. do you like me and some historical dischord stuff. 2 pages.
  119. pittiplatsch: guy 1998
  120. the masses at midnight: ian, 19 nov 98. talks about the pop hooks.
  121. dallas observer: ian, 19 nov 98. talks about songwriting.
  122. rumpshaker for insound: ian and his mom 1998? a very unique interview. mother and son talk about growing up on beecher street in the mackaye household. another interview to read with your entire family.
  123. associated press: brendan, ian, 16 nov 98. this is basically a review of the des moines show with some comments from canty.
  124. lazy eye: guy and ian, 12 nov 98. they talk about omaha and how life would change if they were 7' tall. my favorite line is from mackaye, "Most of American society expects you to grow up and get real, but we were already real when we started." so there!
  125. dolomite: guy, 24 sep 1998. a slight foray into rhythm and the absence of nostalgia for the 80's. major labels are not so good.
  126. held like sound: ian, 1998. the subject is seated comfortably and elaborating on many issues such as slowdime records, giving interviews, and the time fugazi had to play to an empty warehouse. you're advised not to miss this.
  127. skateboarding: ian, aug 98. gives a cool interview after the 2 d.c. shows. talks about the obsessed, d.c., and doesn't even mention skateboards.
  128. mojo: ian, aug 98. he talks about the early british reviews and doesn't sum up the new album.
  129. kill joy circus: ian , 1998. he talks about the t-shirt story and some stage-diving controversy.
  130. jam: ian, joe, 20 + 16 jul 98. ian talks about the jellyfishbabies, alternative, and instrument. quote: "we're weird. we're amish." joe discusses creative control.
  131. eye: brendan, 16 jul 98. what can i say? it's fun. sample: "good songs are universal, just like craving a large-dip Mr. Softee." that's from the author, not canty.
  132. npr: ian 13 jun 98.
  133. no pictures: guy. jun 98. picciotto lists off his favourite u.k. bands and his favorite simpsons character. an interview that's as smooth as a brazilian soda.
  134. kent state university: joe, ian, 4 may 98. also includes a semi-review of the ksu show.
  135. unpop: ian, 1998. talks a bit about the albini sessions and the public's perception of fugazi.
  136. shredding material: ian, apr 98. after turning 36, mackaye notes his contribution to the english dictionary.
  137. articulate: ian, apr 98. talks in length about the local dc scene, black cat club, and much more.
  138. stomp and stammer: ian, apr 98. they put a fugazi song title with every quote. it's a nice effect because they relate very well. good read.
  139. addicted to noise: ian, guy, and brendan, apr 98. they talk with chris nelson about foreman's dog, instrument, and the recent changes fugazi have had to make in the way they operate.
  140. seen: guy answers questions from a fan via email. the last response is hilarious.
  141. spank: ian, 1998.   love for the zines and another state of mind. [unfortunately, this zine fell victim to porno, those profitable wal-marts of the internet.] i will host reprints if you got them.
  142. sonicnet: guy, 18 mar 98. talks about the black light panthers, his other band.
  143. phil monahan: guy1998. talks about the writing process, rites of spring, and his favorite local bands.
  144. diskant: guy jan 98
  145. hit it or quit it: ian, late 1997 talks with jessica hopper about lots of interesting things: family circus, punk athletes, the operation, the sods, dave grohl, female musicians, etc. this is a great mackaye interview!
  146. loud: joe, 17 nov 97. writes about sweet and low and the musicians he likes.
  147. v.reject: ian 1997. an unusually impersonal interview dealing with punk.
  148. washington post: joe, oct 97. reflections on 10 years of fugazi.
  149. gravity girl: guy, may 97. talks about postponing the australia tour and instrument, among some other topics.
  150. furious: ian, apr 97. talks about brazil, dischord, and bikini kill. here are ian's top 5.
  151. monozine for utopia: ian nov/dec 96. very heavy, dramatic, engaging, and at times gross, discussion about his lung infection.
  152. university of washington: ian, 21 nov 96. why dischord doesn't use contracts.
  153. sydney morning herald: guy, 15 nov 96.
  154. university of tennessee: brendan, 12 apr 96. knoxville, tn. also includes a semi-review of the show. (see live footage in instrument.
  155. monkey magnet: ian, mar 96. 13 printed pages! he talks about everything from his childhood memories to the early dischord days to the slinkies to lollapalooza to birthday pony. this is *the* mackaye interview.
  156. search of serenity: ian 1996. long paragraphs about embrace, straight edge, and nina simone.
  157. uno mas: ian, 5 mar 96. do try to get through this. he speaks of personal issues and his life as a 33-year old musician in a 9-year old band.
  158. punk rock academy: ian 1996?
  159. heckler: ian 1996. chats before a gig about skating, rollins, the break-up of minor threat, and the infamous p.a. incident. so funny.
  160. university of maryland: guy, 27 jan 96. talks about the washington free clinic and his favorite zoo animals. [this same interview appears here in a less edited form.]
  161. deutsch: ian, nov 95. translated into german.
  162. klack: ian
  163. empty realm: joe, 14 oct 95. he goes into technincal details about the bass and reminisces on growing up in rockville. this is lally's best interview.
  164. addicted to noise: ian, 9 apr 95. portland, me. talks before the show about how most journalists don't know how to write a music review. includes his explanation for the no moshing rule. 7 pages.
  165. thicker: ian 1995. this is a huge interview! he gives a lot of insight into the problems that he's had to deal with as a musician and label operator. on the other hand, you can read about the successes that fugazi has had in playing all over the world.
  166. ghost train: ian apr 95. talks about antimony and europe and writing without canty.
  167. brown university: guy, 1995. in his first interview in 2 years, picciotto talks about suggestion, junkyard band, the cramps, steady diet, brazil, and his home studio.
  168. pittsburgh post-gazette: ian 20 aug 1993. we don't get many interviews from this time period. it's good to read about in on the kill taker and the early alternative scene.
  169. wash post: guy, joe, ian 1 aug 93 the long lost eric brace interview has resurfaced here. learn about lunar atrocities limited and hear from some of those closest to the band.
  170. lowlife magazine: ian pre-1993. this is from a bootleg sleeve.
  171. convulsion: ian, 1992. good stuff about europe, the people of dischord, and fan mail.
  172. resistant harmony: ian oct 91. philosophy: rules of interaction. interviews. the most common question. a great find. thanks to little cameron from australia for sending this to us!
  173. wprb: ian, joe, guy, brendan. 1989.   the earliest known fugazi interview, and a classic too.   from princeton university radio.
  174. bbc: ian 1987. before fugazi and after embrace, ian chats about some of the technicalities of running an inde label. some quotes: "i am a patient person." "it sucks to get big."
  175. ink disease for kill from the heart: ian, guy, brendan 1985 technically, this is an embrace interview, but it is really free-form and fun so you should read it anyway.

    please send me content for inclusion. also let me know if i got any dates wrong. i'm always looking for interviews.

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