Fugazi Shows 1996-1998
Date Venue City / State / Country Other Bands Info Recorded?
01/30/96 Black Cat Washington, DC Chisel benefit for Community for Creative Non-Violence AUD-sbd
01/31/96 9:30 Club Washington, DC
benefit for the Washington Free Clinic
02/29/96 Malcolm X Park Washington, DC

Southeastern Tour:

03/19/96 Baitshack Norfolk, VA

03/20/96 Mad Monk Wilmington, NC

03/21/96 Ziggy's Winston-Salem, NC

03/22/96 Ritz Raleigh, NC The Make-Up review
03/23/96 Tremont Hall Charlotte, NC The Make-Up, The Monorchid

03/24/96 Clyde's Columbia, SC

03/26/96 40 Watt Club Athens, GA Vic Chesnutt, Branch Manager

03/27/96 Center Exhibit Hall, University of Alabama Huntsville, AL

03/28/96 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
photos VID
03/29/96 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
photos VID
03/30/96 Zoo Savannah, GA

03/31/96 Milkbar Jacksonville, FL Branch Manager, Glorium
04/01/96 Club Orlando, FL Branch Manager, Glorium

04/02/96 Edge Fort Lauderdale, FL Branch Manager, Glorium

04/03/96 Masquerade Ybor City, Tampa, FL Branch Manager, Glorium
04/04/96 Backyard Sports Tallahassee, FL
shut down by the Fire Marshall; article
04/05/96 Tipitina's New Orleans, LA Branch Manager, Glorium "Sweet & Low", "By You", "Version", and "Repeater" excerpts from Instrument AUD, VID
04/07/96 Lafayette High School (Heymann Performing Arts Center?) Lafayette, LA  Branch Manager, Glorium "we smashed that damn monkey" spiel, "Bed For The Scraping", "Two Beats Off" excerpts from Instrument AUD, VID
04/08/96 D&I Colonial Hall Ballroom Houston, TX Branch Manager, Glorium "Rend It" and "Long Division" excerpts from Instrument VID
04/10/96 Lafayette's Oxford, MS The Neckbones "Smallpox Champion" excerpt from Instrument VID
04/11/96 328 Performance Hall Nashville, TN

04/12/96 Electric Ballroom International Knoxville, TN Branch Manager, Blast Off Country Style "Joe Number One" (fan on trumpet), "Reclamation", "Bed For The Scraping", "By You" and "Promises" excerpts from Instrument; review VID
04/13/96 Alternative Club Roanoke, VA Branch Manager "Forensic Scene" excerpt from Instrument VID
04/14/96 Shafer Court, Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA
free outdoor show
04/19/96 First Baptist Church (16th Street Baptist Church?) Washington, DC
benefit for Emmaus Services for the Aging, article AUD

08/15/96 Fort Reno Park Washington, DC
free outdoor show AUD, VID
09/29/96 Malcolm X Park (Meridian Hill Park?) Washington, DC
Welfare bill protest (rally to end the drug war?  both?) AUD, VID
??/??/96 Church Hall Washington, DC
rape crisis benefit

Photos from two 1996 Washington, DC shows.

 Pacific Rim Tour:

10/16/96 Groove Honolulu, HI
10/17/96 Maui Cultural Center Maui, HI Fat for the Soul

10/18/96 Maui Cultural Center Maui, HI

Fukouka, Japan The Make-Up?

10/22/96 Pepperland Okayama, Japan The Make-Up?

10/23/96 Sun Hall Osaka, Japan The Make-Up?

10/25/96 Heartland Nagoya, Japan The Make-Up?

10/26/96 Guilty Tokyo, Japan The Make-Up?

10/27/96 Guilty Tokyo, Japan The Make-Up?

10/28/96 Guilty Tokyo, Japan The Make-Up?

Sapporo, Japan The Make-Up?
Sapporo, Japan The Make-Up?

Hong Kong South Island School Hall

11/03/96 Kowloon Park Kowloon, Hong Kong
free outdoor show
11/08/96 Fire Disco Bukit, Singapore

11/10/96 Reflectory, University of West Australia Perth, Australia

11/11/96 Saphire Ballroom Hobart, Tasmania

11/12/96 Adelaide University Adelaide, Australia

11/13/96 Saphire Ballroom Hobart, Tasmania

11/15/96 Wentworth Sydney University Sydney, Australia

11/16/96 Kuala Lampur, Malaysia AUD
11/16/96 Cambridge Hotel Newcastle, Australia

11/17/96 Metro Theatre Sydney, Australia

AUD-sbd, VID
11/18/96 Youth Centre Woolongon, Australia

11/22/96 High School Pavillion Darwin, Australia
11/23/96 Festival Hall Brisbane, Australia
11/24/96 Epicentre Byron Bay, Australia
11/28/96 Anu Bar Canberra, Australia
11/29/96 Collingwood Town Hall Melbourne, Australia
11/30/96 Collingwood Town Hall Melbourne, Australia
12/01/96 Saint Mary's Hall Geelong, Australia
12/03/96 Musician's Club Dunedin, New Zealand
12/04/96 Caledonian Hall Christchurch, New Zealand
Barrytown, New Zealand
12/07/96 Thistle Hall Wellington, New Zealand
12/08/96 Powerstation Auckland, New Zealand

(The last two weeks of this tour were cancelled due to Ian MacKaye's pneumonia.)


Short Northeast Tour:

Date Venue City / State / Country Other Bands Info Recorded?
04/07/97 Herman Centre Lafayette, LA
probably 1996 VID
05/01/97 Palladium New York, NY Branch Manager? "...that may well have been the longest Fugazi show ever...", article
05/02/97 NYU Loeb Student Center New York, NY AUD
05/02/97 University Center Baltimore, MD Branch Manager?
05/03/97 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA Branch Manager; Skeleton Key photos AUD, VID
05/04/97 Mub's Granite State Room, University of New Hampshire Durham, NH Branch Manager review; 50th state hit by Fugazi AUD-sbd
05/05/97 St. John's Gym Clinton, MA Branch Manager
05/06/97 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI Branch Manager
05/07/97 Palladium New York, NY Branch Manager?

05/08/97 New York University New York, NY

05/09/97 Asylum Portland, ME Branch Manager?
Washington, DC
benefit for the Washington Free Clinic
Washington, DC
benefit for Community For Creative Non-Violence
Washington, DC
benefit for Emmaus Services for the Aging

Pacific Rim Tour:
(to make up for the canceled dates in 1996)

Canberra, Australia

06/01/97 Room Dunedin, New Zealand
possibly 07/01/97
06/14/97 Recovery TV Sydney, Australia
did they perform, or just interview? VID
06/14/97 Manly Childcare and Youth Centre Sydney, Australia

AUD-aud, VID
06/15/97 Metro Theatre Sydney, Australia

06/17/97 Lava Lounge Melbourne, Australia

06/27/97 Powerstation Auckland, New Zealand Ghidrah, Balance review
07/01/97 Dunedin, New Zealand AUD
07/02/97 Caledonian Hall Christchurch, New Zealand

Barrytown, New Zealand

South American Tour:
August 1997




08/05/97 Blue Galeria Piracicaba, Brazil

Maringa, Brazil

08/27/97 Bardo 3 Santos, Brazil


08/29/97 Fort Reno Park Washington, DC Crom Tech free outdoor show; rally for DC Home Rule; review, photos, more photos AUD-sbd, VID, SUPER 8
09/03/97 Latin American Youth Center (formerly Wilson Center) Washington, DC Machetres tenth anniversary show; benefit for Latin American Youth Center; photo; photos VID*


Midwest Tour:
Jerry Busher began playing second drums and trumpet with Fugazi on this tour.

Date Venue City / State / Country Other Bands Notes Recorded?
05/01/98 180 Degree Club Hagerstown, MD

05/02/98 Rangos Ballroom, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Burning Airlines, Quix*O*Tic benefit for WRCT; review AUD-aud, VID
05/03/98 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
ticket / video stills AUD, VID
05/04/98 Student Center Bellroom, Kent State University Kent, OH
free show; 29th anniversary of Kent State massacre; photos VID
05/05/98 Agora Theater Cleveland, OH Blonde Redhead, Quix*O*Tic

05/06/98 Bogart's Cincinatti, OH Koan
05/07/98 Congress Theatre Chicago, IL Shellac

05/08/98 Congress Theatre Chicago, IL Blonde Redhead, Shellac "An Independent Rock Festival"; review AUD
05/09/98 State Theater Detroit, MI Blonde Redhead, Shellac photos AUD, VID
05/11/98 Floodzone Richmond, VA 400 Years, The Crainium
05/12/98 Teamsters' Union Hall Baltimore, MD Lungfish, The Crainium benefit for a homeless organization; photo VID

Northeast Tour:

07/16/98 Chance Theatre Poughkeepsie, NY Blonde Redhead, Mearth

07/17/98 Lost Horizon Syracuse, NY
07/18/98 Harro East Ballroom Rochester, NY Blonde Redhead
07/19/98 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON Grade review
07/20/98 Porter Hall Ottowa, ON

07/21/98 Spectrum Montreal, QC
photo (backwards!); photos VID
07/22/98 Centre des loisirs St.
Quebec City, QC

07/24/98 Farmer's Market (New Maryland Recreation Centre?) Fredericton, NB Room 101, Conniption Fit, Eight Months
07/25/98 Olympic Gardens Halifax, NS Equation Of State photos
07/27/98 Asylum Portland, ME 13 Ghosts, Glee Club

07/28/98 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ
secret show
07/30/98 Fort Reno Park Washington, DC Savage Boys And Girls Club free outdoor show; photos AUD-aud, VID
07/31/98 Sanctuary Theatre Washington, DC Quix*O*Tic, Shine benefit for Emmaus Services for the Aging; review; photos; more photos VID
Washington, DC

Middle America Tour:

11/13/98 Rave Milwaukee, WI The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Compound Red photos
11/14/98 W.R. Davies Center, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, WI Poster Children, another band
11/15/98 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Poster Children, Brick Layer Cake

11/16/98 Safari Club Des Moines, IA Squidboy, At The Drive-In article
11/17/98 Sokol Hall Omaha, NE Darktown House Band, The Faint photos
11/18/98 Gee Coffee House Olathe, MO Rex Hobart And His Misery Boys

11/19/98 Will Rogers Hall Oklahoma City, OK Hovercraft, ICU
11/21/98 Fitzgerald's Houston, TX Lord High Fixers
AUD-aud, AUD2, VID?
11/22/98 Liberty Lunch Austin, TX ICU, Hovercraft review AUD
11/23/98 Galaxy Club Dallas, TX Swivel

11/24/98 Hulen Ballroom, Hendrix College Conway, AR Shake Ray Turbine KHDX-FM benefit
11/25/98 Omni New Daisy Theatre Memphis, TN Lucky, Megan Reilly

11/26/98 Galaxy Club St. Louis, MO 90 Day Men, Bunnygrunt

11/27/98 Highland Hall Louisville, KY Elliot, June of 44
11/28/98 Common Grounds Charlestown, WV Shindig, All For Nothing

11/29/98 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown, WV The Braille Drivers

12/03/98 Sanctuary Theater Washington, DC Lungfish, Bald Rapunzel Positive Force benefit VID
12/04/98 Johnson Center, George Mason University Fairfax, VA The Most Secret Method, Princessed Rock For Choice benefit VID