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Thanks to GPS technology, you can now find the EXACT distance (down to 15 feet or 5 meters) between any two points on the surface of the earth for which GPS coordinates are available. Since GPS coordinates have now been measured for many Sahyadri sites, you now have access to extremely accurate distance measurements between Sahyadri landmarks for the very first time!

All you need to do is to enter the latitude and longitude into the boxes shown below for 'Position A' and 'Position B'. The format of entry is the same as the values that you see currently in the boxes below (if you have not changed these yet). Both latitude and longitude are entered in numerical form only (ie, no alphabets such as N or E, etc, should be entered). Also ensure that the entries are in decimal form (eg, 18.11221 and not in 18 degrees 6.732 minutes).

To make it easier, a table of GPS coordinates of Sahyadri landmarks is provided below. You can cut and paste the GPS coordinates from this table, instead of manually typing these in. To find how you can access more GPS coordinates, see the information provided near the bottom of this page.

After making your entries for 'Position A' and 'Position B', hit the 'Compute' button to get the exact distance along the surface of the earth between the two points!

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GPS Coordinates of some Sahyadri Landmarks

Sahyadri site Latitude (North) Longitude (East)
Alang 19.58268 73.66229
Chanderi 19.06369 73.24495
Chavand 19.23500 73.75083
Dhak 18.90093 73.40618
Duke's Nose (Nagphani) 18.74166 73.35928
Haji Malang 19.11993 73.17489
Harishchandragad 19.38685 73.77917
Irshalgad 18.93382 73.232792
Jivdhan 19.27417 73.68944
Karnala 19.59839 73.12540
Kulang 19.58982 73.64112
Lonar Crater 19.97905 76.51725
Lohgad 18.70963 73.47695
Mahuli 19.48545 73.24977
Matheran (Rly.Stn.) 18.99001 73.27055

The above collection of GPS coordinates of the Sahyadris is only a sampling of what you can access from the Sahyadri GPS Coordinates database. To access this database, click here.

To save yourself the effort of repeatedly checking this website for additions, you can request to be added to the Sahyadris GPS Maps Mailing list. When you do so, you will be automatically notified by e-mail whenever any major additions are made to this site. For more information, click here.