Who's Who in the Upper Midwest
November 4, 1999


Trevor Adonis: (6-0,  225) Debut: 1982. A blond wrestler resembling a young
Tommy Rich dressed in pink and black. He has been billed as the WAWA
champion. Adonis has been wrestling on the independent scene since 1982, and
wrestled for both the AWA and WWF from 1986 - 1991.

T.S. Aggressor: (5-11, 230) This Iowa native is a solid wrestler who was WTW
champion in 1998. He hasn’t been too active in 1999, but has worked for WAWA.

Al Alberti: Refereed for Jim Mitchell's NCWA in mid-90s.  Sells memorabilia
at various midwest shows.

Alexis: Debut: September 18, 1999. A valet in Minnesota? You better believe
it. Alexis burst onto the scene with SPCW in September and has the folks
talking. Has the right personality to be a valet in wrestling. Has star

Adnan Al-Kaissie: (6-0, 245) The Sheik was one of the top heels for Verne
Gagne's AWA during the late 1970s and early 1980s. He also had a run with the
WWF during the Gulf War, managing Sgt. Slaughter. He now is a promoter,
owning the World All-Star Wrestling Alliance along with Ken Patera. He also
managed on those shows. He worked as Indian star Billy White Wolf in WWWF in
the 1970s, until forced to "retire" due to neck injury suffered at the hands
of his current business partner in WAWA, Kenny Patera.

American Ninja: Occasionally wrestles on BSW cards as a face.

Steve Anderson: A former writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated who is now
working for WOW Magazine and Wrestleline. He is based in the Twin Cities.

Ike Andrews:  Has had multiple gimmicks. Solid talent/works mostly near

Angus: (5-11, 350) Has not been in the ring since early in the year. Mighty
Angus ran his own promotion in Spooner, Wisconsin, for a while.

The Annihilator: (6-6, 295) Debut: April 4, 1998. Works for All American

Tony the Annihilator: (6-0, 320) Debut: 1989. A power wrestler who can still
deliver a dropkick. Started in the AWA, debuting against John Nord and Nikita
Koloff on the same night in Rochester, MN. Nu-Age champion from 1991-94.

Al Ansel: Promoter of Pro Sports Promotions which has run a few cards around
Minnesota this year using a collection of available talent.

Angel Armoni: (5-9, 190) Works for All American Wrestling and Badger State
Wrestling. A solid grappler. Also works as Col. Blatnick.

Arc Angel Vincent: One half of the current Mid American Wrestling Tag Team
Champions with Rev. Axl Future. Formerly known as Farmer Vic. Dresses in an
all white baggy outfit with AAV in black lettering down the legs. Adorns his
face with symbols in black paint. Longtime Mid American Wrestling mainstay.

Baby Bull: (5-10, 255) This Badger State wrestler was known as Ravishing Rage
in Climb X, took back the Baby Bull moniker this past summer when he began to
team with Juicy Johnny. Has been in this business since 1988 when he was
trained by Tom Stone. He currently is out with a neck injury until at least
March of 2000.

Bad Brian: One of the midget wrestlers. They are all solid performers.

Dino Bambino: (5-10, 200) Debut: 1998. Worked in 1998 for WTW in Minnesota.
Reports say he could be the best worker in Wisconsin outside of Adam Pearce.
Has wrestled for almost every Wisconsin promotion including Mid American
Wrestling, where he is feuding with Derrick St. Holmes, Esquire. He was
initially trained by Chris Bassett at the Packerland Pro Wrestling camp.
Wrestled as “Nature” early in 1998.

Barfly Mike: Longtime competitor for Mid American Wrestling. Carries beers
with him to the ring, and wears Zubaz pants and a T-shirt. Formerly one half
of the Waveriders with the wrestler currently competing as Hardcore Craig in
MAW. One of the most popular wrestlers in the Milwaukee area. Frequent tag
team partner with The Mauler and Mad Man Pondo.

Chris Bassett: Owned Nu-Age Wrestling, later Packerland Pro Wrestling
promotions in Wisconsin. Graduated from Brad Rheingans' training camp, and
now runs his own camp. Graduates include Brett Striker, Dr. Fitness,
Stephanie Star, Tony the Annihilator, Dino Bambino, Eric Hammers, and Pvt.
Moondog. Worked for AWA and WWF in late 1980s.

Beautiful Bobby: One of the midget wrestlers. They are all solid performers.
Also appeared on Jerry Springer.

Peter B. Beautiful: "The Hardcore Homosexual," from Michigan, has wrestled in
UPW and other feds in 5 states before coming to Badger State Wrestling.  Left
a big impact on BSW with many hardcore/street-fight type matches and has come
close to winning the heavyweight title.

Steve Berg: (6-4, 285) Former football player for several NFL teams. Tried
wrestling for Verne Gagne in AWA in early 90s. Limited skills, but great size.

Berlin Bomber: (6-2, 265) Also known as Rhett Royal. Always in shape as he
owns his own fitness club. Solid basics.

William Best: (5-10, 225) Always in good condition. Started in wrestling as
Billy Blaze feuding with the Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn. Occasionally
promotes shows. His best opponents are Derrick Dukes and The Hater.

Big Bad Trucker Daddy: (6-2, 275) Promoter of New Order Wrestling which put
on a few shows including one in  Prior Lake this summer. Also known as Rick
Renslow and The Wild Alaskan. A former AWA wrestler in the 1980s and 1990s.

Black Dagger: (6-2, 205) Billed as being from Japan, this lanky wrestler
doesn’t look like much at first glace. However, give him five minutes and you
will see he is a solid performer.

Black Ninja: Masked high-flyer that recently started in BSW.

Blacktop Bully: Also known as Barry Darsow, Repo Man, Demolition Smash and
Krusher Kruschev. Was frequently on cards in 1996 with manager Big Momma.

Corp. Blast: Began in Badger State Wrestling as Mr. Blast under a mask,
recently took some time off and returned with an army gimmick of Corp. Blast.

Colonel Blatnick: A small wrestler also known as Angel Armoni. Hails from
Berlin, Germany. Wears military fatigue to the ring. Former Mid American
Wrestling triple crown titleholder (Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, and Tag

Wayne Bloom: (6-2, 240) Started in the AWA as part of the Destruction Crew
with Mike Enos. Then wrestled in WCW as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II. Moved
on to the WWF as Beau Beverly. When he is in-between gigs, he has wrestled on
Minnesota independents.

Jeremy Borash: Host of WCW Live on the Internet and also was the ring
announcer at the October 16 card for SPCW.  Was a former host of the popular
Wrestling Radio show based in Minnesota.

Bob Boyer: A referee, but not real active. He refereed a match earlier this
year for SPCW.

Phil Breecher: (5-7, 350) Was in the same training camp as Rick Steiner.
After a brief career in the 1980s, he disappeared from the scene. He recently
fought in a mixed martial arts match and lost, but his name comes up from
time to time in the wrestling business.

Jim Brunzell: (6-2, 245) One of the AWA legends who still occasionally
wrestles on the local circuit. He was in two well-known teams -- The High
Flyers with Greg Gagne and The Killer Bees with B. Brian Blair. His style
seems a bit out of place today.

Bubba the Love Train: Originally known as Freight Train, currently holds the
Badger State Tag Team Titles with Tiny Love and is a 2-time tag team champion.

Big Daddy Buddha: (5-6, 350) This Minneapolis native has wrestled a few times
and battled Chi-Town Thug in North Minneapolis and pulled out a victory at
the end.

Matt Burns: (6-3, 225) A high-flying rookie with potential. Has the ability
to be a force on the scene someday. Is one of the top guys in WAWA. A former
diving champion.

Buzzsaw: One-time BSW Heavyweight Champion, remains a top contender for the

Matt Byron: All-Star Championship Wrestling Commissioner. He also does PR and
is a gimmick shill. He also does TV and radio commercial work for a couple of

"Lethal" Larry Cameron: (6-2, 275) A mainstay in Minnesota in the late 1980s
and early 1990s. He wrestled on NWA Grand Slam I. Died while on tour for Otto
Wanz’s CWA promotion in Germany. Also wrestled briefly in World Championship

Capital City Kyle: How the heck did he get on the list? Well, he was the call
screener for the popular Wrestling Radio show in 1999 and also for WCW Live.
Kyle could also be called Minnesota Sign Guy for his ability to get signs on
television during WWF and WCW shows in the Twin Cities. Aspiring announcer.

Chosen One Chad Carlson: (6-2, 285) Has not wrestled in about 4 or 5 years.
He was a large wrestler around 350 pounds when he debuted and cut down to
about 285 and looked good. Wrestled a few matches in Memphis. Had a very good
hard-hitting match with the Punisher in 1994.

Cash Flo: Debuted in 1997 for IWA Mid-South. Has feuded with Derek St. Holmes
in Mid American Wrestling during 1999. Is known for executing the 450 splash
from the top rope. Fan favorite.

Chi-Town Thug: (5-10, 240) Trained by Brad Rheingans. A solid wrestler who
had a busy 1998, but hasn’t been as active in 1999. Of late, he is working
for the WAWA, but also made a surprise appearance on the September SPCW card
against Horace the Psychopath.

Climatic Cage:  Former Badger State Heavyweight Champ and arguably their best
all-around wrestler.  Went to a 30 minute time-limit draw in July with
Stealth Suicide in Lebanon, WI

The Cobra: (5-9, 235) Debut: 1985. A Packerland Pro champion. Trained under
Brad Rheingans. Worked in the AWA in the 1980s and also won the Texas
All-Star light heavyweight belt in 1986. Started the battle of the sexes with
Stephanie Star in Nu-Age Wrestling. Heavy into solid basic wrestling. Debuted
in Winnipeg, Canada, against Boris Zukhov.

Conan The Dark Rider: (6-3, 259) Also known as Jawbreaker Jones. A Packerland
Pro Wrestling tag champ along with Tony the Annihilator.

The Constrictor: (6-6, 250) The masked Constrictor doesn’t wrestle much. He
has good size and moves pretty well. Worked in the last year for Midwest Pro
Wrestling, Wrestle America 2000 and SPCW.

Col. Corruption: (6-3, 310) This member of the tag team Southern Mississippi
Militia is a powerful wrestler from Fort Traitor, Mississippi. He spends most
of his time in Wisconsin but has been spotted on WAWA and SPCW shows. He is
also the owner and runs Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Milwaukee. In
the last 18 months, he has faced Cactus Jack, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Neidhart,
the Bushwackers, and Killer Bees. The Militia are the current Great Lakes Tag
Team Champions, current All World Wrestling Champions, and current All-Star
Championship Wrestling Champions.  They have been a tag team for about 2
years, wrestling in over 10 leagues throughout the midwest and country.

Leland Cross: (5-10, 190) Debut: November 14, 1998. Works for All American

Chris Curtis:  Longtime AWA TV preliminary wrestler.  Gained weight later in
career and became Cardiac Curtis, mental patient.

Christian Dady: An announcing partner of Mick Karch and former producer of
Slick Mick’s Body Slam Revue. Owner of

Smilin Jack Daniels: (6-5, 235) Also known as Devon Nash. Looks like WCW’s
Kevin Nash. Hasn’t wrestled since early 1999 or late 1998.

Dr. Darin Davis: (6-0, 235) Debut: 1998. The doctor got a late start in the
business but seemed to be hitting his stride in the summer of 1999. His
rubber glove and exams either delighted or shocked the crowd. Has been out of
action with health problems as of late, but should be back in action soon.
Could double as St. Louis first baseman Mark McGuire.

Frankie "The Thumper" DeFalco: Ring veteran, competed in the WWF and AWA in
years past. Former 5-time Mid American Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

Scott DeMarc: Senior referee for Mid American Wrestling. Has also refereed
for IWA Mid-South in Louisville, RWA in Indiana, NSWA in Detroit, and ACW in
Green Bay. One of the very best referees on the independent circuit.

Tony DeNucci: (5-9, 235) Well-built wrestler who mostly works for WAWA. Has
wrestled a few WWF dark or TV matches. Trademark is a handspring elbow.

Carmine DeSpirito: Promoter of the Milwaukee-based Mid American Wrestling,
and sometimes manages as "The Hustler" (he is semi-retired in that role).
Formerly known on east coast independents and in Europe as Hubie Marx and The
Creator. Established working agreement with IWA Mid-South office in
Louisville, KY in early 1998, by which talent from MAW and IWA compete in
both territories.

Doink the Clown: (5-10, 215) The Doink in the WAWA is often a joker with a
push scooter and silly string. Much skinnier than the Matt Borne original.

Doink the Clown: (6-0, 230) The Doink that wrestlers for Dale Gagner and
several Wisconsin independents is electrifying, if you know what I mean. This
Doink is one of the best I’ve seen.

Doink the Clown: (5-11, 230) Badger State commissioner Craig Smith introduced
this Doink when confronted about the promotion being run by clowns.

Danny Dominion: (6-1, 233) Debut: 1992. Dominion is a solid wrestler who is
probably overlooked more than he deserves because he can wrestle with the
best. He forms one half of the Hollywood Hardbodies with Ace Steel. Runs a
top-notch training camp in Chicago. Wrestled on the NWA 50th and 51st
Anniversary shows. His feud with Adam Pearce in SPCW could be the indy feud
of the year with several great matches.

Jason Doom:  Hockey mask-wearing wrestler in early 1990s.  May have worked as
Spike Jones for AWA TV matches.

Keith Douglas: Promoter of the defunct World Television Wrestling. Was last
active in 1998. Douglas has been a ring announcer, announcer and promoter in
the business.

Jim Duda:  Packerland Pro Wrestling rookie.  Worked as a referee in PPW
before debuting in the ring.

Derrick Dukes: (6-2, 245) Now a veteran of more than 10 years. Dukes is
famous for boxing football player Mark Gastineau. Dukes was one half of a tag
team called the Top Guns with Ricky Rice in the early 1990s in Verne Gagne’s

Mr. Dynamic: (6-1, 275) A powerfully built wrestler from the Duluth area. He
was more active in the mid-1990s. Along with Randy Gusto, he faced Road
Warrior Hawk & Kensuke Sasaki at Ropers in Fridley. Captured vacant Nu-Age
Heavyweight title in   the "BattleSport" tournament held in exploding ring,
last eliminating the masked "Whirlwind" (aka Jerry Lynn) in 1995.

Dynamite Joe: A young referee also known as Joe Viagra. Lightning fast

Billy Joe Eaton: (6-1, 230) A talented wrestler who prefers the hardcore
style. Had some excellent matches against Adam Pearce. Worked in 1998 for
SPCW. He is a regular for Mid American Wrestling.

The Sheriff Johnny Emerald: (5-10, 200)  Debut April 18, 1998 in Minneapolis.
He was originally trained by Ken Patera. Has feuded most of the year with
Shifty, his arch-rival. He and Shifty are the promoters of Midwest Pro
Wrestling. Emerald has wrestled for all the Minnesota independent promotions
except for one, and has wrestled for All-Star Championship Wrestling and
Badger State as well.

Mike Enos: (6-1, 265) Started in the AWA as part of the Destruction Crew with
Wayne Bloom. Then wrestled in WCW as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II. Moved on
to the WWF as Bo Beverly. Enos has wrestled many times for the local
independent promoters. Was most recently in the WCW. Has a wild match in 1998
in Bloomington on an indy card.

Farmer Mike:  (5-10, 215) Has wrestled as Manimal.  Hasn't wrestled a lot in
1999. Worked for Northern Wrestling Federation in Spooner.

Tommy Ferrera: (5-10, 220) A major player in the early 1990s. Known as the
Northwest (Mpls) Freedom Fighter because he was a Vietnam veteran. Was a
pretty good worker who feuded with all the top guys at the time. Wrestled the
late Larry Cameron on the legendary NWA Grand Slam I card.

Dr. Fitness: (6-1, 305) Debut: 1991. Manager and trainer of Stephanie Star.
Given name and gimmick by Jeff Sharkey, and has always hated both, but he
knows it works for him. Also a name in powerlifting circles.

Scott Free: (6-1, 250) Started wrestling in the Western Wrestling Association
when he was 16 years old, but moved into Ed Sharkey’s camp in late 1998.
Bills himself as being from Free-For-All, California. Has a long-running feud
with K-Train Kraig Karger.

Electric Eric Freedom: Freedom is a hippy from the 1970s similar to Dude
Love. Has worked for several groups around the midwest including St. Paul
Championship Wrestling, NAWF and All-Star Championship Wrestling.

Terry Fox: (5-11, 260) Fox is a jack-of-all-trades on the local circuit. He
owns a couple of rings, referees, wrestles as himself and several different
personnas and is a trainer for Ed Sharkey.

Reverend Axl Future: One half of the current Mid American Wrestling Tag Team
Champions with Arc Angel Vincent. Has bold "FUTURE SHOCK" tattoo across his
entire back, as well as many other tattoos on his body. Wears a priest's
attire to the ring. Had bloody war with Ian Rotten during 1998. Longtime MAW

Verne Gagne: A Minnesota wrestling legend who is no longer active in the
sport but is quoted in almost every newspaper article in the Twin Cities
about professional wrestling. His American Wrestling Association went out of
business in the early 1990s when he could no longer compete with the WWF and

Dale Gagner: Promoter of AWA Superstars of Wrestling. He has promoted shows
in Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, Michigan, Arizona and others in 1999. Has a
show set for St. Cloud in December.

Jim Gagnon: Promoter of All American Wrestling, a Wisconsin-based promotion.
They are known for large crowds and gimmick wrestlers. Has had several former
Verne Gagne AWA stars on his shows wrestling or signing autographs.

Steve Gossett: He is a frequent referee for Dale Gagner's AWA.

James "The Bear" Grizzley:  (6-0, 220) Former Northern Premier Wrestling and
World Television Wrestling wrestler. Worked in Iowa this summer. Also
wrestled as Stiff Jackson.

The Guardian: (5-11, 230) This Winnipeg-based wrestler has worked for NWA
Canadian Wrestling Federation. He debuted for SPCW on October 16 in a match
against Ricky Rice.

Mike Gueke: (5-10, 305) Debut: July 1998. Known as The Bull. Works for All
American Wrestling.

Randy Gusto: (6-1, 285) The Judge has dropped a lot of weight in the last few
years. Has a good schtick, but often relies too much on it.

Halloween Nightmare: A masked man who appeared on at least two SPCW cards
against Derrick Dukes.

Marty Hamilton: (5-10, 215) Often known as the Joker or as Marty Hamilton,
the Practical Joker in WAWA.

Straight Edge Eric Hammers: (5-7, 160) Debut 1998. Hammers is an exciting
smaller punk rock wrestler. He worked for WTW in some of his first career
matches. He is in a real punk rock band.

Mr. Destiny Jay Hannah: (6-4, 250) A physical specimen. Hannah has the
physical tools to be a force in the industry but does not wrestle often.

Hannibal: (6-0, 238) Works for All American Wrestling. Lists the Mendota
Mental Health Institute as his hometown. Has a great ring entrance where is
wheeled to the ring in a straight jacket.

Hardcore Craig: Current Mid American Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, after
defeating Ian Rotten in 9/99 during a barbed wire table match. Formerly known
as Waverider Craig, has competed in MAW for over 5 years. Mixes hardcore
style with athleticism. One of the crowd favorites in Milwaukee.

Corey Hardcore: (6-0, 225) Debut: 1997. A good athletic wrestler, but has not
worked in 1999. He wrestled for WTW in 1998.

The Hater: (6-4, 255) Debut 1989. Has been considered The Franchise of
Minnesota independents for most of the 1990s. Teams with J.R. the Punisher
from time to time. He was known as The Punisher before adopting a new name.
Has also wrestled as The Smart Ass White Boy. A former PWA tag and
heavyweight title holder.

Heaven & Hell: AWA tag champs (Eon & Nightmare) for Dale Gagner. Identical
twins. Once worked as Twin Turbos. Accompanied by Destiny.

Ed Hellier: Promoter of St. Paul Championship Wrestling. Hellier has brought
an interesting mix of talent to the Twin Cities area.

Hellraiser Blood: (6-2, 235). Debut: 1987. This  veteran came back on the
scene in 1998. As the masked half of the Hellraisers, he is the vocal leader
of the team. One of the best talkers and showmen in the state.

Hellraiser Gutts: (6-4, 255) Potential to be a huge superstar in the
wrestling business. A fantastic athlete who only needs to get out and make a
name for himself. Nobody goes over higher than Gutts on a hip toss. A top 10
worker in the state.

Jesse Hennig: (5-10, 215) Has not wrestled in a few years. Showed a few signs
of potential and looked like a smaller version of his brother, Curt.

Corp. Holly: Began as Mr. Hollywood in Badger State Wrestling and had some
great matches for the Heavyweight Title. He now teams with Corp. Blast,
together forming the U.S. Armed Forces.

Derrick St. Holmes, Esquire: (6-0, 225) Derrick is a regular for Mid American
Wrestling in Milwaukee and made his Minnesota debut with SPCW on October 16.
He is a solid mat wrestler with a sound ring reputation.

Big Daddy Hoofer: (6-1, 212) This rookie wrestler has been feuding with
Playboy Pete Huge. Drew a huge crowd pop at The Wave Bar in Waverly,
Minnesota. Has also wrestled in Badger State Wrestling.

Horace the Psychopath: (5-10, 255) This eight-year veteran is one of the
wildest in Minnesota. Has feuded with Mitch Ryder and Scotty Z in WAWA and
had a good match with Ricky Rice in SPCW. His soda pop spitting spot is a
trademark as is his somersault splash. One of the top 15 in the Upper Midwest.

Boss Hoss: Referee and commissioner of Nu-Age Wrestling in mid-90s. "The
Longhorns of Justice" retired for a time due to bad knees.  A
300-plus-pounder dropped weight later in career.

Playboy Pete Huge: (5-8, 170) Formerly known as Damien. Huge is a youngster
who could develop into a solid cruiserweight. He was king of the backyard
wrestlers. Known as a junior high heart throb.

Illinois State Trooper:  Underrated worker from Milwaukee area.  Always gets
heat in Wisconsin due to gimmick. Son appears at shows dressed like him.

Wild Bill Irwin: (6-2, 245) Irwin, originally from Duluth, moved back to his
roots from Texas about two years ago. He had stints with the WWF, AWA, WCW
and World Class in the 1980s and 1990s. He has appeared for all the Minnesota
promotions. Can still work a very good match, but doesn’t always show the
skills that brought him to the big time.

Tommy Jammer:  The "California Kid" in the AWA's last days in early 90s.

Kenny Jay: (6-0, 240) The Sodbuster was one half of the SPCW tag team
champions this year along with Red Tyler. Kenny disappeared from wrestling
for much of the 1990s before making a comeback. He wrestled several times in
1999 with top opponents being Hellraiser Blood, Adrian Lynch, Mitch Ryder and
Bill Irwin.

Dan Jesser: (6-2, 245) One half of the former SPCW tag team champions with
Adrian Lynch.

JR the Punisher: (6-4, 255) Debut: 1990. Occasionally promotes shows in St.
Paul. Owner of J.R.’s Powerhouse Gym. Formed a top tag team with the Hater.
He’s at his best when the other wrestler is as physical as he is. Also
wrestled as a Jesse Ventura-lookalike called “The Candidate.”

Judge Jesse: (5-10, 190) Trained at the Hart Brothers Training Camp in
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Debuted in 12/93 but didn't start wrestling
regularly until 12/97.  Has worked for MAW, BSW, ACW, MCW, and UPW.  Has held
the UPW American Championship, the BSW Tag Team Titles, and is a 2-time BSW
Cruiserweight Champion.  He has put on many amazing cruiserweight matches in
BSW. Chants of "Judy" annoy him.

Juicy Johnny: Been in Badger State Wrestling since around 1994. He has held
the Tag Team Titles on many occasions and is a four-time BSW Heavyweight

Jungle Fighter: (5-11, 260) A veteran of the ring wars. This is just one of
several names he has wrestled under including The Pakastani, the Serbian
Assassin, The General and probably a few more. He squared off with St. Paul
Saints manager Marty Scott before a match at Midway Stadium earlier this

K-Train Kraig Karger: (5-11, 255) Worked several matches against Scott Free
including some wild hardcore brawls in Wrestle America 2000. He is the top
guy at the Main Event in Fridley.

James Kahn: (5-8, 235) A frequent opponent of Brad Kohler in early 1999.
Wrestled on a tour of Japan and uses a power wrestling style.

Kamikaze:  (5-10, 210) Formerly known as the Kamikaze Kid and Kamikaze
Warrior. Was probably considered one of the top 10 wrestlers in Minnesota in
1996. He has not been as active but is still a talent. Mostly has worked with
WAWA in 1999.

Mick Karch: The dean of local announcers. Karch worked for the AWA in the
1980s as a ring announcer. He hosted Saturday Night at Ringside, a popular
wrestling block on TV 23 in the Twin Cities in the early 1990s. Karch is now
a cable access regular on wrestling shows. Was a former co-host of the
popular Wrestling Radio show based in Minnesota.

Little Kato: One of the midget wrestlers. They are all solid performers. Also
appeared on Jerry Springer.

Wade Keller: Owner of The Torch, one of the top two wrestling newsletters in
the country. It is based in Minnesota and Keller used to be a regular at the
local shows. He still attends a show from time to time.

Jimmy Kennedy: Began in Badger State Wrestling in 8/98 as a ring announcer.
He also did some managing and color commentary. Kennedy began as a referee in
3/99 and has also worked for AAW and ACW.

Brad Kohler:  (5-7, 245) A former Greco-Roman wrestler who has fought in two
Ultimate Fighting Championships. He wrestled in late 1998 and early 1999 for
Wrestle America 2000. Now he occasionally works for the Great Lakes
Championship Wrestling promotion in Wisconsin and also just competed in the
Rings (Japan) tournament and went 1-1.

Stan Kowalski: The BIG 'K' ... Promotes occasionally in Minnesota. Legendary
former AWA tag champion and manager of the likes of Ivan Koloff and Kobayashi.

Bruce Krietzman: A referee who was found frequently in the early 1990s on the
local scene but hasn’t appeared much lately.

Mark "Chain Saw Man" Kurtz: Worked several matches in early 1999 for WAWA.

Ladyhawk:  A popular female referee for Wrestle America 2000 during 1998. She
was also a trained wrestler but the lack of women on the Minnesota scene
didn’t give her much of a chance to wrestle. She refereed one of the best
matches in 1998 that saw Lenny Lane face Scotty Z. The two men turned on
Ladyhawk and she ended up taking a wicked double clothesline from Scotty and

Lenny Lane: Debuted on January 28, 1995,  against The Wizard at the St. Paul
Prom Expo Center. Lenny went on to star in almost every Minnesota independent
league and was eventually signed by WCW. He finally received a push as a gay
wrestler late in 1999. However, protests have ended that angle for the time
being. He still competes occasionally on independent shows in the Twin
Cities. He has had outstanding matches in the Twin Cities against Great
Sasuke, Scotty Z, Horace the Psycho and many others.

Larry Larson: (6-2, 225) Also known as Fantasy Man, a Minnesota worker who
wrestled in early to mid ’90s.

Cowboy Lang: A midget wrestler.

Gino Lanza: One of the most well-known referees in Wisconsin. Has worked for
Mid American Wrestling, All-Star Championship Wrestling, and many other
promotions during the past several years. Feuded with MAW referee Scott
DeMarc during 1996.

Travis Lee: (5-10, 210) Debut: 1995. Wrestles for All-American Wrestling.
Known as Pretty Boy Travis Lee. Feuds include Leland Cross and T-Bone Roads.

Lightning Kid: Sean Waltman, also known as the 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx Pac and X Pac.
He was a huge favorite in the Twin Cities in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
His last local match was against Sabu at the American Indian Center before
signing with the WWF.

Lone Wolf: (6-2, 303) Debut: 1998. Big friendly biker. Still kisses his mama
in the front row. A Packerland Pro Wrestling competitor.

Charming Chad Love: Former Mid American Wrestling Tag Team Champion with
partner Billy Wilde as "The True Love Brothers" a/k/a "Nation of
Penetration." A very effeminite wrestler, sports long blonde hair, and wears
feather boas to the ring. MAW ring veteran.

Johnny Love:  (6-0, 190) Minnesota based worker of early 1990s.  Billed from
California. A thin yet talented star in a time when size did matter in the
ring. Last local match was against Jerry Lynn at the Northwest Minneapolis
National Guard Armory.

Tiny Love: Started as Tiny, then was Tiny Farley and now Tiny Love. Holds the
tag team titles with Bubba the Love Train right now, is a 2-time tag champ.
Started with BSW earlier this year.

Adrian Lynch: (6-1, 297) Debut 1995. One of the best interviews in the upper
midwest. Has wrestled most of the legends in the area including Buck ZumHofe,
Kenny Jay, Jimmy Valiant, King Kong Bundy and current WWF star Blue Meanie.
Was a SPCW tag champion with Dan Jesser.

Jerry Lynn: Now in ECW as the New F'N Show. Jerry was a top performer in the
1980s and early and mid-1990s in Minnesota. He had feuds with Ricky Rice,
Lightning Kid, Horace the Psycho and J.B. Trask to name a few. He recently
attended the October 16, 1999, St. Paul Championship Wrestling show as an


"The Irish Luchadore" Billy McNeil: Began his career in September 1999 in
Badger State Wrestling. He is known for using very high-risk, high-flying

Johnny Mack:  (6-0, 255) Trained by Mean Mike. Also known as Butch, half of
the Steel Brothers.

Mad Dog the Snake Handler: Barroom brawler who happens to carry a big snake.
Not a great wrestler, but bumps to help out the Cobra in PPW.

Mad Man Pondo: One of the craziest, demented wrestlers alive today. Carries
STOP sign to the ring with him, and is known to blast opponents with it with
regularity. Also one of the funniest wrestlers around; is a fan favorite in
Mid American Wrestling. Has teamed with Barfly Mike in recent months. Battled
Ian Rotten in a no-rope barbed wire match in 8/99 at Wilson Park Stadium in
Milwaukee. Competes all across the country in hardcore style matches.

Mad Wolverine: (5-10, 225) Debut: March 24, 1998. Wrestles a shoot style in
All American Wrestling. One of the Fearsome Foursome.

Mago: Don't call him Bozo! One half of the managing and wrestling duo of the
High Rollers. He and partner STX (Stixx) competed in several tag-team
handicap matches with mixed success. Also appeared on the Jerry Springer show

Dirk Malibu: This big man has wrestled in 1999 WAWA.

Man of the 90's:  (5-11, 245) Worked in WTW and had a long feud with Horace
the Psychopath

Mannibal: (6-2, 175) Lists Forest Hill Cemetery as his hometown. Great ring
entrance where Mannibal is carried to the ring in a coffin by his "druids."
Works for All American Wrestling.

Dr. Bob Mason: (5-10, 180) Not very active. Doesn't have the best wrestling
build in the business, but works hard.

Major Mayhem: (6-0, 255) A member of the tag team Southern Mississippi
Militia from Fort Traitor, Mississippi. The Militia are the current Great
Lakes Tag Team Champions, current All World Wrestling Champions, and current
All-Star Championship Wrestling Champions.  They have been a tag team for
about 2 years, wrestling in over 10 leagues throughout the midwest and

Master Blaster: (6-3, 285) From Superior. Wore a leather sling on his arm.
Worked in the AWA. Also known as Gary Lindgren. He began as a frequent
opponent of Curt Hennig in AWA around 1981. A serious injury caused him to
retire for several years.  Broke through the interview wall on AWA to shock
and dismay of Al Derusha and announcer Larry Nelson.

Bruiser Mastino: (6-0, 295) Also known as Mantaur in the WWF. He worked
several shows in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the first half of the year.

The Mauler: Longtime competitor for Mid American Wrestling. Wrestled in his
retirement match on 10/31 against Frankie DeFalco, with chain match
stipulations. One of the most loved, comical wrestlers in MAW. Also known for
his brawling style. Wrestled Abdullah the Butcher at Wilson Park Stadium
several summers ago for MAW.

Mean Mike:  Half of Disorderly Conduct in WCW.  Started career in AWA and has
worked for countless promotions in Midwest, the U.S. and overseas. Ran his
own camp in Milwaukee, but relocated to Florida when WCW called. Also works
as Mighty Kodiak.

Mikey Medallion: Has worked for Angus' Northern Wrestling Federation.  Was
the first victim of Dr. Darin Davis' proctological exam. Now works for Great
Lakes Championship Wrestling.

Mike Mercury: (6-0, 220). The leader of All-Star Championship Wrestling in
Green Bay, Wisconsin. A solid performer who has wrestled in NAWF, SPCW, WTW
and WAWA.

Jake Milliman: (5-10, 245) One of the legendary TV wrestlers from the AWA.
Jake didn’t win many matches but almost everybody remembers when Jesse
Ventura “gave Jake a break.” Classic stuff. Wrestled recently in Wisconsin.

Jim Mitchell: Wrestled as the Iron Duke in the AWA in the 1980s. He ran NCWA
in the Twin Cities in the 1990s.

Pvt. Moondog:  (6-3, 300) Wild hardcore style used in Nu-Age Wrestling in
early 1990s.  Beaten bloody in most every match he was ever in, winning some
and losing others.  Managed once by Col. Tom Walker.

Nailz: (6-3, 285) Nailz wrestled several times on the local cards in 1995-96
against the likes of Road Warrior Hawk.

Carrie Nelson: Has made two in-ring wrestling appearances this year. One
time, at the request of Lenny Lane, she started out facing Primetime at the
Main Event in Fridley. However, Lane jumped Primetime and the regular match
began. Then she accompanied Mr. Ass Billy Gunn to the ring in a memorable
moment from Summer Slam at the Target Center.

The New Age Farmer: (5-10, 190) Also known as the Chicken Farmer. Hurt his
knee in 1999, but is now back in action for WAWA.

Night Stalkers: Wrestled in Badger State and MPW. Haven't been seen for quite
some time now.

Ninja Assassins: Began in Badger State Wrestling in June of 1999 and were
quick to capture the tag team titles.  They won the titles one more time and
are still together now, looking to get another shot at them.

Rikki Noga: (5-9, 210) Debut: 1999. This rookie is off to a fast start after
training at the Steel Domain. He  doesn’t look green despite of his lack of
experience. Billed as a relative of Ricky Steamboat.

Charlie Norris: (6-6, 285) Debut: 1988. From Red Lake, Minnesota. Norris
worked for WCW in the mid-1990s before returning to his home state. Works
with Ed Sharkey’s Wrestle America 2000 group. He has had lasting feuds with
The Hater and Wild Bill Irwin. Extremely popular in northern Minnesota.
Finisher is the scissor kick.

Steve Olsonowski: (6-1, 235) Steve O hasn’t wrestled in quite a while, but
still pops up at cards once in a while. He was a former AWA wrestler and had
a nice run on Georgia Championship Wrestling. Looks to still be in good shape.

Al Pabon: Producer of Slick Mick’s Body Slam Revue. He has been a driving
force behind local cable access wrestling.

"Mean" Mitch Page: Debut: 1998. Formerly known as "The Couch Potato." Hails
from Louisville, KY. Broke in with the IWA Mid-South promotion. Has feuded
with Ian Rotten and Mad Man Pondo in Mid American Wrestling. One of the
biggest wrestlers in the Upper Midwest, Mitch weighs in at well over 400
pounds. The MAW ring collapsed under the weight when Ian Rotten gave Mitch
the Rock Bottom this past summer.

Mitch Paradise: (6-4, 275) Paradise has a chance to be a breakout superstar
in wrestling with his size and looks. He has shown an ability to move well in
the ring and is progressing at a steady pace. Recently faced Scotty Z in a
series of matches. Trained by Ed Sharkey and Terry Fox.

Passion: Valet in Packerland Pro Wrestling.   Selfish, and the man she
seconds, the Cobra, loves it.  Looks great, especially wrapped in a 15-foot

Ken Patera: (6-2, 265) The Olympic Strongman was the first American to press
500 pounds over his head in competition. Patera was trained by Verne Gagne
and made a name for himself around the country in the 1970s and early 1980s.
He still occasionally competes in the ring, but mostly is a promoter of the
World All-Star Wrestling Alliance which he runs with Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie.

Adam Pearce: (6-2, 242) Debut: 5/16/96. One of the five best independent
wrestlers in the country. Pearce has the package that could make him a star.
He works mainly in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but has ventured to Music City
and Steel City Wrestling among others. Pearce has feuded with Danny Dominion
for most of 1999 in SPCW.

Mortimer Plumtree: One of the top undiscovered talents in the business.
Plumtree is an old-time manager who can talk, take bumps and get the crowd
going. In a different time, he'd be a top guy in a major federation. Was real
active in 1996, but has slowed down a bit. Managed Lenny Lane for a long time
on the local circuit.

Poison: (6-1, 230) Debut: 1998. Ninja with a high-flying style in Packerland
Pro Wrestling.

Johnny Pope: A manager known as the Child Protege. Managed Dr. Darin Davis
for one match this year in SPCW.

Dave Prazak: (5-7, 145) Debut: 1996. Chicago native is one of the most
traveled managers on the independent circuit; has worked for over 20
different promotions across 11 different states. Mid American Wrestling
mainstay. Has managed Ian Rotten, Buddy Landel, Reckless Youth, Steve Corino,
Mad Man Pondo, Billy Joe Eaton, Adam Pearce, Horace the Psychopath, Ace
Steel, Danny Dominion, Corporal Robinson, Joey Matthews, Christian York,
Derek St. Holmes, 2 Tuff Tony, Mitch Page, and a host of others.

Primetime: (5-9, 200) One of the top light heavyweights. Has toned down his
high-flying ways to become more of a brawler in 1999. Has a long-running
in-ring feud with the Hellraisers. Once in a while billed as Buck ZumHofe, Jr.

CM Punk: (5-11, 215) Punk started out with the Lunatic Wrestling Federation
and migrated to compete in the Wisconsin promotions in 1999. Made his
Minnesota debut on Oct. 16 for SPCW in a blowout match against Ace Steel.
Quickly moved into the top 15 with that performance.

Quentin The Manservant: Debut: 1997. Manager/Wrestler. Is the personal
manservant for Derek St. Holmes, Esquire in Mid American Wrestling.
Frequently wrestles both in singles matches, as well as with St. Holmes in
tag bouts. Sports long blonde hair, and a tuxedo and bowtie.

Corey Quinn:  Manager in AAW.  Quinn was a DJ at Eau-Calire's I-94.1.

Kevin Quinn: (5-11, 215) A talented wrestler who has worked for the WWF and
in Puerto Rico in the last year. He was part of a fantastic tag match in 1998
with Adam Pearce versus Danny Dominion and Ace Steel in SPCW.

Damon Ray: Been around Badger State Wrestling for a few years. He has had
many great matches including cruiserweight and heavyweight ones.

Red Lightning: (5-11, 195) Debut: April 4, 1998 in St. Paul. He was trained
by Ken Patera and worked for him from 4/98 to 8/98. He now wrestles for
All-American Wrestling. His finisher is the Lightning Bolt (Michinoku Driver).

Maxwell Rep:  The Little Chippendale.  Played Mini-me to Mr. Dynamic's Doctor
Evil as a manager in early 90s.

Brad Rheingans: (6-2, 240) Former team of the U.S. Olympic team that
boycotted the 1980 games. He was a coach for the team in 1984. Worked for
Verne Gagne’s AWA. He trained many wrestlers and has connections with New
Japan Pro Wrestling. Last match in the Twin Cities was versus ECW legend Taz
on Grand Slam I.

Ricky Rice: (6-2, 225) Ricky was one of the guys caught in the size crunch of
the early 1990s when a wrestler needed to be 6-6 and 300 pounds of muscle. He
was a star waiting to happen and eventually left the business for several
years. He is back in SPCW now. Ricky has the top dropkick in Minnesota and
probably in wrestling. And that's no b.s. Had a good match with Horace the
Psychopath on one SPCW card, but really hasn't hit his stride yet, but
genuinely seems to be having fun in the ring on the shows.

Road Warrior Animal: (6-1, 285) Has helped train several local wrestlers. His
brothers, Terminator Marc Laurinitus and Johnny Ace are also wrestlers. Has
never wrestled on the local independent scene.

Road Warrior Hawk: (6-3, 265) When he worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling,
Hawk made several local appearances for Ed Sharkey wrestling Nailz, Doink the
Clown, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk and the Hater.

T-Bone Roads: (5-10, 215) Debut: November 14, 1998. Works for All American

Andre Roberts: (6-4, 300) A mixed martial arts fighter who occasionally
wrestles. His brother is Tyrone Roberts. Scored one of the most impressive
knockouts of the year in the UFC. This Native American has great size.

Tyrone Roberts: A mixed martial arts fighter who occasionally wrestles. Said
to have great athletic ability. His brother is Andre Roberts.

Corporal Robinson: Native of Louisville, Kentucky. Mid American Wrestling
mainstay. Winner of the 1999 MAW Hardcore Cup Tournament. Wears camouflage
attire to the ring. Competes regularly for IWA Mid-South in Indiana &
Kentucky, as well as Bad to the Bone Wrestling. Had bloody feuds with
Hardcore Craig, Ian Rotten, and Rev. Axl Future in MAW rings during 1999. One
of the key performers in MAW during 1999.

Rockin Randy: (6-0, 220) Randy is a respected trainer in the wrestling
business and has worked on TV for the WWF from time to time. A major force
behind NAWF.

The Rollerettes: These girls accompany the High Rollers to the ring. There
have been up to four Rollerettes at one time. They are attracted to the High
Rollers’ money.

Haystacks Ross: (6-6, 500) Huge Wisconsin wrestler has battled the likes of
Angus and Adrian Lynch.

Ian Rotten: "King of the Death Matches" Heads up Louisville, KY-based IWA
Mid-South promotion. Former 2-time Mid American Wrestling Heavyweight
Champion. Has been credited for being a major driving force behind strong
attendance figures for MAW during 1999. Wrestles hardcore style matches
mainly, but also an accomplished mat wrestler. Known for throwing a wide
variety of suplexes. Has wrestled for ECW and WCW. One of the most popular
wrestlers in the Milwaukee area.

Tommy Rox: Badger State manager who also works for All-Star Championship
Wrestling, All American Wrestling and UPW. He is a former BSW Commissioner
and has been in this business for over 2 years.

Gary Royal: (5-10, 220) A long-time veteran of the Mid-Atlantic area. Royal
wrestled Randy Gusto on a SPCW card at Midway Stadium this summer.

Mitch Ryder: (5-10, 220) Ryder burst on the independent scene in late 1998.
He works a southern brawler style and has a great personality with interview
skills. Could be a top 20 guy on any night.

Samson: (6-4, 400) A large Native American wrestler who battled several times
at the Prom Expo Center in St. Paul in 1995-1996.

Pete Santana: (5-9, 215) Has only wrestled a few times in the last year. A
Buck ZumHofe trainee.

Ed Sharkey: Known as The Trainer of Champions. Sharkey was a light
heavyweight wrestler in the 1960s and wrestled the likes of legendary Danny
Hodge. Sharkey now referees and has trained some of the biggest names in the
sport like Bob Backlund, Jesse Ventura, The Road Warriors, Barry Darsow, Rick
Rude, and many more. Is the promoter of Wrestle America 2000, which formerly
was Pro Wrestling America in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Jeff Sharkey: Debut:1990.  Commissioner of Packerland Pro Wrestling since
1998.  Began as announcer/referee for Nu-Age Wrestling. Everyone thinks Eddie
Sharkey is his father. He claims paternity tests inconclusive.

Shifty: (5-10, 205) Debut April 18, 1998. A solid athlete who has progressed
well in 1999 after a slow start to his career in 1998. Originally trained by
Ken Patera, but has moved into Ed Sharkey’s troop. Quite popular in Alma,
Wisconsin. Can fly or wrestle. Has had a yearlong feud with The Sheriff
Johnny Emerald. Shifty and Emerald are the promoters of Midwest Pro
Wrestling. He has worked for almost all the Minnesota independents and
All-Star Championship Wrestling and Badger State Wrestling in Wisconsin.

The Skull Krusher: Recently signed to a developmental contract with the World
Wrestling Federation after successful dark match tryout at Milwaukee Raw
tapings against Kurt Angle. Tall, muscular African-American wrestler, is very
agile. His arsenal includes a Michinoku Driver off the 2nd rope, Great
Muta-esque handspring elbows, and the Death Valley Driver. A promising young
star. Competes regularly for Mid American Wrestling.

Craig Smith: Began as ring announcer in Badger State Wrestling in March 1999,
started to ref in September 1999 and was appointed BSW Commissioner in
October 1999.

Solazar: (6-3, 325) Debut: 1993. Wrestles for All American Wrestling.

Jay Soltis: Was a referee with WAWA in the summer of 1999. Broke into the
business as an announcer in 1989. Debut as a referee with Northern Premier
Wrestling in 1995. Has worked with several independent promoters throughout
the midwest.

Dale Spear: Co-host of Slick Mick's Bodyslam Revue TV show with Mick Karch.

Stephanie Star: First female title-holder in Packerland Pro Wrestling,
beating The Cobra for the heavyweight title on August 20, 1999 in Shawano,
WI. World-class champion powerlifter when not in the ring.  Managed by Dr.
Fitness.  Debuted June 1991, beating Sindy Paradise.

Stealth Suicide: Been in Badger State Wrestling for almost 2 years now.
Stealth has had some of the greatest cruiserweight matches BSW has ever seen.
 Was a BSW tag champion and held the BSW Cruiserweight Title for almost 3
months this year.  Also has worked for AAW, MPW, and UPW.

Ace Steel: (5-9, 210) Debut: 1991. Steel is the best light heavyweight in the
Upper Midwest. He may not be a flashy as some of the other indy guys with big
names, but he has good psychology and is technically strong. He forms one
half of the Hollywood Hardbodies with Danny Dominion. Runs a top-notch
training camp in Chicago. His match with CM Punk on the October 16, 1999,
SPCW card could be the match of the year in Minnesota.

Johnnie Stewart: (6-1, 245) Had a feud in Verne Gagne’s AWA with Buck
ZumHofe. Stewart is now a major player in Dale Gagner’s AWA. Has also made
appearances for SPCW. Played arena football. Is running for Congress in
Illinois as a Republican.

STX: (6-6, 220) One half of the managing and wrestling duo of the High
Rollers. He and partner Mago competed in several tag-team handicap matches
with mixed success. They claim to hang with such Vegas dignitaries as Wayne
Newton, Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink. Also appeared on the Jerry
Springer show recently. Formerly Stixx.

Tom Stone: An AWA TV wrestler in the 1980s. Known as Rocky Stone, he would
put up a fight before losing each week. He now wrestles in the Wisconsin

Storm Trooper Ike: (5-10, 245) Not as big as his brother, but they were still
hard to tell apart when they dressed alike because of the similar build. He
was a regular on cards in 1995-96 teaming with Ike against the Punisher and

Storm Trooper Willie: (5-10, 300) Has not wrestled on the local scene in a
while. He was a regular on cards in 1995-96 teaming with Ike against the
Punisher and Hater. Was also known as Willie The Splash.

Storm Wolf: (5-10, 195) Debut: 1999. A well-conditioned rookie with Wrestle
America 2000. Had his best match to date with Ian Xavier in a dark match on
the October SPCW card. Takes a nice bump.

Brett Striker: (6-0, 260) Debut: July 7, 1991 in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. After a
1-year layoff, he is back in action with All-Star Championship Wrestling and
NAWF. He has held many titles in NU-AGE & ACW. Won the Nu-Age Mid Heavyweight
title over Jerry Lynn outside during a pouring rain. Had a tour of FMW & New
Japan, facing guys like Muta, Liger, Adam Bomb, Haku, Benoit, & Syxx.
Currently feuding with the Berlin Bomber in the NAWF.

The Suicide Kid: High flying light heavyweight wrestler who competes in the
Upper Midwest for Mid American Wrestling. Also wrestles for IWA Mid-South in
Louisville, and HWA in Ohio. Wears cutoff jeans to the ring. Known for
executing triple jump moonsaults and Asai moonsaults to the floor. Had some
of the best matches in MAW during 1999 against Dino Bambino and Billy Joe


2 Tuff Tony: Very agile wrestler who effectively combines sound basic
wrestling with high flying and hardcore styles. Wears leather pants to the
ring. Competes regularly for Mid American Wrestling in the Upper Midwest, and
for IWA Mid-South in Louisville. He is known for his corkscrew Hector
Garza-like plancha, which he has put many opponents through tables with.

Johnny T:  Wisconsin announcer for various indies who went to Texas to
greater success in NWA Southwest.

T-Rex: (6-3, 400) A large wrestler who was very active in the mid-1990s with
a lot of matches at the Sports Garden in St. Paul. Also known as King of the
Hill. Wrestled for the WAWA in northern Minnesota earlier this year, but
otherwise hasn’t been very active.

Thor: (6-1, 240) Debut: October 30, 1999. A trainee of Terry Fox and Ed
Sharkey. Debuted at the Wave in Waverly, Minnesota against Ian Xavier.

Mike Thunder: (6-2, 255) Debut 1998. The brother of Rob Thunder and has
wrestled a few times, mostly in tag teams. Has an amateur wrestling

Rob Thunder: (6-2, 220) Debut 1998. Has a build like the Lightning Kid. Has
the athletic ability to be a top guy in the area. He doesn’t wrestle often
enough for that to be the case as this point.

Kelly Thundercloud: (5-10, 225) Faced William Best at the Wave in Waverly
during the summer of 1999 in a hard-fought match.

Tuff Tom: (6-0, 256) One half of the WCW tag team Disorderly Conduct.
Wrestles on many indy shows in Wisconsin and also wrestled Corp. Corruption
on a SPCW card in 1999. A good worker.

JB Trask: (5-10, 220) He is Kenny Jay’s nephew. He had good matches and feuds
with Jerry Lynn and Horace the Psychopath a few years ago in Northern Premier
Wrestling. Hasn’t been very active in 1999.

Triple D: Over 400 pounds. He has been in the business for three years,. He
is a top contender for the Badger State Wrestling heavyweight title.

Red Tyler: (5-11, 240) A veteran wrestler who did a lot of TV matches for the
WWF. Always in good shape. Was one half of the SPCW tag champs with Kenny Jay
in 1999. Brings a very sharp sword to the ring.

Butcher Vachon: The brother of Mad Dog Vachon. He wrestled in the 1980s and
1990s in the WWF after being part of a tag team with his brother in the AWA.
The Butcher is the father of Luna Vachon and was found at several midwest
cards signing autographs.

Mad Dog Vachon: An AWA legend who was frequently found as cards signing
autographs in 1999.

Sexy Eddie Van Snap: Began in BSW in October 1998. He was commissioner for a
while earlier this year and now is a manager Van Snap has managed 3 different
teams to tag team gold in BSW.  Also has wrestled a few matches.

Jesse Ventura: (6-3, 285) The governor of Minnesota. When he had a radio talk
show in the Twin Cities, he helped plug the first SPCW show.

Baron Von Raschke: (6-3, 280) One of the true legends in the AWA. He now can
be found signing autographs at cards from time to time.

Neil "Longhair" Vos: Worked some matches in early 1999 for WAWA.

Col. Tom Walker: (5-11, 218) Debut: 1971. Trained under George Scrapiron
Gadaski, beginning as a ring crew guy. Gamey oldtimer. Biggest win came in a
6-man tag in Nu-Age Wrestling in 1992 over Cobra, Ninja Venom and Lightning
Kid. Mostly retired.

Ice Walters: Debut: 1998. Physical fitness nut from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Looks like Troy Aikman.   Likes to use Michinoku driver and float-over DDT as
moves. Competes in All-Star Championship Wrestling.

Jeff Warner: (6-3, 240) Also known as JW Storm. Is also a professional boxer.
Wasn’t active in 1999, but will take a match on occasion. Had a great build
and worked the Portland territory with Art Barr.

Ray Whebbe: Long-time promoter and booker in the Minnesota scene. Also active
in the local boxing scene. In the early 1990s, Whebbe did a wrestling radio
show with Scooter Pie.

Whiplash:  Chris Whip & Tim Lash.  Packerland Pro Wrestling workers. Long
haired hard rock look.  Accused of being twins.

Billy Wilde: (5-10, 210) Works for All American Wrestling.

Wellington Wilkens: (5-9, 245) A regular for the Japan-based Michinoku Pro
Wrestling. Wilkens was the last holder of the Pro Wrestling America
heavyweight title. He occasionally comes back to Minnesota on vacation and
works a card. Although the Michinoku group is a high-flying promotion,
Wilkens is more of a submission wrestler.

Ian Xavier: (5-10, 295) Has wrestled as Lord Xavier and The Wizard in the
Western Wrestling Association, where he was the champion. In the summer of
1999, he moved into the Ed Sharkey-based Wrestle America 2000 troupe. He
wrestled Lenny Lane in Lenny’s first match.

Scotty Zappa: (6-0, 227) Debut: 1995. A wrestler on the verge of the big
time. In the last two years, Scotty took his game to another level. Trained
by Brad Rheingans and Road Warrior Animal. Has worked for almost every
promoter in the upper midwest. Also known as Sheik Ali and Scotty Z. Without
a question, one of the top 10 guys in the state.

Buck ZumHofe: (6-1, 235) The Rock and Roller is still grappling in Minnesota.
ZumHofe is a former AWA light heavyweight title holder. He works mostly for
Wrestle America 2000 today.

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