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Dreamcast VCD Remote Control (Rare)

Retail Value $34.99cdn

Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (BBA) Not Available in Canada. (Very Rare)

Retail Value $150-$250cdn

Dreamcast Keyboard (Limited quantities available in select stores.)

Retail Value $29.99cdn

Clear Dreamcast Mouse (Pretty Rare) 

Retail Value $29.99cdn

Dreamcast to VGA/SVGA PC Monitor Adapter (scarce)

Retail Value $34.99cdn

Dreamcast Iomega 100MB ZIP Drive (Does anyone know where it is? let us know!)

Retail Value $199.99US (1999-2000)

Dreamcast Camera "Dream Eye" (Ultra Rare!)


I saw some of ^these selling on ebay for about $55us

Dreamcast Microphone

 (Originally Shipped with the Game Seaman)

If you have any Dreamcast related items you wish to sell Please Contact me! (I am a Collector, and offer very good prices.)

I buy systems and Accessories for parts too.

If it is for Dreamcast I want it =)



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