The Conjurer is begun in the Village of Ix where Jack learns the ways of nature and the creatures in which inhabit it. The Conjurers of the world of Nox specialize in communication and control of animals, monsters and spirits. It is these creatures that the Conjurer relies upon to assist him in his quest against Hecubah, and for seasoned Conjurers players, on-line against their friends and other people.

The Conjurer in our playtesting revealed to be very sadistic. His book of spells being quite benefficial to him as he can use it to both summon creatures as well as cast small-time but effective offensive spells and use other spells in it to protect himself and weaken his enemies advantages over him. Quite a powerful being to be reckoned with if we might add. His prefferred weapon in Multiplayer combat among most of the Westwood Developers is the Bow as it provides sufficient bruising power with a great range, making this specialist mage a very crafted and well-rounded character combining the most powerful aspects of the Mage, smaller but more efficient spells, and decent combat and dexterous stats. You don't want to be chaced by this person, especially when he can have a Skeleton Lord, or a Ghost or even a Mechanical Golem chasing after you, ready to destroy you in seconds when they catch you.

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romancers that ruled the lands and fought the human races in the Southern lands.
Their allies as we have stated are their primary force to be reckoned with but Conjurers have mastered the ability to bless upon their summoned minions extra special powers to attack their foes with, making them all the more deadlier to deal with. Conjurers are also a touch more rough-around-the-neck than those who become Mages and follow the more direct approach of combat magic. They prefer to use ranged weapons in general as well as certain powerhouse staff's like the Force of Nature staff.

Also, Conjurers minions can be powered up. An example of this is the Ember Demon. In playtesting we found these creatures super-useful when in Multiplayer Combat. The Ember Demon is a summonable which brings fourth a sort of Impish creature, pure red, with a deadly melee attack when in close if we recall correctly, as well as a powerful Fireball ranged attack. When near death, the Ember Demon explodes into fire dealing deadly damage to anything around it. But to make things worse, if the Conjurer wishes, he can turn his Ember Demons into a Moble trap with a Spell Combat, channelling his spells into the Ember Demon (we do not know right now the final set number of spells that the Conjurer can imbue his creatures with) like Vampirism, which when the Ember Demon attacks, his creator (or perhaps the demon itself, it is not yet known how it will work in the final version) will essentially gain life from his attacks for a short period of time.

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