Lorenz E. Griffith was born in Indiana on September 11, 1889 and died in Orange County, Florida in June of 1968. He is listed in the 1930 census in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. His was a renter at that time, and his occupation is listed as a landscape artist. He signed his paintings L. Griffith . Most of his work was oil on canvas. Some paintings were oil on board. For anyone interested in doing more extensive research on Lorenz Griffith, I also have his death certificate. It is rumored, though not verified, that Lorenz was a student of T.C. Steele. His work is often confused with that of Louis Oscar Griffith, though Louis Oscar almost always signed his work L.O. Griffith. I'm always interested in any information about Lorenz Griffith. Please email me if you have any further information.

     Lorenz was known to draw landscapes from many states including Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Texas, and Louisiana. At one point he lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia and eventually to Raleigh, North Carolina.

     Here is a collection of oil paintings by Lorenz Griffith. I have collected these images via email from all over the country over the past several years. Please send me a photo of your Griffith painting if you would like me to add it to this web site. My only requirement is that the painting be signed (see the examples below), and that you send me a closeup photo of the signature. Please email me if you would like a large, more detailed jpg of any of the images below at pgnetmail@yahoo.com. I also have detailed records of various Griffith auctions the highest of which is over $1100 (from Ebay and other auction houses). All of the paintings shown below have verified signatures (signature examples are also provided).

Here are two other paintings by Griffith that are a bit different than the examples above. Lorenz was also known to do portraits from time to time.

Here are some examples of Lorenz Griffith's signature.

Here is an example of the letterhead he sometimes glued to the back of his paintings.

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