Welcome to tibia non-offcial website
This web site contians info on tibia. An RPG you play online.
Tibia is located at www.tibia.org. It is a mystical type RPG. Tibia has rough times facing agaisnt other games like Final Fantasy and Runscape, but was a ble to stay alive. Many people rejected it because it has crappy graphics. It is not as bad as you think. You start out in newbie island. You only have a bag, a club, and a apple, which is crap. The first hour seems high but you'll get used to it. As you age on you will get better and better. Once you reach level 8 you can leave the island and head to a new place called main. Now you can kill people that stole for you. Revenge is sweet when you get there. Then you can retire and rest right? If you want to you can but then you will be missing out. 
As you know this web site is underconstuction
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