DRG Studios is a small home project studio. DRGStudios.com is a place where people can go to listen to our projects and to enable us to send tracks back and forth as a sort of virtual studio. All of us who record here have very busy lifes, which can make it difficult for us to get together at times.

With our small but growing network of musicians if I need a guitar track for example. I'll just upload the track I want the guitar on. Then one of the network musicians will download the .mp3 and record a .wav file of just the guitar track. When the tracks done they'll upload the .wav file to the website. I'll download the .wav and import the track to the song.
Dave Graham - Engineer, Producer, Musician (just kiddin' he plays drums.)

Aaron Hudspeth - Engineer (just kiddin' he twist knobs), Producer, Musician, Songwriter

Phil Hudspeth - Musician, Website Design (who's he kiddin')
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