Hello, I'm Donny Harland, originally from the four corners area of New, Mexico (Farmington). I am the former chief of police for Amarillo College Technical Center, and current chief for the Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas. I have worked with and still work with a great staff & student population  from both agencies.
As a secondary interest, I have consulted and taught

I am also the training coordinator of one of the largest Law Enforcement correspondence training companies in the United States. We provide online peace officer training for police officers across the country and even internationally. If you are a police officer, check out our site below.

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Common Myths & Misconceptions about Hypnosis
Hypnosis in Criminal Investigations
Other Personal Interests
Reading.......back in the sixties, two American psychologist- Robert Rosenthal & Leonore Jacobson-published a book entitled "Pygmalion in the Classroom" with the results of several interesting experiments. Rosenthal's research centered on the role of the self fulfilling prophecy in everyday life and in laboratory situations. Special interests include the effects of teachers' expectations on students' academic and physical performance, the effects of experimenters' expectations on the result of their research, and the effects of healers' expectations on their patients' mental and physical health.
Dr. Rosenthal's work clearly indicates an instructor's, parent's, and/or employer's conscious or unconscious expectations can be like a magic wand concerning  the outcome of negative or successful results for students, children and or employees..
Some of my own personal law enforcement interests are:
Handwriting Analysis
Hostage Negotiations
Crime Prevention Specialist
Forensic Hypnosis
Law Enforcement Instructor
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