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About Moi
Boring crap. I'm Meg. Full name is Meghan Servo. I have over the shoulder red hair, blue/brown eyes, and I'm 5'10. I live in Colorado Springs, CO, and my parents are Bill and Mary, my sister Kelly, my brothers are Kyle and Ryan, and my niece is Emily. I am a sophomore at Palmer High School. My birthday is October 31st, 1985 which makes moi a Scorpio. :)
All right. :)  As you may have noticed, I have animated lusts. And yes, I do have a life. I also have crushes on a couple people from my school and crushes on these WONDERFUL, FAVORITE actors. :D They are..
Tim Curry
Michael Easton
Kiefer Sutherland
Favorites: My favorite movies are Newsies, Chaplin, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and any Disney movie. I also love Casablanca and Twelve Angry Men and I think Jack Klugman was a sexy guy back in the 1950s. :D I also love the tv show MASH. My favorite show now. :D
David Ogden Stiers
Humphrey Bogart
Alan Rickman
Yes yes, that's me. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! It was TOO early in the morning, I JUST got out of bed, I didn't have time to fix my hair or put make-up on. :) Besides, that was in August. It's like..what...2002 now? hehe. By the way, that picture proves that I am a cheap bastardess. :) See that claw necklace I'm wearing? I never take it off. It's part of me and it's featured in all of my characters pictures except Aulani. :) Aulani has my crystal necklace on that is right above my claw. :)