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(A work in progress. Annotations to follow, unless I go fucking insane. On hiatus: I'm moving back to the United States, and until my computer arrives, the Index will have to stand as-is Feel free to mirror it with your own additions, etc.)
Incomplete Victor Beckles biography page now available.
Rock the millennium with other ICEMAN acolytes at the Portal of Evil forum. - "Welcome to The Falcon's Nest" - "THE ICEMAN'S COMIC SHOP GALLERY!!" - "The Iceman's Personal Comic Shop." - "Victor's Personal Celebirty Page for 2000!" - "THE UNOFFICIAL ANGELFIRE PLAYBOY PAGE!" - "My Family Home Page!" - "My Family Home Page!" - "SHEBASTARD 2000" - "SHEBASTARD OF THE YEAR 2001!!!!!!" - "DESIGNED BY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, VICTOR FRANKLYN BECKLES JR.(1999-2002)" - "THE MASKED GREEN AVENGERS HOMEPAGE" - "THE ICEMAN'S HOLLYWOOD HOMEPAGE!!!" - "Welcolme to the Official SciFi Movie Homepage" - (This page, according to Geocities, does not exist.) - "THE ICEMAN'S OFFICIAL MATRIX HOMEPAGE" - "THE UNOFFICIAL ICEMAN HOMEPAGE" - "THE BECKLES FAMILY HOMEPAGE 2000!" - "THE SHEBASTARD 2000" - "THE ICEMAN'S HOMEPAGE FOR THE BEST LOOKING BITCH OF 2000!" - "WEBMASTER-DR. VICTOR "ICEMAN" BECKLES." - "THE ICEMAN'S PLAYBOY & COMIC FAN HOMEPAGE!!!!" - "My Home Official Personal Page for 2000!" - "Taria & Victor's Homepage for Lovers!" - "My Official Tempest Homepage For Members of" - "My Official Aquaman & Iceman Homepage For Members of" - "A Hero's Homepage For Dr. Victor Franklyn Beckles II" - "The Rosie O'Donnell & Victor Beckles Fan Site!" - "The Rosie O'Donnell Fan Site!" - "Yup, This is the Unofficial Rosie O'Donnell WEBPAGE!!!" - "The Rosie O'Donnell Page" - "THE FANS ASKED FOR IT! NOW IT'S HERE!" - "TV Star Spotlight on Rosie O'Donnell & Victor Beckles." - "The Victor Beckles ANGELFIRE-Fan CHAT Site!!" (Note: there is no chat here.) - (This page does not exist.) - (Neither does this one.) - (No dice here, either.) - "My Unofficial WOLVERINE SITE For X-Men fans!!!" - "My Unofficial GREEN ARROW & JUSTICE LEAGUE Fan Page!- GREEN ARROW/BATMAN/AQUAMAN- The OFFICIAL MEMBERS OF THE SUPERFRIENDS-HEROES FOR ALL SEASONS!!!!!" (Yes, that really is the title.) - "THE VICTOR BECKLES ANTHOLOGY" - "THE MAC DADDY aka THE ICEMAN" (Fucking brilliant misogynist collages here.) - "THE UNOFFICIAL ICEMAN HOMEPAGE" - "THE ICEMAN'S HOMEPAGE" - "THE ICEMAN'S ANTHOLOGY" - "THE ICEMAN'S LAIR" - "WEBMASTER A.K.A. VICTOR BECKLES "THE ICEMAN"!" - "THE ICEMAN. THE ORIGINAL WEBMASTER!!!" - "THEICEMAN" (Now being "managed" by someone named Matt Choiniere, who may or may not be a 14-year-old who writes Beast Wars and Sliders fan fiction. Read Matt's plea for fanfic writers and an "experienced" webmaster here. This pretty much rules out Matt as an ICEMAN alias. Thanks again to naile.) - "OFFICER VICTOR" - "THIS IS THE ICEMAN'S UNOFFICIAL AQUAMAN & AQUALAD HOMEPAGE" - "This is the Unofficial Batman & Robin Homepage" - "THE ICEMAN'S LAIR" - "THIS IS THE HOMEPAGE OF FRANK "THE TANK" BECKLES II !!!" - "THIS IS THE ICEMAN'S OFFICIAL HOLLYWOOD HOMEPAGE" - (Strangely, this page does not exist.) - "WELCOME TO THE ICEMAN'S LAIR" - "WELCOME TO THE OFFICAL BECKLES FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE" - "THE OFFICIAL ROBIN THE BOY WONDER HOMEPAGE" (Ironic quote here: "I wish I could have time or the resource to devote every website to all of the previous mentioned heroes...") - "OFFICIAL SUPERMAN & SUPERFRIENDS HOMEPAGE" ("The Interent King Victor" flubbed this and the following link on his website. They have been corrected for completion's sake.) - "This is the Official Superman & Batman Homepage" - "Victor Beckles's Comic Club" - "My Angelfire "MATRIX" Fan Page!!" - "THE LADYBASTARD IS BACK!!!!!!!!THE COLDSTONE BITCH HERSELF-SARON STONE! WELCOLME TO THE UNOFFICIAL BASIC INSTICT 2 -FAN PAGE!!" (I swear to God that this is the actual title of this webpage. And in Victor's world, Sharon Stone has five sons.) - "WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL HOMPAGE OF THE HONORABLE REV. FRANK VICTOR BECKLES,JR." - "THE UNOFFICIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY HOMEPAGE!!!" (Here he's -- no shit -- Victor Rogers, the son of Captain America.) - "Vic Beckles-The Mac Daddy of 2000!!!" - "FAMOUS BOUNTYHUNTERS PROTECTING AMERICA!!" - "THE BECKLES FAMILY HOMEPAGE!" - "THE ANGELFIRE LADYBASTARD SITE FOR NIMPHOS!" - "My Personal Homepage in Memory of The Best Family in The World-THE BECKLES FAMILY!" - "THE BECKLES FAMILY HOMEPAGE!" - "My Personal Homepage FOR ME & MY FAMILY ONLY!!" - "My Home Page" - "The Official BECKLES & SON Book Exchange Homepage" - (Just a Yahoo profile. Be sure to check out his favorite quote.) - "THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE ICEMAN'S ADULT MAGAZINE EXCHANGE!!!!" - "WELCOLME TO THE OFFICIAL WORLD'S FINEST HOMEPAGE" - "THE Home Page OF "THE ICEMAN" VICTOR BECKLES-2000!" - "My Home Page!!!" - "My Home Page!!" - "My Home Page for 2000!" - "My FAVORITE PAGE FOR 2000." - (Shockingly, the Doctor didn't title this page.) - "THE WEBMASTER OF 2000!" - "THE ICEMAN ROCKS THE MILLENIUM!!!!-A.K.A VICTOR BECKLES." - "My Home Page" (This webpage was, apparently, "DESIGNED by Victor "The Iceman" Beckles & Kevin Bacon." Awesome.) - "THE OFFICIAL FREDRICK'S OF HOLLYWOOD WEBSITE!" - (He says this is his "new search engine." Doesn't exist either. Neko sez: "Not only does it not work, it isn't even registered. I looked it up, and the domain isn't registered. Still available for purchase. Just thought that was an interesting little sidenote. Seems strange that a millionare doctor can't sign up for his own domain, huh?" Anyone want to register that domain and host the Index?) - "WELCOME TO VICTOR'S HOLLYWOOD HOMEPAGE" - (In his rush to own every webpage ending with the number 2,000, Victor forgot that this one doesn't exist.) - "THIS WEBSITE IS FOR ALL FEMINISTS WHO ARE BY DEFINITION-SHEBASTARDS!" ("Designed by Daria and Laura, and Warner Bros." This is a must-see.) - "USC Aiken History" (Submitted by naile. More proof that Victor actually exists. A ssts. A search of the USC athletics pages, though, does not mention the ICEMAN'S stunning career as a football player.)

The DC Comics "Green Arrow" Message Board - Submitted by Andrew, who says: "Set it to show all topics in the pull down menu and then go to page 8 and 9, you'll see several topics started by Beckles (as THE ICEMAN)." This is not an ICEMAN creation per se, but it is a valuable insight into his creepy duality.

The DC Comics "Aquaman" Message Board - Submitted by Neko, who says: "Set it to show all topics, and click on any topics started by 'THE ICEMAN', 'AQUABOY', and 'Aqualad II, son of Tempest.' (There's some posts by Victor Beckles III, but it's just someone pretending to be him.) Lots of stupid posts about sidekicks (what is the obsession he has with wanting all superheroes to hang around young boys in skimpy costumes?), advertising his websites, and fights with other posters. You actually get to find out who Tegan the bitchbastard is!"

10.21.2000: Christ. That tireless tracker of THE TANK known only as naile (no doubt keeping his identity secret to avoid Navy SEAL-style reprisals) has just sent me enough new Beckles links to constipate I don't know whether to thank him or block his e-mail address. Anyway, here's what he's dug up. - "THE INFAMOUS WEBMASTER - "THE ICEMAN" VIC BECKLES!!" - "MRS" (Absolutely fucking inexplicable. His stabs at interactivity are worth the trip, though.) - "victorbeckles2" (A new collage featuring Russell Crowe and the face of the ICEMAN, obscured through cellophane tape. Another pointless drop box. A pointless, illegible Java applet. And, I fucking swear, a message board.) - "WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL SUPERMAN & SUPERBOY HOMEPAGE" (Oh, my fucking eyes. It's a "superparty" here.) - "WELCOME TO THE ICEMAN'S HOMEPAGE" - "Welcome to the Unofficial Tempest Homepage." - "WELCOME TO THE FALCON'S LAIR" - "THE BECKLES ANTHOLOGY VII" (As you may have guessed from the title, this is one of those "Victor forgot his pills" pages. Seriously indispensable. Here he lays claim to having created and / or owning -- those are pretty nebulous terms in Victor's world -- more sites than I care to list. Notables include:,,, Music, fucking and Tae-Bo; who could ask for anything more?) - "THE BECKLES LIST OF SITES/ & THE WALL OF SHAME !!!!" (The ICEMAN rants and raves about they who would Deal Him Dirt, including the cast and crew of "Charmed," Hollywood, the Guinness Book of World Records, and one of his own websites, Does not actually feature a complete list of his sites.) - "THE KEVIN QUINN & VIC BECKLES HOLLYWOOD FAN HOMEPAGE!!" (This one's truly bizarre, as the ICEMAN starts referring to himself in every person known to modern linguistics. Is he an individual? Is he a committee? Will Matt Gagston's wife ever stop having baby boys?) - "THE BECKLES ANTHOLOGY VIII" (Another ICEMAN leap through time, as he describes his battle with insomnia as a 28-year-old -- in the past tense. He also offers home remedies for insomnia; he is a doctor and a certified nurse, after all.) - "THE BECKLES ANTHOLOGY IV" - "THE BECKLES ANTHOLOGY VI" - "THE BECKLES ANTHOLOGY IX" (In what must have been a rare moment of clarity, he simply puts that photo of himself under "My interests:".) - "BECKLES ANTHOLOGY III" (Worth checking out if only to see the bizarre new aliases he's come up with.) - "ANGELO BECKLES- WEBMASTER EXTRORDENAIRE!!" - "THE VIC BECKLES-THE WEBMASTER 2000" (Another inexplicable Tourette's-like burst of domain names both real and imagined, covering his wide range of interests with a special spotlight on misogyny.) - "ICEMAN'S ROBIN & AQUALAD HOMEPAGE" - "Welcome to The Falcon's Nest" (I have no fucking clue how naile found this. Great text layout and collages here.)

Kilgore Trout sent an e-mail to the effect that the following ICEMAN sites are indeed active; god only knows how I managed to miss them. Probably a self-preservation attempt from my subconscious. These will be properly indexed and commented when I can spare the fucking bandwidth:

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