Important News To All Walmart Employees


   In the near future you will be required to wear a new, economical greeter uniform.  As you may know our company has been experiencing some economic hard times, so we have been forced to make some cutbacks.  As a result our team of experts have developed a way to recycle our overhead and convert it into wearable uniforms.  The new uniforms are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.  These new greeter uniforms will soon be our standard uniform for all employees.

    I am sure you will all agree that the new uniform shows our dedication to being more economically aware in the Twenty First Century.  It will also show our customers that we are dedicated to preserving the environment through our expanded efforts to recycle.  May we all be united and stand proud in our new and improved greeter uniforms.


Wally Greenbaum,
Director of Customer Relations for Walmart, Inc.


The new Walmart greeter uniform:



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