A-Kon 15 Stuff I Missed
Dallas, TX
Where one door closes, another opens
Don Quijote
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all
St. Augustine

The A-Kon 15 website had described a plethora of activities. Although some didn't interest me, many did. So many that I thought there wouldn't be much time for sleeping.

It turned out I was right about the sleep part. Even with the fact that I never saw hide nor hair of many of the activities I had looked forward to.

How did this happen? When I arrived at the Convention Center, I registered and was handed an A-Kon 15 program book. There was too much excitement going on to sit down and read it. I wanted to do stuff!

So I went to the Information Desk to inquire where the Dealer's Room was. After thinking it over, the 2 staffers at the Information Desk finally came to the conclusion "What you wanna do is ask at the Information Desk".

There were grid sheets printed up for each day showing what was going on at each venue at each hour.

I asked for today's. "We're all out".

I asked for tomorrow's. "You can't get those until tomorrow".

So I started wandering and never really stopped until it was over.

When got home, I went through through the A-Kon 15 program book. Here's the stuff that I really wanted to do and never saw any trace of:

Anime Music Videos - very big at anime conventions these days, how could they manage to completely hide such a big deal from me?
many anime trivia game shows - I'm a trivia champion and know lots and lots about anime
Model contest - I like models and wanted to see some devotee's work
Rocky Horror Picture Show - people running around in their underwear
Sailor Moon Fan Club - I'm a big fan and have never met any others
Scavenger Hunt - just wanted to have a look
Sumo Wrestling - why not?

I still can't figure out how I managed to completely miss any trace of these activities. Should I have made more effort to sift through the paperwork so I could have focused on this stuff? Well, I was never bored. And I didn't get much sleep.

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