This is the second list containing description and pics of movie and TV scenes in which women happen to lose their shoes. This category is different from "Prime" List because: the female character slipped her shoe off on purpose; or the errant shoe is readily recoverable or carried in hand; or she removes the remaining shoe and continues barefoot; or the loss is a result of or accompanied by editing flops and inconsistencies in the movie; or the female character is already dead; or the dose of realism is low (such as twisted Cinderella theme, fairy tales), and so on.

The movies I have seen myself, for which more detailed and more reliable description is available, are marked with (*). Remarks and feedback are most welcome, so that I can make corrections and/or extend the list further. Use droppedit2003@yahoo.com.

My thanks here to all whose postings and inputs were used.

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  1. Batman Returns*: Kim Bassinger loses her right high-heel pump while climbing the bell tower's staircase with Joker. The Joker picks her shoe up and throws it away after kissing it. Later, Batman finds abandoned shoe climbing up the stairs. She also runs out of a pump near the beginning and picks it up and throws it in the batmobile when Batman comes to pick her up. Photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  2. An American Werewolf in Paris*: Julie Delphy's shoe is pulled off when the guy bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower to save her. Then, a friend of the guy shows him the shoe in the hospital. Pictures contributed by "feeture feature".

  3. Moonlighting*(TV): In one episode that takes place entirely on a train, Cybill Shepherd loses a pump while fooling around with Bruce Willis in the sleeper compartment. She walks out one-shod (tan nylons) and walks for a while like that carrying her other shoe at hand. Her shoe is back on in the next scene though. In another episode, Cybill is getting completely drenched, and shows up at the office with one shoe on and one off.

  4. Breakfast at Tiffany's There is a short scene where Audrey Hepburn is getting dressed and asked George Peppard to look for her shoes. He finds one under the bed, but they cannot find the other for a while. She finally finds it in an odd place - a flower vase on the table next to her bed. Story credits belong to "Kinja" and "Feeture Feature".

  5. Only You A semi-Cinderella theme in which Marisa Tomei is running from would be suitor/prince, and one of her heels get caught in a Rome cobblestone street. She walks off without it and removes the other immediatley. She walks back carrying her remaining shoe, when her friend asked what happened to her shoe, she looked around astonished and replied "I don't know", then sits down for a while holding her remaining shoe . The guy retrieves the shoe and eventually returns it. Photo credits belong to "Feeture Feature" and story to "Kinja".

  6. Bugsy Annette Benign removes one of her high heels off and throws it at Warren Beatty. Then, she packs a suitcase and storms out with a limp wearing one shoe. Photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  7. What’s New Pussycat: 1965 comedy with Woody Allen. Scene 1: Woody Allen is in a fight in a library where his fiancee works. During the fight she is standing on a stepladder with one shoe on, one off and I can't find anything showing her losing the shoe. (It may have been edited out of the final version.) The clip is a minute or two and shows her with the one shoe off quite well. The scene and picture credits belong to "feeture feature".
    Scene 2: Woody Allen’s character’s fiancée was getting out of a car and had her shoe fell off and onto the pavement. This seemed to be something, not in the plot, but just allowed to stay in the final release since it was not all that obvious - she just picked it up and went on. Story credits belong to Kinja.

  8. Night of the Living Dead (1968): Character played by Judith O'Dea, while fleeing from a zombie in the cemetery, falls and loses one shoe. Before getting up, she kicks the other shoe off and runs. She is seen for, maybe an hour or more of the movie, in her stocking-feet. “Kinja” discovered reference to a book contending that the scene was not intended to include a shoe loss but when filming, she lost one shoe. So they added in a scene where she loses the other one so she would not be one shod, but totally barefoot. It was a cheap production obviously. In 1990 remake of the same movie, same details, only here she loses one shoe, and kicks off the other while running. Same amount of screen time and some nice close-ups, too. Photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  9. Innocent Blood Anne Parillaud, who plays a vampire, lost her shoe on a snowy sidewalk, and hopped around on one foot until a man helps her to put it back on. Later in the movie, she lost her shoes again for an extended period, and a cop even carries around one of the high heels she lost. Also, woman in heels going from car loses a shoe. But the camera shot is substandard. Photo credits "Feeture Feature".

  10. Splitting Heirs: Catherine Zeta-Jones kicks off her shoe and Eric Idle catches it (black nylons). PHOTO Credit: "feeture feature" from mickflux.com

  11. Cool World: Running out from a nightclub, Kim Bassinger trips and walks out of her shoe. She stops to retrieve it, but just ends up leaving it there for the rest of the scene. In the next scene, she has both her shoes again. Contributed by "Kinja" and “feeture feature”.

  12. I Dream of Jeannie (TV): Jeannie played by Barbara Eden is on a swing and knocks over Master. Good scene with one shoe on and one off.

  13. The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967): 15 minutes into the comedy western (takes place around 1880-1890), one of the can can dancers at the saloon goes into her dressing room and she finds Roy Orbison's character and a pretty girl kissing in embrace on the couch. She is mad because they invaded her private space, and they fall off the couch and quickly stand up. You see the girl reach down to put on her left shoe. Then the camera pans out and you can see her right shoe, a light blue 3-inch, pump lying on the floor right next to her. She makes no attempt to put it on. As she is trying to get out of her dressing room, you can see a noticeable 'one-shoe' limp, and right before they are about to leave, the girl whose dressing room they invaded hands her her missing shoe and she carries it out. Story credits belong to Kinja and photo credits to “feeture feature”.

  14. WKRP in Cincinatti (TV) : In one episode from late 70’s, it is wintertime and there is no heat in the studio. Jennifer (Loni Anderson) is wearing pale gray 3 inch slingbacks, and light gray hose. Johnny Fever happens to have some hard liquor in his bag and shares it with her so they can warm up a bit. This loosens inhibitions and Jennifer puts her leg up on his, takes off one of her slingbacks off and gives it to him and tells him to keep it as a souvenir, which he does. After that, you only see her above the waist but can see that she is walking lopsided because she has only got one shoe. Later on in the show, Johnny Fever gives the shoe to Andy and when Jennifer sees Andy with the shoe, she puts her leg up and asks for it back. He comes over to put it on her foot when she starts wiggling her toes and he chickens out and just places the shoe in her hand. This is one of the best female foot shots on a sitcom that I've seen. Contribution made by “Nylonman”; caption by “kinja”.

  15. Even Stevens (TV): In Episode 19 ("Strictly Ballroom") first aired in Feb 2001, the girl goes to a party and her foot gets stuck in the toilet. With a friend’s help she succeeds in freeing her foot but the shoe remains stuck. Dispirited, she leaves the party and begins her walk home one-shod, when another friend comes running after her, and like in Cinderella, puts her missing shoe back on . Contributed by "Kinja".

  16. Gilligans Island: In Episode 38 (Beauty is and Beauty Does) There is a scene where they have an island beauty pageant and Mr. Howelll has poured glue on the stage to sabotage Mary Ann. She gets a shoe stuck on the stage and has to step out of it and walk in one shoe until the end of the contest where they announce a gorilla as the winner - the only 'native.' In Episode 62 (Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up) a Mr. Howell look-alike lands on the island carrying a 3" pump. He fell overboard a yacht drinking champagne out of a girls shoe. He was also trying to take over Mr. Howell's identity as a billionaire. In Episode 82 (All About Eva) they did a sort of a Cinderella theme where Eva Grubb landed in the island to live out the rest of her life - alone. She felt so ugly. She was wearing 3" pumps and she heard a noise (Gilligan and the Skipper) and she ran scared and she lost a shoe in the sand. Gilligan found it. The girls fixed her up and she looked just like Ginger (Tina Louise played a dual role) and Eva promised to rescue the castaways but eventualy she became conceited and decided to go back to Hollywood and become 'Ginger Grant' who was a beautiful movie star before getting shipwrecked. Contribution made by "Kinja" and "Stratius".

  17. Star Trek (1966-1968): In an episode (The City on the Edge of Forever) with Joan Collins playing Edith Keeler, Kirk follows Edith up some stairs, and she trips. On the camera view, as Kirk catches her, she has both shoes on. But, when she walks up the stairs, she has only one. This is actually an editing flaw. Apparently they filmed this scene several times and in one of them she must have lost her shoe on the way up. They edited the last part of the take where she lost her shoe and spliced it into the final cut. Therefore she is missing a shoe for no apparent reason. Story credits belong to "Kinja"; photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  18. C.H.U.D.D.: In the very beginning a woman with flip flop sandals is walking her dog. When she comes to a man hole, something reaches out, grabs her leg, and pulls her in. She leaves one sandal behind. You never see the woman again, but throughout the opening credits the sandal is shown until a street cleaner wisks it away. Story credits: "Stratius".

  19. Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Actress playing Alice Gets one shoe sucked off by huge vacuum movie screen. Story contribution by "Stratius", photo by "feeture feature".

  20. Friends: On Season 3, episode named "The One With the Giant Poking Device" has Chandler breaking up with woman, Janice. He pulls her shoe off as she goes, saying “you can’t leave! I have your shoe!” But she walks off with one shoe. Chandler never did give her the shoe back in a future episode and she has appeared in one or two since then. He thought that pulling off her shoe would force her to not leave him but she did anyway. Story contributed by "Stratius", "Wang Tohan", and “Susan” via Kinja.

  21. Face Off: In the shootout at the drug dealers apartment, Gina Gershon's character and another woman are running up the stairs. The other woman's shoe starts coming off , and seconds later it fell below Garshon's elbow. Story credits "Stratius", captions provided by "feeture feature".

  22. Slugs: At Halloween, teen girl (played by Tammy Reger) is walking through woods at night in high-heels, and she gets jumped by a man in a skeleton mask who tries to rape her. In her rush to escape, she jumps into a sewer hole, already missing one shoe. And a barefoot can be seen as lies in water. When the camera pans out to the outside where the man is looking for her, it shows her shoe lying on next to the access hole, and you hear her screams, because she is eaten alive by slugs. Contributed by "Stratius", “Erik Lee” and “feature feature”.

  23. Dynasty: There is famous scene in an episode (first aired 4/13/1983) of the show Dynasty where Lynda Evans' and Joan Collins' characters - Krystle and Alexis - get in a cat fight in the mansion's reflecting pool in the garden out back. Alexis gets out of the pool carring a high heel shoe that came off and she starts to limp back. After a few steps she just slings the shoe off to the side. They were trying to emphasize anger I suppose or maybe the strap broke and the shoe was supposed to be unwearable. The first 4 photos from HERE are during the cat fight. Photo and story credits: Kinja.

  24. Newhart (1982-90 setting in Vermont) Not actually a shoe loss, but the three dolts who ran the cafe next door (Larry, Darryl and the other brother Darryl) thought there was. Julia Duffy's character, Stephanie, who was the Stratford Inn's maid and cook, was disturbed by the chirping of a bird outside her window one night so she threw one of her houseshoes - a pair of cute furry slides with a small heel - at it to shut it up. The three guys found it in the yard and returned it to Stephanie (they had apparently seen her wearing it before) the next morning thinking they were like Prince Charmings. Stephanie then discovered she had killed the bird and it was a protected species. So, she then wanted to hide the evidence so she buried it. The guys happened to be digging for food and they found her shoe - now it's slightly dirty - and they returned it to the Stratford Inn where Stephanie found it had mysteriously reappearred. Then she is getting paranoid so she drops it in the swamp far away. Again the guys find it and secretly return it and she finds it. Stephanie thinks the houseshoe is reappearing mystically as some sort of torture for killing the bird. The guys think it is strange that Stephanie could lose her shoe so many times in such odd places. This ARTICLE references this episode. Contribution by "kinja"

  25. Full House: : On the series finale, D.J (Candace Cameron) talking about whether she will attend her senior prom with her dad (Bob Saget) and Aunt Rebecca (Lori Loughlin). The actual show script form episode #192 below:

    Dad: DJ. I really think you should go tonight. You only get one senior prom.
    Rebecca: Yeah, my prom was incredible. I felt just like Cinderella.
    DJ: Did you meet Prince Charming?
    Rebecca: No, but I lost my shoe. There was a mouse in my car and my date had a head like a pumpkin. But the point is this, it's your prom. You'll remember it forever. Contribution by "kinja".

  26. Laverne and Shirley: There was a Christmas episode where Laverne and Shirley went to a department store to shop. They were standing next to a rack of clothes just as it was announced on the intercom that that rack was going on sale. They were caught in a mob and in the fray, Laverne and another woman played tug-o-war with a sweater they both wanted. As she lost the battle, she fell backwards into a cart with her legs sticking up. She was wearing loafers and white socks. While stuck in the bin a guy took one of her shoes off and walked away, leaving her in the store with one shoe. Later on they were manning a charity stand and she is still in one shoe and the guy who stole it donated it into the kettle where people were dropping donations. Also, in the opening credits from the first season, Laverne and Shirley are running across the parking lot at the Schotz Brewery where they work and one of her penny loafers falls off and she has to stop and go back and get it. By next season, the scene has been cut short in the opening before she loses it. There is an episode where the girls get into a fight with two guys who are in their apartment and supposed to be their dates but they turn out to be jerks. Laverne loses a shoe when she jumps their the couch during the fight. In the original run they showed her after the guys leave going back to look for her shoe. In syndication, the scene is cut short before she looks for it. In a later episode, after they move to California, they have a clothing drive for charity and their sexy neighbor Rhonda (Leslie Easterbrook) donates a pair of mismatched shoes - implying she had lost one from each pair. Contribution made by "Kinja".

  27. Three's Company: There was an episode from the second season where it showed Chrissy getting ready for a date and she was wearing one shoe - a high heeled slide (when backless shoes first started coming back into fashion in the late 70's). She looked all around in the living room and eventually went in the kitchen to ask Jack if he'd seen it. He had not but he told her to pretend he was a shoe and think where she'd be. "Ditzy" Chrissy did as he suggested and the first place she looked, she found it and put it on. In the syndicated cut being aired more recently, this part is left out, and the scene begins only moments after she slipped her shoe back on after she found it. On a later episode, Jack was invited to his boss' house for dinner and when his boss left the room, leaving him alone with his wife, she came onto Jack and slipped off one of her pumps and played with his leg under the table. He got up to flee a possible damaging situation and she chased him around the table wearing one shoe. Story credits belong to Kinja.

  28. Three's a Crowd: This show ran one season after Three's Company with the star of the show, Jack, having moved in with his girlfriend, Vicky, into an apartment over the Bistro where he was the chef. There was an episode where Vicky was standing on the balcony on the second floor of their apartment and Jack accidently and unknowingly knocked her off. She landed in the garbage dumpster below and when she walked upstairs she was dirty and missing a shoe. This was the end of the episode so they did not resolve if she ever went back into the dumpster to look for her shoe. I suppose they had her come up missing a shoe merely to add to the otherwise dirty and messy look she had haven fallen into garbage. Contribution by "kinja".

  29. Eye to Eye: This was a very short-lived detective series about a father/daughter detective agency. The series therefore made the daughter (Stephanie Faracy as Tracy) to be a bit of a klutz who often fell down and stubled along during chases. The show also seemed to lampoon other shows which portray high-heeled women as both very tough and very feminine who can run everywhere in high heels. On at least two occasions - once trying to run up the long set of steps into the court house and again chasing a suspect across the park, she had a shoe come off two or three times - the latter being caused by her spiked heels on her pumps digging into the wet ground. Her dad was with her both times and was frustrated with her clumsiness. In the park, she ended up having so much trouble that she took off both shoes to continue her chase. (See Kinja's series plot review at the IMDB link above.)

  30. Beverly Hillbillies: Never did see Elly May lose a shoe in 10 years on the air, but there was an episode where Mr. Clampett and the clan were bored and Mr. Drysdale let them set up work on an abandoned floor of his Commerce Bank - mostly carpentry and sewing related stuff. One of the ladies in the secretarial pool wanted an excuse to meet the rich Jed Clampett so she went to where they were working, purposefully broke off one of her high heels and went to Mr. Clampett to fix it. She took her shoe off and left it with him to work on and she came back later to claim it. They did not show more than her limping away, but she would have had to go back to work in one shoe for awhile. Contribution by "Kinja".

  31. Barnaby Jones: In one episode a woman in a taxi with another passenger takes off one of her high heeled sandals because it is pinching her. The other passenger slips the key into the sole to hide it. Then he tries to steal the shoe form her house later. Found this episode description on the 'Net: Episode 150 in Season #7; first broadcast 3/01/1979; title - A Short Happy Life; Description: Buoyant Foxie comes to visit her cousin Betty, and is dated by fellow passenger Arnie. She doesn't know that he hid the key to a locker in one of her pinching sandals, now sent to a shoe repair. Foxie is pursued by two men, who try to get the key after killing Arnie. There is another episode from an earlier season (around 1976) where Barnaby comes to a suspect's house and she is wearing one shoe. He comments on it. Apparently, he found her missing shoe at the crime scene. Contribution by "Kinja".

  32. Celebrating athletes: Kinja reports a trend has been for celebrating athletes to throw their shoes into the audience after a victory. Since they have numerous pairs, losing one or a pair is insignificant. Even walking to the locker room in one shoe is no big deal. This link is a photo of US pro ladies soccer player Julie Foudy throwing a shoe into the audience. She is attractive and in one shoe as is nicely illustrated in the shot. Whereas this photo shows Serena Williams having apparently spetted out of her show during Australia Open. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  33. The Charmings: The eleventh episode of this 1988 series poked fun at Snow White and other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest. They had been transplanted to 1980's Los Angeles and this particular episode had a great shoe loss storyline. The queen of shoe loss, Cinderella (played well by very pretty Kim Ulrich), appeared at the Charming's house (Prince Eric and Snow White) and proceed to lose a glass slipper (she asked Eric to find it which he did - under the couch.) Then later, she tried to leave - with the Fairy Godmother's help - and she lost both shoes on a botched attempt. She found only one "I can't find my other glass slipper" then left again - this time for good. Each time, she was wearing a pair of 2" open-toe clear upper slides. Contributed by "Kinja".

  34. The Benny Hill Show: One funny skit took place at a nightclub and at the end of the night, several of the unattached guys stood outside the club hoping to give one of the girls a ride home. The gag was that one at a time a girl would come out and use the guy itself as the ride home. One guy, the girl contorted into a motorcycle and rode off on his back. Another guy, she sat on like she was in a boat and tore down a stop sign and used it as an oar to paddle them along. Benny was the last guy left and it started to rain. The last girl rode him like a scooter, but first she raised one leg, jerked off one shoe and threw it away before pressing her nyloned foot on his back and using the other foot to push the "scooter" along. Contribution by "Kinja".

  35. Dallas: In Episode 297 which first aired 4/06/89, April Stephens is at Cliff Barnes' condo and had earlier taken off her shoes - pink 3-4" pumps. She is ready to go and can find only one. Cliff gets on the floor and runs his hand under his couch and chair to no avail. Just when they were about to give up, he found it under a side table. Contribution by "Kinja".

  36. Joannie Loves Chachi: On an episode of this short-lived spin-off from Happy Days, Joannie gets her ankle stuck between the seats in a movie theater. Chachi helps her get her foot out and in the process, Joannie kicks her loafer several rows in front of them. I think the show ended with them looking for it. Contribution by "Kinja".

  37. Nashville Now: There was an episode of Nashville Now (which ran on TNN and was hosted by Ralph Emery) where Lynn Anderson was one of his guests and there were a few more people in adjacent chairs (He talked to them one at a time like Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman, etc...) One of the other guests was a very large and tall man and they ended up letting her try on one of his large boots and walking around. While she was walking, the guy hid the 4" white pump, she had removed to try on his boot, behind his chair. They went to a commercial break so they did not show how the prank played out. She had her shoe back, though. Contribution by "Kinja".

  38. Pete Smith Short - Movie Pests (1944): This comedy short discusses movie theater patrons that annoy others. A well-dressed woman wearing 3" black pumps loses a shoe under the seat at he movie theater (she kicked her shoes off becasue her feet were tired from shopping) and her husband later crawled under the seats looking for it. Her shoe slid forward and landed under the seat of another woman who had taken both shoes (white pumps)off. The second lady had to get up and leave and she walked out of the theater with one white shoe and one black shoe. Story contribution by "Kinja", pics by "feeture feature".

  39. Petticoat Junction: There is an episode (Yogurt Anyone?) from the old-1960s where one of the daughters (Betty Jo played by Linda Henning) wants to impress a college guy she is dating. She finds a pair of high heel stilletos and and goes to a movie with him. You see her change into one of the shoes before she goes out. Then, when in the movie theatre, she kicks off her shoes and struggles later to retrieve them. She kicked one under the seat in front of her, and very good shots of her searching for it using her foot, she even mistakingly brushes her foot on the shoe of another patron. Story courtesy of "RHTMAN", also contributed by "Kinja".

  40. Various TV Commercials: There is a Hanes pantyhose commercial where a lady struggles with a shoe while trying to get into to taxi. Before she barely gets it the taxi drives off. Another Hanes commercial from 1980 has a Cinderella theme with a lady losing a backless high heel slide walking down the stairs to the Ball (of course the Prince is to there to retrieve and replace her shoe at the bottom). A while ago, "all matt" posted the you tube link to this commercial in yahoo group "losthershoe". Payless Shoe Store has run to couple of interesting ads with the theme - " You never know when you'll need to new pair of sneakers/pumps, etc... " One commercial has a majorette in the band marching in a parade who performs a high kick and sends a tennis shoe through the air and down into a manhole in the street. Another one has a woman and a dance instructor on a cruise ship. She gets dipped and she flings one of her red pumps into the air and into the ocean. A GEICO Car Insurance commercial shows a mother running down the street (imitating a car) wearing one brown pump going to pick up her daughter from school. How she lost the shoe is not shown (contributed by "Kinja", photos by "feeture feature"). An interesting ad aired in Europe for Nivea deodorant, begins with an attractive blonde sitting in her apartment with fuzzy hair etc. Then the doorbell rings. She reaches for intercom and finds out this is her boyfriend. She tells him on the intercom that the elevator is broken and he must use the stairs. That’s a lie to delay him so that she can put herself in shape. First, she rushes out to the hallway and places one of her hi-heeled shoes (kind of a slingback) in between the doors of the elevator, so that they would not close. As the guy is shown climbing the stairs (high-rise building, it seems), she rushes back in her apartment, quickly puts her hair in shape, a little makeup, and also applies her deodorant (the message of ad!). When the guy reaches her apartment and rings the doorbell the second time, her looks is perfect except for one thing: she misses one shoe. She runs to open the door and welcomes and kisses her boyfriend, always one-shod. The guy takes a funny look at her one-shod feet, then turns his head towards the elevator and sees the lonely sling back blocking the doors. The ad ends with a smile in his face making clear that he understood what was going on. An interesting and creative twist of the one-shoe theme. Nivea captions, contribution of “Nigel C”.

  41. The Love Boat This 70's and 80's hour show featuring three mini-stories on a Princess Cruise ship generated a couple of shoe-related incidents. One situation was not a shoe loss but an interesting social mixer. Julie McCoy the Social Director came out to the pool area during a singles cruise and was carrying a basket. She had all the girls remove one shoe and put it in the basket. Then she had the guys draw one and meet the girl whose shoe he drew out. There was a Cinderella storyline in Episode 60 in the third season in an episode first airing 10/27/79. Melissa Sue Anderson played the pary of a girl named Cindy who ran out of a Halloween masquerade ball and left behind one of her shoes - some type of a shiny high heel sandal or pump. The Yeoman Burser "Gopher" found the shoe and eventually figured out that it was Cindy's - a girl he liked but did not recignize when he danced with her at the ball. Contribution by "Kinja".

  42. > Pay it Forward - movie Helen Hunt's character is late for a big date with her son's teacher and her son helps her get ready. He grabs a pair of very sexy high heeled slides with spiked heels and a narrow upper strap. She even comments that they are too sexy for her date but she is late and wears them anyway. The taxi lets her out at the restaurant and she sees him leaving (He had given up on her coming). She runs to catch him and she comes out of one of her slides. Her date walks back and retrieves it for her and kneels to replace it on her foot like Cinderella. The loss seemed to be part of the intended plot so she had to learn how to lose that shoe at the right moment and cause it to land where they wanted it to. Text contributed by "Kinja", photo by "feeture feature".

  43. Operation Petticoat (movie 1959) Dina Merrill has to remove her shoes when one gets stuck on submarine deck, other nurses then are seen carrying their shoes. The story and picture credits belong to "feeture feature".

  44. Spiderman* (movie 2002): The scene in question occurs near the end and the villan - the Green Goblin - is on top of the Brooklyn Bridge holding Kirsten Dunst's character over the edge threatening to drop her in the river and daring Spiderman to come and rescue her. Right before this, she is walking on the top of the bridge and her slippers are visibly fuzzy bedroom slippers. When they show her about to be dropped, both her slippers fall off at the same time and the camera shows them falling into the river. Most probably, it is computer enhanced. The shoes falling are probably only done to illustrate the height she is above the river. Interestingly, in other earlier parts of the movie, she is wearing strappy pumps (almost a retro style) never slides, mules or even unstrapped pumps. This is interesting because in the movie she is playing someone 18-19 years old. She has to run in a couple of scenes and this choice of footwear ensured no losses. In fact I remember thinking at one point that she woud have surely lost a shoe had she not been wearing strappy pumps. It would be interesting to know if the director/producer took that into consideration. Story by Kinja.

  45. Beyond Therapy(movie): Julie Hagerty flips off her shoe (white blur over table) in restaurant, and after Jeff Gildblum sucks her toes, she leaves one shoe on, one off. Story and photo credits belong to "feeture feature".

  46. Turbulence (1991 movie): Airline flight attendant gets strangled and she falls one shoe on, one off. The story and photo credits belong to "feeture feature".

  47. Maid to Order (1987 movie) Ally Sheedy throws one shoe at dog, then runs down the hallway one shoe on, one off and kicks off the other as she exits the house. This is good film for feet as she is shown shoeless and in tattered dirty stockings for quite a long time as she wanders homeless. Story and photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  48. Jane's House (1994 Canadian TV movie) Anne Archer sits down for a business meeting behind a glass top desk and stretches one foot out and slips out of shoe. She brings foot up on her knee and rubs it. When she puts it down she has to search for the shoe and never finds it. James Woods is watching and finally reaches down and picks up the shoe and goves it to her. The story and photo credits belong to "feeture feature".

  49. Loverboy (1989 movie) Young woman is crossing street in front of pizza delivery guy and steps out of her shoe, goes back and retrieves it and lifts her foot up to slip it back on. The story and photo credits belong to "feeture feature".

  50. Clueless (1995 movie) A girl in clogs at a party kicks one off and beans another girl. Story and photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  51. A Farewell to Arms (1932 movie) Gary Cooper is drunk in a bar and trying to explain the principles of architecture using a bar girl's bare foot. She has her leg crossed and a shoe on the uncrossed foot. His face is level with her bare foot. There is an air raid and he runs out with her shoe and ends up in a ditch with Helen Hayes who is barefoot and he thinks its the bar girl and he tries to fit the shoe on her foot. Story and photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  52. The Personals (1998 movie - Taiwan) Woman places personal ads to find husband and meets blind dates in teahouse. One brings a suitcase full of shoes and wants her to let him change hers. He crawls under table and removes her shoe and tries to put another on just as waitress comes. She gets up, picks up her shoe and walks out one shoe on, one off. Story and photo contributions by "feeture feature".

  53. Hello Again (1987 movie) At end of movie, Shelley Long was in the middle of taking both shoes off when they knock a cake over the balcony railing. She walks out carrying the shoe she took off. But, the shoe was never lost. The story contribution by "Kinja". Photo credits: "feeture feature".

  54. Copycat (1995 movie) Serial murderer poses Sigourney Weaver hanging above a toilet. She has both shoes on at the beginning. But, the murderer wishes to put her on his video camera in his mind. He takes off her right shoe (red high heel) and put it on the floor saying something about "this way much better". He decides that with one bare foot woman looks more forlorn and desperate. So, she has one shod foot balanced on the toilet seat and a shoeless foot in the air. Then, the second pump falls off as well. The story credits belong to "nigel powell" and photo credits to "feeture feature".

  55. Cinderella (2000 movie) Made for TV movie with Kathleen Turner as the wicked stepmother. As she is escorted from the kingdom at end of the movie she breaks a heel and has to walk one shoe off, one shoe on. Photo and story contribution by "feeture feature".

  56. Pure Luck (1991 movie) Woman gets shoe stuck leaving airport terminal during opening credits and has to step out of shoe. Story and photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  57. Pedicab Driver (1989 movie) - A Hong Kong movie. Young woman gets hit by pedicab and falls in the street with one shoe knocked off. The pedicab driver retrieves the shoe and says it is crushed and he's sorry. She says never mind and puts it back on her socked foot. He then takes her to her destination. Story and photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  58. Myra Breckinridge (1970 movie) Farrah Fawcett is Raquel Welch's maid and she's lying on floor on stomach reading with shoeless foot in air and other foot with shoe on on floor. There was no trace of second shoe and she just gets up and movie continues. The story and picture credits belong to "feeture feature".

  59. Whore (1991 movie): Theresa Russel is trying to avoid her pimp in the closest car and goes walking to a prospective client one shoe off, one dirty sock sole visible. Story and photo credits belong to Feeture Feature.

  60. Cube Zero (2004): Jellico (Terri Hawkes) is in a weird prison with rooms shifting on inmates. She crawls into one room in one prison boot and one barefoot. She sees another boot on the floor and tries to reach it. Just as she relaxes and thinks she has made it, she steps on a needle that injects her through the floor and she collapses. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  61. Millionairess (1960 movie): Sophia Loren leaves one room with left shoe missing, then she seats herself in another room. Finally, she kicks off the remaining right shoe and gets up. Story and photo credits belong to "Feeture Feature".

  62. Imagistics copier ad: In this ad for copier machine to have appeared in CNN and Fox News channels in June 2002, a bunch of office secretaries are thrilled excited that the machine is broken. Next, this big muscle man in serviceman suit comes in. All the women come out and watch him as he approaches the copy machine. In the background is a woman with only one red pump and one tan stockinged foor standing next to the copy machine. In the next shot, the guy kneels down and opens the paper drawer, pulls her shoe out and gives it back to her. Story credits belong to "Snowman", photo credits to "Mickflux".

  63. Pink Cadillac (movie): Bernadette Peters is driving the Pink Cadillac with her bare foot on dashboard and a high heeled sandal hanging from mirror. When money is blowing from the trunk she stops the car and runs on the hot highway one sandal on, one off to retrieve the money. Story and photo credits belong to "Feeture Feature".

  64. Necronomicon (1994 movie): In Part 3, a female cop runs across a rope, her shoe flips off when she trips, and she ends up dangling head down from the rope remaining on only one shoe. There is a second scene in Part 1: a woman is showing and old, decrepit hotel to an heir. She is walking around in stiletto heels and one gets caught in a crack in the floor. She bends over to retrieve it. The camera shifts around and she is standing at the bottom of a stairwell and actually puts on 2 shoes, although she was only shown losing one. Story credits belong to "Wang Tohan" and “feeture feature”, captions to “feeture feature”.

  65. The Big Split (1999 movie): The female lead runs down the stairs with only one heel on. Story credits: "Wang Tohan".

  66. Weird Science (TV series): In one episode caled "Lisarella" first aired in May 96, the dream woman Lisa created in computer looses one shoe at a big formal ball. Contribution by "Kinja".

  67. The Love Letter (1999 movie): A blonde woman rushes out to meet her date with only one black heel and black dress on. Contribution by "Wang Tohan".

  68. Big Business (1988 movie): Lilly Tomlin is changing from clogs to heels as she gets off elevator with a dog. Dog gets left in elevator and she panics after only changing one shoe. Door opens and she walks the dog to receptionist, one shoe on, the other in her hand. Contribution by "feeture feature" and "Wang Tohan".

  69. The Wedding Planner (2001 movie): Jennifer Lopez gets a heel stuck in a manhole cover in the street and she has to leave it behind to avoid getting run over. Story contribution by "Wang Tohan", photo by "feeture feature".

  70. Ghostbusters-II (1989 movie): There is an explosion in the courtroom and female district attorney is thrown around by a ghost, while wearing only one black heel. Story contribution by "Wang Tohan", photo by "Feeture Feature".

  71. Suddenly Susan: In one episode of this 1996-2000 TV series, Brooke Shields leaves a shoe behind to keep a kid in line. Contribution by "Wang Tohan".

  72. Warrior From Shaolin: A woman fighting in this Konk Kong movie gets her heel stepped over and she looses her shoe. Yet, she continues to fight in one shoe. Story and photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  73. Cavalier: Another Honk Kong kungfu film. A man is fighting with a woman and he pulls off her shoe while she extends her foot to kick him. She fights in one shoe then. Story contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  74. Princess Diaries (2001 movie): Anne Hathhaway's character runs to see her royal grandmother, loosing a heel. In another scene, she pulls off her sandal hits her date with it. She then goes off waving the pink sandal at reporters on her way, and she is shown still carrying the one sandal as she runs away on the beach. Story contribution by "Wang Tohan", photo by "feeture feature".

  75. Lone Star (1996 movie): The female character looses a red shoe in the river and shown being helped out after accident wearing one shoe. Her husband finds it but does not put it back on, since her ankle is twisted. Story contribution by "Wang Tohan", photo by "feeture feature".

  76. Tenebre (1982 movie): Woman gets stabbed and falls, one shoe on, one off. Story and photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  77. I Want to Live: Susan Hayward stars a convicted murderer. On her walk to death chamber, she is blindfolded and losesa shoe. The chaplain kneels to help her get it back on. Story and photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  78. Pirates of Penzance (1983 movie): A whole group of girls each with their shoe off, and one seen sitting in one shoe . Story contribution by "Wang Tohan", photo by “feeture feature”.

  79. Straight Talk (1992 movie): Dolly Parton goes out over the railing of a bridge to get her last $20 and her pump gets stuck. She slips her foot out of the shoe and sticks her gum on the end of the shoe heel to get the money. Story and photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  80. The Net (1995 movie)*: Sandra Bullock is trying to put on a pair of sneakers at hotel room while explaining something to a freind. After putting one on, she tosses the other sneaker in disgust, walks to bathroom one-shod, and she is shown standing there one-shod. Photo by "feeture feature".

  81. Love with the Proper Stranger (1961 movie): Natalie Wood is a salesgirl in a department store and we get a close-up as a shoeless foot rubs her other foot in high-heel. She spots Steve McQueen coming to see her and she reaches out and retrieves her misplaced shoe. Story and photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  82. Flash Gordon (1980): Dale Arden character played by Melody Anderson is seen with one shoe on, one shoe off after spaceship crashes on Monge. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  83. Whispers (1989)*: Potential rapist grabs Victoria Tennant's foot as she tries to escape upstairs in her home. One of her black pumps come off and left behind as she rushes up. Arriving the second floor, she tosses away the remaining pump.

  84. The Favor (1994)**: Attractive blonde (played by Harley Jane Kozak) picking her way along a narrow wooden pier has her red high-heel pump stuck in a crack. One of the fishermen in these awful hands covered in fish reach in. She slips out of the shoe and he pulls it loose, breaking the heel off. She puts the broken shoe back on and continues walking in subsequent scenes with one broken heel. A few minutes later, her husband shows up in a forest lodge where she is with a former boy friend, and she again ends up walking and limping with a broken heel. Also, there is an earlier scene where she is fantasizing about being with a guy in an alley, and has one pump off. Photo and story contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  85. Frantic: In this 1988 movie with Harrison Ford, a woman's shoe slips off getting shot and then she walks awhile before dying. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  86. An Eye for an Eye (1981): This Chuck NOrris movie has a scene where Rosalind Chao gets strangled by Professor Toru Tanaka and her feet are shown with one shoe having fallen off. Photo and story contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  87. Igby Goes Down (2002): Susan Sarandon is shown sitting on a guy with bare foot on the floor, and the other foot with slipper on. Reported by Kameraguy/Mousepad; photo contribution by "wang tohan".

  88. Swordfish (2001)*: Halle Berry's character is pushed out of a trailer house and breaks her heel. It is only for a few second that she can be seen in her red high heel and one barefoot. She then walks off with a limp. Story contributed by "Wang Tohan", caption by "feeture feature".

  89. The Haunting (1963): Near beginning, a woman climbs spiral staircase in conservatory in old mansion and hangs herself. As she does so, one shoe falls off. Story and photo contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  90. Trouble Bound (1992)*: Patricia Arquette plays a mafia kingpin's daughter trying to kill a hit man. After shoot-out in poker room, she thumbled, and ran away missing one of her black hi-heel pumps. After getting out, she removes and tosses away the remaining pump. However, in the next scene both pumps are back on her feet! Also, there is another scene towards the end where she kicks the guy forcing her to get into a car and loses one of her golden high heel slides. He picks and throws her displaced slide into the car. Photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  91. Holocaust: In this 1978 TV mini series, Meryl Streep is dangling a chunky heel, one falls, she gets up and shown walking one shoe on, one off. Photo and story contribution by "Feeture Feature".

  92. C.S.I. Miami: The premiere of this TV series aired on Sep 23, 2002 included finding of a female corpse in Florida Everglades with one sandal on. The remaining sandal is described by the investigators as red suede, $450 a pair. The shoe in question came off the woman as she had accidentally opened the outside door of a small corporate plane while in flight. She was holding onto the inside of the plane and her boss who was trying to hide their affair, slammed a fire extinguisher into her hands to force her to fall out. When she fell, her left sandal came off and was sucked into the engine, and that was what caused the plane to dive and crash. The shoe looked like a red designer brand slingback with a toe cup. Story contributed by “kinja”, captions by "Feeture Feature".

  93. Terms of Endearment (1983): Shirley McLaine and Debra Winger are lying on a bed with feet waving in the air for a few minutes. All the time McLaine has one slipper on, one off. Story and photo courtesy of “feeture feature”.

  94. Heart Breakers: Sigourney Waiwer drops a sandal in a bar to attract a man's attention. Story contribution by “wang tohan”, photo by "feeture feature".

  95. Night of the Wolf: In this 2002 TV movie, Anne Archer is shown with a badly twisted ankle and she has scenes with her shoe off. But, they are not particularly attractive since the makeup man took his job seriously and made the foot look terribel. Story and photo contribution by “feeture feature”.

  96. Charmed: In Episode #91 "Happily Ever After" of this TV series from 1998, distorted versions of fairy tales are depicted, where Phoebe (played by Alyssa Milano) attends a ball as Cinderella and meets Prince Charming. She is shown dancing wearing glass pumps, but shoe loss was poorly filmed and you could not see the shoe come off very well or her in a one-shoe situation. Story contribution by “Kinja”.

  97. Dare to Love: In this 1995 TV movie, there is a quick scene of a young woman at an airport fighting with security. As she struggles one of her high heels drops off. It is very quickly cut to a commercial right as she lost the shoe. Contribution by “feeture feature”.

  98. How to Steal a Million: In this 1966 movie, Audrey Hepburn accidentally shoots Peter O'Toole and then is going to drive him home. She gets one boot on and he asks for a match, so she walks one boot on, one barefoot to find matches. In a later scene, she is dressed as a cleaning woman crawling on the floor and one shoe falls off as she crawls through the doorway. She reached back and retrieves the shoe after crawling a foot or two and she is shown putting the shoe back on. Story and photo contribution by “feeture feature”.

  99. Crimewave (1985): Near beginning a woman is almost hit by a truck in the street and loses one shoe as she falls. A security guard comes from a nearby building and helps her get her shoe back. Story and photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  100. Friday the 13th Part-2 (1981)": Girl dangling legs on the edge of pier had one shoe grabbled off her foot by the guy reaching from water. She backed up on pier missing one shoe, then guy came out of water and gave her shoe back. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  101. Romance": In this adult movie from France, a woman is raped in a stairwell, very graphic, and she has one barefoot and a slingback sandal on the other foot. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  102. Zipperface (1992): In this reportedly awful movie, there is a scene of woman being attacked by rapist and losing a high-heeled shoe. losing a high-heeled shoe. But in a real editing mess, woman is shown first with both shoes off, then one back on and the position of remaining shoe on the floor has changed although there was no movement of the actors. Photo and story contribution by "feeture feature".

  103. Milk Money* (1994): Melanie Griffith plays an hooker trying to flee a house barefoot in hurry and disgust. She puts on one high-heeled pump while on lawn, then runs the rest of the way to her car one shoe on, one shoe off. She puts on other shoe when inside the car. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  104. American Wrestling: Amongst whole range of TV shows, female wrestling also holds a few examples of shoe loss. "Jacco" has contributed two such pictures in which one of the female wrestlers lost her high-heeled shoe during fight.

  105. Taken Miniseries: In one episode of this TV miniseries aired in 2002, woman stepped from car and lost a shoe. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  106. Beat the Devil (1953): Gina Lollobrigida walks into a police station one shoe on and carrying the other, presumably from a broken heel. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  107. Send Me No Flowers (1964): Dorris Day loses her fluffy slipper by stepping in a cartoon of eggs outside her house, and removing it while tumbling through the window of her locked house. Story contribution by "wang tohan", pic by "feeture feature".

  108. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963): Dorothy Provine played a relatively minor character, but she was wearing a pair of cream-colored pumps with spike heel. The nature of this movie led to frequent running and chases. Dorothy's character ran out of one of her pumps on two occasions. In the first shoe loss, she is running to the car and suddenly says "my shoe!" and bends over to pick it up. But her feet are not shown at all. In the second scene, as she runs away from a cab, she loses one shoe, comes back to grab it, then runs again with it in her hand. one of themEach time, she had to stop and hop back to place her foot back into her pump and then run again. Shoe loss of this type is often used to illustrate a girl in hurry who is not dressed to run. This movie also shows Ethel Merman in one shoe condition, when she is left in a tow truck as it runs down hill. One of her shoes comes off as she struggles with Jonathan Winters. Story contribution by "Kinja" and "feeture feature"; pics by "feeture feature".

  109. Summer Magic (1963): Hayley Mills loses her shoe which thumbles down the stairs to the character played by Peter Brown feet. He picks it up and insists on replacing it himself. For full story click here Caption contributed by “feeture feature”.

  110. Sins of the Past (1984): Barbara Carrera is running away from a guy in a cemetry. She trips and falls in a scene reminiscent of the movie "Night of the Living Dead". First she loses one shoe, then looks around and as she gets up she loses the second shoe as well. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  111. Lantana (2001): A married woman leaves a car because a guy wants to make out with her and she can't leave quick enough, so she' seen walking around for about 30 seconds without putting her other shoe on, just bewildered. Contribution by "wang tohan".

  112. Penelope (1966): Natalie Wood shown lying on a sofa with one pump missing. Photo courtesy of members.xoom.virgilio.it/manticore.

  113. Weekend at Bernie's II (1993): A woman leaves Terry Kiser on the beach without being able to put her shoe on . Story contribution by "wang tohan", photo by "feeture feature".

  114. Clockwatchers (1977): Parker Posey is shown standing one shoe off. Contribution by "feeture feature" and "Babylove".

  115. March of Dimes commercial: In a series of commercials promoting folic acid for pregnant women, various women are shown being chased by a stork, including one in a department store with one high-heeled shoe off. It is also possible that she has a flat shoe on the other foot. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  116. Night of the Running Man (1994): The hitman interrogates a waitress (Kim Lankford) by dangling her over a cliff. Not long after, one of her high-heels slip off, followed by the other one a few seconds later, revealing her stockinged feet. Story courtesy of yahoo group "patnyhosedfeetmovies"; caption contributed by "feeture feature".

  117. Coma (1978): Genevieve Bujold climbs a ladder, tries to reach a ledge, and loses a shoe in the process. She kicks off her other shoe and finally removes her pantyhose as well so her foot can get a grip on a ledge. Story courtesy of yahoo group "pantyhosedfeetmovies".

  118. Exquisite Tenderness (The Surgeon): This movie from 1994 has a scene right at the beginning where the female surgeon played by Isabel Glasser drives hastily into a hospital parking lot, and the speed bump at the entrance knock off her muffler. She goes out to kick it off the road and she breaks the heel from her shoe. She then spends about the next 5 minutes of the film in one shoe. Greatr scene in a lousy movie. Contribution by "Doctornado".

  119. Anatomy of A Homicide - Life on the Street: TV series, 1998. In episode "Gone for Goode" (Click here for detailed review), a woman lost her sandal when getting out of a car.

  120. Charlie's Angels (TV, 1976-1981): In this well-known TV series, three beautiful women chased crooks and ran from danger for 6 years and there was only one shoe loss! In episode 92 & 93 ("One Love ... Two Angels"), Kriss and Kelly are in a love feud over the same man. Cherryl Ladd, as Kriss, was with Patrick Duffy's character and they were driving in a rainstorm out in the woods, and they stooped and ran out of the car to go inside a cabin nearby for shelter. While running, Kriss lost one of her shoes - a flat strappy sandal. Kriss hopped inside and yelled something about her shoe. Duffy's character ran back out into the rain and recovered it. They embraced and he dropped the sandal on the floor once inside. Contribution by Kinja.

  121. Who's That Girl (1987): In this Madonna movie, two villains kidnap a group of bridesmaids and stuff them into their limo. Later, scenes show them group inside the car, with one of the bridesmaids kicking her feet frantically, missing one of her white high heels. Contribution by "feeture feature" and "Babylove".

  122. Justice in a Small Town (1994): Man shoves a woman while he is attacking her and she ends up one shoe on, one off. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  123. Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story: At the end of Part 1 of this TV miniseries shot in 1987, Farah Fawcett (potraying Barbara Hutton) is left in the bathroom after brutal sex with her husband just prior to his leaving her. She has one shoe on, one off and gets up and walks from the bathroom in that condition. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  124. A Woman Scorned: the Betty Broderick Story (1992): In this title Meredith Baxter Birney's character is fighting with her husband on the lawn and she loses one of her golden flats. By the time the police come and take her away, she lost both shoes. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  125. K-Mart commercial: In this commercial from late-90s promoting Garth Brooks' new album, a family foresakes Thanksgiving dinner (and mother preparing it) to get to stores in time to get the new Garth Brooks album. As the station wagon pulls away, the mother is shown running across the lawn and losing one of her black pumps. She then dives into the back of the wagon and they speed-off. Story courtesy of yahoo group "patnyhosefeetmovies".

  126. Miss Teen USA 2002 Pageant: It was reported in www.voy.com that Miss Maryland (Michelle Attai) lost her shoe walking in evening gown, but managed to come back nicely.

  127. Protocol (1984)*: Gail Strickland playing a female Ambassador enters a seady nightclub looking for Goldie Hawn's character, only to be lifted up and carried away by a drunken biker. As she is being carried out the door, her feet arc in the air and she has lost one of her high-heeled shoes. Then in the end, she is stampeded by a herd of reporters. When the dust settles, she is seen laying on the floor, once again, missing one of her high-heeled shoes. Story courtesy of yahoo group "patnyhosefeetmovies", picture contributed by "feeture feature".

  128. The Turning Point (1977): Just as the movie starts, even before the opening credits, Shirley McLaine is getting dressed to go out to the ballet. She gets out a pair of new pumps and for some reason puts only one on and carries the other as she walks around the house in a noticeable one shoe on, one off gait. She even has to fish the other pump out of a laundry hamper when she puts in dirty laundry and drops the pump in too. It is quite a lengthy scene as she walks from bedroom to bathroom to living room to kitchen, all the time carrying the second pump. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  129. Welcome to Monkey House (1991, TV): In the first segment, man is fighting with his mistress and neighbor kid looks through the heating vent at floor, and watches her feet go back and forth. She starts with two red slingbacks and stockings, but at one point has lost a shoe. Story courtesy of yahoo group "pantyhosedfeetmovies"; caption by “feeture feature“.

  130. Blow Out (1981): John Lithgow strangles a woman in bathroom stall. He lifts her off the floor, kicking and trashing, losing one of her slides in the process. Her feet flail for several seconds, one shoe on, one off with red fishnet stockings. Story courtesy of yahoo group "patnyhosefeetmovies", photo contribution by "feeture feature".

  131. Someone Like You (2001): Ashley Judd's character was in an apartment with a friend working on a newspaper/magazine story. She walked across the room wearing white, flat heeled, open-toed slides. On one motion she sat down in a chair and drew both legs into the chair as well. As she did that, one of her slides slipped off onto the floor. She did not make any attempt to put it back on or even wince to acknowledge it. Contribution by "kinja".

  132. Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000): Daryl Hannah's character fell asleep at the edge of the swimming pool with one foot in water, one foot with fluffy slipper. Another woman finds her and wakes her up. They walked away together and she finally put on the other slipper. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  133. The Rebel Rousers (1970): This old movie has a scene with a party in a bar. One of the women is lifted to the top of the bar and she is missing a shoe. Her stockinged legs are clear as she is lifted down and walks off still in one shoe. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  134. Red Shoe Diaries - The Movie (1992): This movie has a scene where Brigitte Bako appears one red pump off as a shoe salesman removes her shoe. Photo contribution by "Jacco".

  135. Idle Hands (1999): In this weird movie about a disposessed hand, girl has to jump from the ledge. Her left shoe was removed to block a whirling fan and she has the right shoe on. She gets caught with a rope around her neck and hangs one shoe on, one off. Then, the disposessed hand removes her shoe and she is pulled into the fan which starts spinning again. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  136. W.C. Fields: Straight Up (TV, 1986): In the Dentist (1932) short, Fields has trouble treating a woman and she has lost one shoe and had a foot in his smock pocket for a while, too. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  137. Haunted House of Horrors (1969): In this movie from UK, a girl is walking around the house, when her shoe gets stuck on the stairs. She has to remove her foot from her shoe to get it out. Later, she gets chased by a guy with a knife. She runs down the same stairs and has her shoe get caught again. She loses the shoe and falls down the stairs. The guy eventually walks down to her, but goes completely insane and runs away. Contributed by "stratius".

  138. K-9: At the beginning, a high-heel is shown dropping to the ground at night in the rain. The camera moves up and there is a barefoot leg sticking out a car window. The scene is very dark so you can't see what is happening behind the rain covered windshield. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  139. Plaza Suite (1971): Character of Maureen Stapleton has trouble getting galoshes off in her hotel room. She finally gest one off, including her pump and then wonders around the room, one shoe off until her husband says he can't stand the thumping. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  140. The Green Hornet: In episode titled "The Frog is a Deadly Weapon" of this TV series from 1966-67, Hornet and Kato find a shoe belonging to Hornet's secretary, Casey, while searching the office of a murdered PI. Later, she takes off her other shoe and jumps or runs somewhere to escape. Story credits belong to "mb" and "Rugby" through their positings in Legsandheels massage board.

  141. Fiat Stilo Multiwagon commercial: This Fiat commercial aired in UK in 2003 was apparently inspired by a fairly well-known city legend for its new car. The driver, his wife (seated next to him) and his mother-in-law are forced to stop suddenly for a red light. A red high heel shoe rolls into the foot well next to his wife's feet although she doesn't notice it. On seeing the heel, the driver has a flashback to the previous evening where he had some people in the car including a pretty woman who may be he shouldn't have been giving a lift to. Thinking it is her shoe, he distracts his wife and throws the shoe into a nearby bin. It's then that mother-in-law looks down at her feet to find her red high-heel missing. Posted in Legasandheels.com message board by "Susan"; captions are courtesy of “nigel c”.

  142. Bain de Soleil commercial: The theme of this commercial aired in early-80s was "Share the Fantasy". The camera is still but every few seconds the scene changes as if to show the passing of time. In the beginning a pretty girl is shown lying in a chaise lounge getting suntan. She has a pair of flat-heeled thong sandals next to her. A shadow of a man appears. Suddenly one of her shoes is missing and in the next scene the man is swimming out of the pool to return the missing slide. There is a lot not shown - it is a fantasy. But, it is possible that the girl was supposed to have thrown one of her shoes in the pool to get the guy to play prince charming and Cinderella. Contribution by "kinja".

  143. Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story (1998): In this movie shot for TV, the director must have a thing for feet because there are several closeups of shoes and feet at great detail. One scene is Michele Lee (characterizing author Jacqueline Susann) getting a shoe stuck in street grating and having to pull her foot out. Then, she puts her foot back in her shoe. Story and GREAT PICS contributed by "feeture feature".

  144. Fatal Instinct (1993): Sean Young's character is making out with Armand Assante's and in bed she spins plates while her feet up in the air, one shoe on, one off. Later in the bath, she has her right leg hooked over the edge of the tub. When she puts down you can see the foot is bare. When she lifts her left foot up to place on the edge, she has a high-heel on. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  145. Ball of Fire (1941): Barbara Stanwych sitting in front of Garry Cooper is shown wearing one shoe. For more pics of the same scene, click here. Story and photo courtesy of "Drummin' Man".

  146. Alligator Eyes (1990): Three young New York men decide to travel south for a few days away. Driving along, they stop to pick up a blind woman (Anabaelle Larsen) hitchhiking with a sprained ankle, one red pump on, one hosed foot. As she is hopping towards the car, she is shown carrying her missing shoe. Story credits belong to "Snowman"; photos contribued by "feeture feature".

  147. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990): Two girls run from a house, both in black heels and stockings. The second one has one shoe off. She stops to yell to her friend to wait for her and she is trying to put her shoe on. Conrtibuted by "feeture feature".

  148. Kiss Me Stupid (1964): Nice one-shoe scene in this movie with Kim Novak and Dean Martin. He slips off one of her shoes, tickles her bare foot, fills her shoe with wine and prepares to drink and then gets more amarous. Story and photos contributed by "feeture feature".

  149. The Ravishing Idiot (Une Ravissante Idiote): This 1964 movie starts with Brigitte Bardot having lunch at restaurant. Anthony Perkins' character is infatuated with her and sees her remove one shoe as she eats. She teases him when he watches her in that lenghty scene. Then a small dog comes by and steals her shoe. She is shown standing up in panick. Anthony Perkins' character chases the dog, finally getting the shoe, but it is covered with food. Bardot retrives the shoe from him, puts it on and leaves without a word. Footing capture courtesy of "feeture feature" and the site by Drummin' Man.

  150. Volunteers (1985): Tom Hanks has to rescue a woman who has been taken by a drug lord. When he finds her, she has one shoe off and asks him to kiss her little piggies. She remains in one shoe for awhile and finally loses the second shoe as she is carried from the room. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  151. The New Avengers*: In one episode of this British TV series from 1976, rubber boot worn by Purdey (played by Joanna Lumley) is pulled off by her opponent during struggle in underground sewage tunnel. After knocking down the villain in one boot, she recovers her boot and has to drain water out before putting it on again.

  152. Holywood Party (1934): In this classical Laurel & Hardy movie, Lupe Velez kicks her legs back and forth and one shoe flies off. Stan Laurel picks it up and is offering it back to her, ten Oliver Hardy steps in and gives it to her. For his trouble, Hardy is hit on the head with the shoe. Laurel then takes off one of his shoes and threatens Velez. She responds by cracking an egg and dumping the contents on Laurel's socked foot. Laurel cracks an egg into her shoe and it keeps escalating. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  153. Chinese Boxes (1984): This is a kind of strange movie. Patton goes to his girlfriend's apartment and finds an empty shoe outside the partially open door. When he goes inside, she is seriously injured lying on the floor. He lies down beside her and then pushes both of them toward the phone. A closeup of his feet as he pushes shows the her shod foot, but not her unshod one. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  154. Devil in the Flesh (1986): Older woman takes off one shoe and throws it under the bed when she is visiting her future daughter-in-law. When she is ready to leave, she has only one shoe on and the younger woman brings the other shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  155. A Private Function (1984): A padiatrist is shown treating many women of the town and this woman has to get up when being treated because the police are at the butcher shop below and searching for stolen meat. She continues to go in one shoe during the search. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  156. A Shot in the Dark (1964): In this Pink Panther comedy by Peter Sellers, "Inspector Clouseau" (characterized by Sellers) and suspected murderer (Elke Sommer) are in a night club. She kicks off her blue pumps (one seen landing into the hands of Sellers) before joining a Cossack dancer, and she is shown dancing in nylon-clad feet. Then Clouseau takes the floor and he has trouble with his trousers. She helps her to get up and walk out by grabbing him from behind. She put on one pump, and carries the other in her hand. Her one-shoe walk all the way out is shown.

  157. Cadillac commercial: In this April 2003 commercial aired in US, woman is driving new Cadillac. Nice high-heel is shown as she steps out. Then her other foot is shown in a running shoe, which she removes. Then she walks off in her heels. The commentary says the Cadillac is the perfect accessory for her foot. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  158. It's All About Love (2003): In this movie depicting world on the brink of a cosmic collapse, Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Daves are shown passing by a woman in one shoe, laying on metro stairs apparently after she committed suicide.

  159. Edie and Pen: Jennifer Tilly gets disgusted with man she was sleeping with and puts one high heel on as she is leaving room. She continues in one shoe until halfway down the stairs when she puts on the other shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  160. National Lampoon's Animal House(1978): At the very end of this comedy movie, John Beliushi's character kidnaps a woman. She is kicking her feet in the air from the back seat of a car and loses one shoe, then a few kicks later loses second shoe as well. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  161. Deception (Ruby of Cairo): This 1993 movie is a re-cut version of Ruby Cairo. Andie McDowell's character gets her foot stepped on by Lion Neeson's and her sandal strap is torn. She sits with the remaining sandal on while repairs are being made. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  162. Boris and Natasha: The Movie(1992): Very quick scene with Sally Kellerman. She is getting her reflexes tested and is wearing clunky black high heels. When the doctor taps her knee, her lef flies up and the shoe flies up as well. You can't see the shoeless foot without using slow-motion, buy you can hear the shoe land and rattle around. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  163. Sense and Sensibility (1995) : Kate Winslet harms her ankle and a gentleman asks her to remove her shoe in order the check if there is a broken bone. Then, he touches her foot, finds it O.K., and takes her in his arms. In the subsequent two or three scenes, Kate Winslet is seen missing ýne shoe. Contributed by “Graves”.

  164. The X-Files: In one episode of this TV series aired between 1993-2002, a computer is taking over and killing people in office. There is a scene where Scully goes back to her room, probably her bedroom in her house, and stops at the door removing her right shoe. Then, she continues to walk into the room with one shoe off. However, you don’t get to see her continue to walk much in this one-shoe state. Story courtesy of “Mr. Mike” in www.mickflux.ibforums.com.

  165. Period of Adjustment: In this 1962 movie, Jane Fonda has dried her wet shoes and puts one back on, when the doorbell rings. So, she doesn’t put on the second shoe for a few minutes as she walks around the house. Contribution by “feeture feature”.

  166. The Handler (2003, TV series) : In the second episode, a prostitute got thrown out of a bar and owner tossed one platform high-heel after her. There is a quick view as she stands in one shoe and starts walking off. A few minutes later a waitress goes out and talks to the woman, now seated at a trash pile. When the prostitute gets up to walk away she is still in one shoe and starts walking off like that and then she stops and you can tell she is putting the errant shoe back on. The first episode also has a one-shoe scene. A Russian woman was supposedly working for the FBI undercover as a prostitute and had told them she was no longer using drugs. But before her mission, she was found in a ladies room passed out from drugs and she had one shoe on, the other black high-heel slide on the floor by her shoulder. Both contributed by “feeture feature”.

  167. That Old Feeling (1997): Dennis Farina carries Bette Middler onto the front of a car and starts kissing here. Middler is below Farina and she lifts one leg in the air; her red high-heel pump violently dangles for a while, then she loses it. Story contribution by "graves", second caption by “feeture feature”.

  168. Introducing Dorothy Dandridge: Halle Berry plays the legendary actress and singer. During a performance she kicks off one slide, and a guy in the audience picks it up and holds it as she she steps back into it. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  169. CSI (2000): In episode "Lady Heather's Box" of this TV series, a man was found dead of a puncture wound after a nightclub closed. It turned out he was stepped on by a stiletto heel and the shoe was found at the scene. The police called in the women who were there and had them all remove one shoe so they could be fitted with the murder weapon. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  170. Underground (1995): In this Yugoslavian movie, Mirjana Jokovic’s character is in one shoe in 3 scenes. In the first her boyfriend is lying on floor and she has her high heel on his chin and slips her stocking foot out of shoe. Then she picks up shoe and hits him on head to turn him on. In another scene she is standing all dishevelled and he slips shoe off her stocking foot and gives it to her and she hits him on head again. In the remaining scene, she is riding on a guy like she is riding a horse and she has one shoe off, the other foot is in stocking. She has poured a drink into shoe and after she slips of his back, she drinks from the shoe and says she has had a headache. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  171. Free Money (1998): Mira Sorvino is a federal agent. She gets in struggle with Marlon Brando and he says she better take off her shoe. There is nothing shown that the shoe coming off, but suddenly he is beating her with it. Then, he goes off and she pulls a gun from under her skirt. While seated on ground you see her stockinged legs and one foot in a pump. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  172. Barb Wire: During opening credits sequence, Pamela Anderson is performing as an exotic dancer. Some guy wants her to take off more. She undoes a platform sandal and throws it, hitting him in the face. As she walks off one sandal on, she says nobody alse better call her babe. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  173. Eye of the Devil: Deborah Kerr is living in a cult of devil worshippers. She is in a trance and walks on the ramparts of a castle. At the last minute she realizes she has been tricked to almost walking over the edge. The actual loss of shoe is not shown, but the shoe is shown falling to the ground. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  174. Search for Grace: At the end of this 1994 TV movie, Lisa Hartman Black's character is struggling with a guy underwater. She is in red high heels and he pulls one off. She is able to break free and swims away in one high-heel, one bare foot. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  175. Future Hunters (1989): Movie made in Philippines. Linda Carol has been held hostage by a neo-Nazi. She unties herself from some ropes and slips off white pumps to get untangled. She only gets one back on when the building is attacked. She escapaes but still carrying one shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  176. Of Mice and Men (1939): As Betty Field is strangled she loses a shoe. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  177. Arachnid (2001): A scientific expedition crashes their plane in the tropical jungle. One of the women falls into a hole and when she is pulled out she is in one boot and one white sock. The arachnid creature has pulled off the other boot. Another expedition member reaches þn and retrieves the boot after a soldier shoots his machine gun into the hole. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  178. Small Town Girl (1936): Janet Gaynor is suffering from seasickness. Her husband-in-name-only carries her to the deck of the ship. She complains that her barefeet are freezing and he should get her slippers. He says no he won't go back to the cabin, so she should take his slippers or nothing. She does and they talk for a while. When he complains that this time his feet are cold, she says take his slippers back since she can't walk in them anyway and she kicks one off, which goes overboard. He picks her up to carry her back to the cabin one-shod. Contribution by "feeture feature".

  179. Walking Shadow (2001): In this TV movie, private investigator gets a tape in mail and when he puts it in VCR, he sees a woman tied up; she is in one shoe. Yet, it turns out woman tied up faked her own kidnapping. Private investigator realized it when he saw movie poster with identical situation. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  180. Love and Human Remains (1993): After a night of partying, a woman takes off one pump as she walks along the street. She walks up to a car in which guy picks her up. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  181. Federal Protection (2001): Woman kills a guy with her hi-heel shoe and removes her foot, leaving the shoe in the shull. The she reels back against a wall as she muses over the situation. Story courtesy of "RJS" and "feeture feature".

  182. The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964): Shirley MacLaine walked into a car dealer showroom and had problem with her shoe staying on. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  183. If the Shoe Fits (1990, TV)*: It is a Cinderella tale set in Italy in modern times. Jennifer Grey plays a shoe designer who falls with a rich and famous fashion designer but she is rather frumpy, except when she puts on a particular pair of sparkling silver slingback pumps. Then she is gorgeous and he falls in love with her. Though no running away and leaving the shoe behind theme, here is one scene where she is lying on the bed with him and one shoe dangles . She struggles to keep it on in fear that he will see her in her dumb looks. There are many other good stockinged and barefoot scenes in the movie. Contributions by "feeture feature" and “kinja”.

  184. Hairspray (1988): Ricki Lake , before she lost weight, starred in this movie and was lifted into a police paddy wagon, left shoe off. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  185. Just Shoot Me (1997-2003, TV series): Guy takes one of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen shoe off and throws it behind him. He is going to give her a padicure and ends up kissing her toe . She is horrified and really upset when he wants to suck her big toe. She jumps off on the couch, one shoe off. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  186. Attack of 50 ft. Woman (1993, TV): Daryl Hannah is taken by aliens and all her husband has left of her is one sandal. Later his mistress hears something on her roof and the other sandal and Hannah is there, too. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  187. The Merry Widow (1934): Jeanette Macdonald is drinking with Maurice Chauvalier and says him to give her shoe back after she said to stop pinching her and he said she should stop kicking him. Then, she pretends to be upset with his behavior and does not agree to go to private dining room upstairs with him. Suddenly, she is shown with her shoe in his hand under the table. He goes off upstairs with her shoe and she follows, obviously in one shoe from her walk, but her feet are never shown. Once in the room, he offers to put the shoe back on and she looks at him dreamily as he does. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  188. Man Wanted (1932): Kay Francis is having a business meeting and is furiously dangling. Her shoe falls off and she squirms around trying to retrieve it. Then the gut in the meeting steps on the errant shoe and when she asks him to get something from the other side of the room, he kicks the shoe. They both run for it. He gives it to her and then walks away but looks back to watch her put it on. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  189. The Best Man (1991): Woman at wedding reception did not like the way guy messed with her foor when he put on garter, so she got up and ran off, one-shod foot, one bare. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  190. Loves Music, Loves to Dance(2001, TV): Serial killer changes shoes of his victims, usually just one shoe. First victim, he removes black strappy sandal and puts on bright blue dancing shoe on her stockgined foot. He then walks off carrying her original shoe. Later, he is shown dancing with a corpse of another victim, with non-matching shoes. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  191. Trident Gum Commercial: The theme of this commercial from late-80s and early-90s was the myth about being unable to walk and chew gum at the same time. In one excerpt, a woman pops the gum in her mouth and joins her friend for a stroll. Next thing you know, she trips and her high-heel tumbles off her white stockinged foot. Later, she can be seen stepping back into her shoe, laughing. Story courtesy of "pantyhosedfeetmovies.com".

  192. Miami Rhapsody (1995): Kelly Bishop is the actress. She fakes sprained ankle while playing tennis to get a guy to her apartment for an affair. He has a towel with ice wrapped around the supposedly injured ankle. She then pulls him down on the bed and you can see her one barefoot and her other foot in her tennis shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  193. To Live For (My Last Love) (1999, TV): Nancy Travis gets a seizure while shopping and shakes one slide off. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  194. Bruiser (2000): No explicit shot, just an adulterous woman about to be killed by her angry husband takes a shoe off as a weapon, but you never see the foot. Contributed by "wang tohan".

  195. Spiked Heels and Black Nylons (1967): Cheap sexploitation movie in which a guy busted in on his wife with another man. She had one shoe on, one foot stockinged. The men fought and the woman stayed in one-shoe. The husband was about to be brained by the other guy with a water pitcher, so the wife shoots the guy, then herself, still in one shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  196. Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults: This German movie included the Cinderella tale (Aschenputtel). First, the prince tried the shoe on 3 women. Then the two wicked stepsisters, who butchered their feet to make the shoe fit. Finally Aschenputtel tried on the shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  197. Newspaper Commercial: In this TV commercial possibly from Northern Europe, the theme is “how boring the summer was” before arrival of a particular newspaper. A young woman about to fall asleep was sitting by a fountain in a sunny summer day. After swinging back and forth a few times, she finally toppled over and plunged into the fountain. She jumped out immediately and resumed her previous seated position, pretending that nothing happened. She was all wet and one of her mid-heeled backless sandal shoes was missing.

  198. The Fugitive (TV Series, 1963-67): In episode 79 “Echo of a Nightmare”, there is a scene where David Janssen is riding in a car with Shirly Knight. As a diversion, she purposefully loses her pump and then struggles to put it back on. Story courtesy of yahoo group "PantyhosedFeetMovie".

  199. A Fine Romance (Cin Cin): In this 1991 movie, Julie Andrews character is having an affair with Marcello Mastroanni's. Once when she visits him, he reaches out and removes her shoe, she says she has big feet, he examines the shoe and gives it back to her and she puts it back on. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  200. Remanda al Viento (Rowing with the Wind): In this Spanish movie shot in 1988, Elizabeth Hurley's character throws a shoe at Hugh Grant's character, and then runs off. She meets another man and yet a third man comes up and returns her errant shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  201. Victory (1995): Irene Jacob has a shoe removal by one of 3 lovers. The other 2 lovers show up and one shoots the 3rd. She, sitting with one shoe on , slashes a wrist and is carried to bed by the 2nd lover after the 3rd lover is shot by the servant. Steamy passion in the tropics! Contributed by "feeture feature".

  202. Period of Adjustment (1962): Jane Fonda has dried her wet shoes and puts one back on, when the doorbell rings and she doesn’t put on the second shoe for a few minutes as she walks around the house. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  203. Switch (1991): Ellen Barkin played a woman who was the reincarnation of a man and she had trouble keeping her shoes on. In one scene, she was being cahsed by a fellow employee and took off one shoe to go across the lobby before she took off the second shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  204. Three Loves Has Nancy (1938): Janet Gaynor's boyfriend is missing and she visits a celebrity she met for help. He finds her rubbing one foot. He is upset over the earlier meeting and is throwing her out, still in one shoe. Then he has a change of heart and invites her to spend the night and she says she wouldn't except her feet hurt so bad and she stands rubbing her foot yet. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  205. Cheerleaders Wild Weekend (1979): Early in the movie cheerleaders are kidnapped and forced to remove their shoes and socks. After a long period of captivity, one slipped a sneaker back on before kicking one of her captors in the groin. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  206. Diary of a Mad Old Man (Dagboek van een oude dwaas): In this Dutch-Belgian-French joint production shot in 1987, daughter in law (played by Beatie Edney) is object of old man’s foot fetish. She props a foot on his desk and he removes her sandal in preparation for sucking her toes. She wants him to buy her expensive jewelry. He starts sucking and gets overexcited and falls to floor. She grabs her sandal and flees one shod. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  207. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967): Old vampire had been preparing a servant girl to meet Dracula. As he is looking at her body, she is shown missing a shoe. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  208. Unidentified Greek movie: “Feeture feature” reports one-shoe scene from an unidentified Greek movie whereby woman actress is shown sitting one-shod on a guy’s lap.

  209. Below Utopia (1997): Thieves invade a mansion and kill most of the people inside, including the maid, seen with one shoe on, one off . Contributed by "feeture feature".

  210. Love is Strange (1999): TV movie with Kate Nelligan’s character running to make college graduation at the beginning of the movie. She steps out of one shoe and keeps running. A friend picks up the shoe and gives it back to her as they are in line to get their degrees. Contributed by "feeture feature".

  211. BlackMale (2000): Towards the end, a woman and her husband are tied and bound to their chairs by a psycho doctor. The captor hits the wife with a golf ball, she falls down, and ends up laying over in her chair with her feet tied together. Her right tan pump has come off and is shown laying on the floor. Story courtesy of “Dameon Beal”.

  212. Dr. No (1962): Right at the beginning of this famous Bond movie, a woman agent is shot. As her body is carried out, a white pump falls off her foot. The camera cuts away quickly, because it looks like one of the guys carrying her steps on the pump and probably he tripped afterwards! Contributed by "feeture feature".

  213. The Avengers (TV series, 1968-69): In the episode called “My Wildest Dream”, Linda Thorson (playing Tara King) uses her shoe as a weapon. She is shown removing her shoe and after the guy is overwhelmed, Steed returns her shoe and helps her slip into it. Story and captions courtesy of "alraune".

  214. Moonlight Whispers (1999): In this Japanese movie, guy is attracted to girl student’s feet and one night in an alley, he grabs her foot and pulls off her thong sandal and starts sucking her toe. She calls him a pervert and stands in one shoe, then runs off leaving her sandal behind. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  215. Horror 101 (2000): Bo Derek plays a professor in this movie. It seems her class are disappearing one by one. The only trace after one girl is heard screaming is a red sneaker she left behind. Some other students examine it and then leave it at the secene. A hand is seen retrieving it. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  216. Justice for Annie (1996, TV): Young woman is in clogs and climbs on a rock at a waterfall to pose for picture with an older man. He throws her from the rock and when she falls, she is in one clog. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  217. Palmetto (1998): Woody Harrelson’s character has collected the money for a ransom for a fake kidnapping and when he returns to his accomplice, Elisabeth Sue’s character, he finds her seemingly asleep on the bed , one shoe off. He tickles her foot to try to awaken her, but she is dead. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  218. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003)*: The three angels are blasted away by a car explosion, and land on top eachother in a nearby park. The angel played by Cameron Diaz is seen missing one red hi-hell pump. When they get and start walking, Diaz has an obvious one-shoe limp, because her errant pump is still attached to her foot through an ankle strap, and she drags it along as she walks.

  219. Three to Tango (1999): Neve Campbell loses a shoe in a ditch during a rainstorm. She retrieves the shoe and walks off wearing one shoe and carrying the other. She drops the shoe again and retrieves it from the wet street. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  220. Mistral’s Daughter (1984): Stefanie Powers plays a shy model. When ordered to remove her underwear and shoes, she gets as far as one shoe. The artist loses patience and throws her out. She leaves inone shoe and one stockgined foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  221. The Threat: Early in the movie, Virginia Grey is kidnapped and loses a shoe on the sidewalk as she is stuffed into a car. She must have abandoned the other shoe because she is in stockinged feet the rest of the movie. At the end of movie, a cop says the Sherrif owes her a new pair of shoes. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  222. The Naughty Flirt (1931): There is a ball and it is announced that the next dance will be a Cinderella dance. The women each to remove one shoe, the shoes are placed in the center, the men dash to the shoesand pick up one. Whoever they match is their partner for the next dance and supper. Alice White’s character tries to rig the competition by giving her shoe to one man to give to the man she really wants. But the plan doesn’t work because the second man trades White’s shoe away. As the men start putting on the shoes , White’s character waits hopefully as the second man closes in; but it turns out to be the wrong shoe. Finally, a third guy with her shoe gets to put it on White’s foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  223. Radon: Honeymooning couple runs from flying monster and they fall. All that remains is a solitary high-heel and a camera. The police have kept theshoe as evidence.Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  224. The Chattanaooga Choo Choo": There are several one shoe scenes in this 1984 movie. First, Barbara Eden’s character is running in a platform when one shoe flies off. She steps back into it and raises her foot and wiggles it back on. Later, she is in a train compartment with sex mad football player and takes off her heel to defend herself. Also, Bridget Hanley’s character has lost the train at 2 stations and finally catches up. She walks to the train in pain and when boarding she is seen carrying one shoe. She walks in the train corridor still carrying one shoe. Last, the sex mad football player has drilled a hole through compartment wall to spy on cheerleaders and sees them slipping off their boots in dressing room. Story courtesy of "wr", also contributed by “feeture feature”.

  225. The Girl of Your Dreams (La Nina de tus ojos):* In this 1998 movie, a company of Spanish movie makers leaves Franco’s Spain and moves to Hitler’s Germany to make a film in co-production. Hitler’s propaganda minister, Dr. Goebbels, develops an interest in one of the actresses (played by Penelope Cruz), and asks her out for dinner. Trying to run away from him during dinner, he breaks the heel of her shoe. When he catches up, he kneels down and after removing her shoe with broken heel, he starts kissing her nyloned foot. In order to escape, she accepts his request for a song and starts singing while walking around in one shoe. Then, she violently reclaims her shoe from him and runs away still carrying her shoe at hand.

  226. The Quiet Man (1952): Towards the end, John Wayne’s character is dragging his wife – Maureen O’Hara – back home across a field. He is walking so quickly that she has to half-run to keep up with him. She runs out of one shoe but he just keeps going. You see the wife trying to hop along to keep her foot off the grass then she just runs along in one shoe. A man in the crowd that follows picks up the shoe and runs after them. He passes her the shoe and she hops along to get the shoe back on. Finally she falls down and manages to get the shoe back on while being dragged along the ground. Story contributed by “keel”, photos by “feeture feature”.

  227. Capital One commercial: This credit card commercial aired in late-2003 borrows from the Cinderella theme. The couple is watching movie, and while the woman says she lost her credit card, Cinderella in the movie picks up a credit card instead of her errant glass slipper and gets in a coach. Then Cinderella is shown buying pair of slides to herself. Contributed by “Kinja” and “feeture fature”.

  228. Moon in the Gutter (1983): “Feeture feature” reports this is an excellent foot movie with 3 one shoe and several other barefoot scenes. In the first, Katya Berger’s character is being chased in the street. You only see running feet, then a U>sandal shoe is shown and camera pans to her feet, one in stocking, and U>one still with sandal . She is dead. In the second scene, Nastassja Kinski U>takes off a shoe in preparation for a bar fight. She U>holds up the shoe and then stays to drink at the bar, U>still in one stockgined foot. In the third one-shoe scene of the movie, a drunken woman has fallen to floor in bar and U>lost one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  229. Desire, the Vampire (TV, 1982): A nurse is attacked in a hospital room by a vampire. The vampire tosses her around the room and there is a quick shot of her being dragged across the floor with one of her shoes falling off. Contributed by “Jon”.

  230. Bejewelled (1991): In this movie made for TV, Emma Samms takes off one shoe to throw at two guys fighting. She hits the one on her side instead of the bad guy. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  231. The Day of the Triffids (1962): There is a scene with an escaped convict trying to take a woman upstairs. She is resisting and screaming. She has 2 white heels on as they start up but by the first landing she has lost one. They continue up and another guy comes from and knocks the convict out. The woman continues up the stairs in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  232. Eugenie de Sade: In this Jess Franco movie starring Soledad Miranda, she does a drunken striptease taking off one boot . She completes the striptease still in one boot and a little later in the movie she is making love to her father, still in one boot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  233. The Haunted House of Horror (1969): Jill Haworth’s character gets a shoe caught in the stairs . She slips off shoe and luckily is delayed by the time spent or she would meet up a slasher! Actually she does show up and running away from him, she loses the same shoe again. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  234. Red Hiding Hood (1989): Amelia Shenkley plays a little girl but she was 17 at the time of filming. She is chasing elves and lost a shoe in a river as she almost falls from a tree branch. She is wearing thin socks. She walks off with the woodsman who came along, and she breaks into a song and dance. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  235. Death Scream: In this 1975 movie made for TV, Belinda Balaski’s character has been beaten and is crawling up stairs, seen one shoe on, one bare foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  236. A Bunny’s Tale (1985, TV movie): Kirstie Alley works nights as a Playboy bunny. Her feet are killing her se she wears bedroom slippers to her job as reporter. She puts her foot on a desk and another reporter takes off the slipper and massages her foot. She grabs her slipper and follows the editor to his office where she stands in one slipper . Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  237. Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003): Half-way into the movie, Duffy Duck is thrown through a ladies’ changing room in Las Vegas casino. In the background are several dancers, and the one checking her stockings has a shoeless foot on a stool and shod foot on floor. Her missing shoe is nowhere to be seen.

  238. Funny Lady (1975): James Caan plays Barbara Streisand’s boyfriend and one night he pulls off one of her shoes and says he wants to drink celery juice tonic from it. She grabs the shoe back and puts it on saying it is a custom-made shoe and no one is going to drink from it. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  239. Repulsion (1965): There are two one-shoe scenes in this Roman Polanski horror/thriller movie in which Catherine Deneuve plays a beautician going through severe mental deterioration whilst lodging in her sister’s London flat. In the first scene, Catherine Deneuve steps into one shoe and then has to hunt for second shoe, finding it on other side of room. In the second scene, when the sister and boyfriend get back after a week away from home, they find her insane under the kitchen table holding a knife. The sister is appalled, and runs our screaming, leaving behind one of her stiletto shoes. She makes no attempt to retrieve her errant shoe and stands in the hall in shock. Her boyfriend takes control of the situation and escorts her to the living room, where she walks to in one shoe. Her lost shoe remains in the hallway/kitchen doorway. The movie ends a few minutes later. Story contributed by “Jerry Walsh”, photo by “feeture feature”.

  240. Magnum Force (1973): In this “Dirty Harry” film, Clint Eastwood goes onboard a hijacked airliner posing as the pilot that hijackers had demanded. He tips off an attractive brunette flight attendant that he is a cop and to move out when he gives the signal. He goes through the motions of preparing for take-off and suddenly gives the signal, pulls his guns and shoots down the hijackers. The flight attendant in the split seconds before the gunfight, jumps out of the aisle and throws herself across some seats. On doing so, she loses a hi-heeled shoe and you clearly see, albeit for a few seconds, her one shoe predicament and attractive stocking shoeless foot. Contributed by “Jerry Walsh”.

  241. Hunter (TV Series, 1984-91): The main character of this TV series from UK is a private eye. He was once with a mob. In one episode, it starts with a man and a woman coming back from a party. He crashes the car into the flowerbed; they get out and he has her sandal. They go inside and you can see her wearing only the one sandal. She was trying to get it, but he kept it away from her for a few minutes. Just then, his father hears the noise and she has to hide in the cupboard. The father and son argue and he shots the father. She hears the shot and runs away into the night. The next day, Hunter is called in and after he looks around, he says there was a woman here because of the errant heel and footmarks of dirt from the flowerbed. There is no more one sandal shots in the rest of that episode. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  242. Doritos commercial: A woman shopping in a warehouse-type grocery store sees a man with a bag of Doritos chips. She looks and the only bags she sees are high, up on the top shelf which is unrealistically made to be about 20 feet off the ground. She is wearing khaki slacks and tan low-heeled mules. On the way up you see her trying to climb up looking like a mountain climber. Her feet flex in the mules as she steps. They do not show her losing one shoe, but eventually, she is hanging on with her legs dangling and one shoe is missing the rest of the commercial. Contributed by “Kinja”.

  243. Unidentified Movies: The first five one-shoe scenes were contributed by “Andy”, and the remainder have been borrowed from “Nigel”. Anybody who can identify the movies they were taken are most welcome to contribute: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6).

  244. Flypaper (1997): Lucy Liu’s character has cut her heel open to remove a chain some guys put on her. She makes it to a farm where a guy says he will help her. She is wearing one boot and the other foot is all bloody. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  245. Variety Girl (1947): Mary Hatcher’s character puts her foot in wet cement and loses her shoe. She picks up the shoe and is chased wearing one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  246. La Belle Captive (1983): In this fantastic/horror movie from France, a guy is driving and suddenly sees a woman is lying in the road, in one shoe. He helps her up and into his car, remaining in one shoe. He stops at a house nearby for help and the occupants congratulate him on bringing a guest barefoot and she seems to have lost the other shoe. He is locked in a room with her and the next morning everyone is gone, including her. Eventually he finds a shoe outside the gate to the house. Then the police show up and say they now have 3 shoes from the same pair! Very confusing to say the least. Further along in the film, there is a flashback to his time in bed with the woman and she is in one shoe again. At the very end of the movie, the woman shows up in the street, again in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  247. White Palace (1990): There is a Thanksgiving Dinner and suddenly there is a scream and a mid-aged woman (Renee Taylor) is saying she did not mean to spill her drink on the carpet. She is standing with one shoe off, one on and in black stockings, with the shoe lying on the floor in front of her. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  248. A Taste of Flesh (1967): Peggy Stefans (billed as Cleo Nora) plays a woman who at one point is beaten in a bedroom and left with one shoe on, one off. She later rolls over and second shoe drops off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  249. The Foresaken (2001): Woman is being carried inside motel room and loses one sneaker. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  250. Along Came Polly (2004): Early in the movie, Veb Stiller’s character is carrying Debra Messing’s character across the threshold of a villa in the Carribean on their honeymoon and they are being chased by a flying insect. In the haste to get inside one of her shoes (a mid-heel slide or thong sandal) gets knocked off as her foot hits the wall. Contributed by “Kinja”.

  251. Lost in Translation (2003): The Ad Agency that Bill Murray’s character is working for, sends an “Escort” to his hotel room and at one point she tries to trap his legs with hers and they roll on the floor. As he tries to get away one of her shoes (a regular pump) comes off and can be seen lying on its side. Contributed by “Kinja”.

  252. Two Thousand Maniacs (1964): Yvonne Gilbert character is tied spreadeagle and has one shoe off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  253. The Silencers (1966): Stella Stevens steps out of the station wagon during a rainstorm. After stepping in some mud with her heels on, she removes her right pump and falls in a larger puddle. She then falls forwards and gets out of the puddle, and walks back to the station wagon where Dean Martin removes her muddy nylons, saying “take off your (remaining) shoe and stockings”. Story contributed by “muddy pumps”, photos by “feeture feature”.

  254. Letter to My Killer (1995): Movie starts 30 years before present and a woman gets thrown down elevator shaft. There is one shoe left behind. One of the guys who pushed her picks it up and flips it in his hand before tossing it after her. Then her body is shown in one shoe . Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  255. Cendrillon (1925): In this French silent movie inspired by Cinderella theme, Dinky Doodler plays a prime looking for the beautiful dancer who lost her shoe the previous night.

  256. Bus Stop (1956): In this movie, Marilyn Monroe experiences a shoe loss that is for real, and not a plot. In one scene, she runs across a rodeo field and steps out of her pump, and the shoe could be seen a few feet behind her. She goes back and picks it up and continues running out. According a website specializing in movie mishaps, she actually tripped in that scene and the director Joshua Logan decided not to re-shoot the scene as it was shot between real rodeo shows. The crowds cheered and the fall stayed in. Contributions by “lennart”, “feeture feature”, and “kinja”.

  257. Madam Satan (1930): Lillian Roth hides under a couch in bedroom and a guy moves it and undercovers her. She is trying to hide from her boyfriend who is pounding on the door. When she gets up, she has lost a slipper and has to put it back on before climbing out window. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  258. Dracula 2000: In this movie shot in 2000, the character played by Justine Waddell is dropped over the side of building by Vampire. She survives, but loses a shoe when she hits the pavement. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  259. Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal (1989, TV): Evelyn Bakerege’s character is hit by a car and one shoe is knocked off . She lies in the street in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  260. Amazons and Superman (1975): A woman suffers a sprained ankle and one of the Supermen (!) has examined her when she is in one boot. He takes her foot for treatment and she is shown still in one boot as sprained ankle is bandaged. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  261. Living in a Big Way (1947): Marie McDonald’s character steps in a basin of plaster and then removes one shoe, stands for a while in one shoe. Then she walks to a chair and wipes the foot with a towel and puts on another shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  262. White Oleander (2002): Svetlana Efremova walks across a lawn and loses a high heel , goes back and puts it on. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  263. High Heels and Low Lifes (2001): Mary McCormack’s character is with another woman on the street and they are both drunk. McCormack gets a shoe caught in a grate and as she struggles to get it out she loses the other shoe as well. Then she frees the first shoe, having put the second back on. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  264. Eurovision Song Contest 2004: The finals aired in May 2004 in more than 30 European countries witnessed a shoe loss by one of the female singers. This is a decades-old, Europe-wide event broadcast live in all European countries. In this year’s finals held in Turkey, last year’s winner (a female singer from Turkey) made the opening and as she walked into the scene, one of her heels gut stuck in a grid on the floor. She walked out of her golden pump-like mule (unusual shoe style; a hi-heel pump except the very end towards the heel which was open, without any stripes or whatsoever). She tripped and almost fell, then took a few steps back to place her foot into the errant shoe but failed to free it, as millions watched her. In a matter of seconds, one of the assistants from behind the scene popped-in, freed the shoe, and helped her slip into it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a VCR on spot, but perhaps one of the fans in Europe could catch a re-airing of the event and tape it for the rest of us…

  265. Buried Alive (1990/I): Karen Witter’s character is standing while ants crawl on her feet. The ground begins to shake and she looks down as the ground bursts open and a hand reaches out. She loses the right pump, then her left before she is yanked into the hole. It was just a hallucination. Story contributed by “Erik”, photo by “Andy” & “feeture feature”.

  266. Curtain Call (1940): Barbara Read come home after date and picks up something to read. She takes off one shoe and then wonders across the room in an exaggerated one-shoe walk. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  267. A Dangerous Affair (1995): In this TV movie, Connie Sellecca getting ready for a date and shown for the entire shot in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  268. A King in New York (1957): Dawn Addams grabbed by Charlie Chaplin’s character, rolls to the floor and loses a slide. She carries the shoe around the room when getting up and when standing still fans herself with it. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  269. Bringing Up Baby (1938): Cary Grant stomps on Katherine Hepburn’s foot. She is shown with one slipper off, counting her toes. Actually she is saying “he loves me, he loves me not”. She then runs through the house carrying one slipper and wearing the other. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  270. Playing Mona Lisa (2000): A woman is lying on floor passed out after a party, in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  271. Glissements Progressifs du Plaisir (1973): In this movie from France, teen falls from cliff and is shown at bottom , one shoe on, one off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  272. Blood Feast (1963): Connie Mason’s character is attacked by a guy for an ancient Egyptian rite. As he picks her up, she loses one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  273. Our Dancing Daughters (1928): Another woman is trying to pull off Joan Crawford’s boots. She gets one boot off and then drags her around the room by the other foot and never gets the boot off. They collapse in laughter. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  274. Lolita (1997): Dominique Swain’s character serves breakfast to guy in one shoe In a somewhat gruesome second scene, character played by Melanie Griffith gets hit by car and Irons identifies her body, one shoe on, one off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  275. Magnum P.I. (1980, TV): In one episode, Magnum is protecting a woman and they end-up in a public venue, like a shopping mall. As he becomes aware that they are being followed by armed men, he urges the woman to walk faster. She trips and loses her shoe. They go a few feet and then she runs back to retrieve her hi-heel. He yells at her to leave it, but oblivious to the danger she runs back, picks it up and continues one-shod back to him, all the while complaining about f how expensive the shoes are and the stupidity of leaving one behind. She is nearly shot by one of the hitmen, but he is instructed at the last second not to take the shot. She has additional shoe trouble a few minutes later when she and magnum end up in the water. Contributed by “Thomas Johnson”.

  276. Knight Rider (TV Series, 1982): In one episode, a woman being kidnapped loses a sandal. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  277. 1941: This Steven Spielberg comedy shot in 1979 centres on hysteria on the west coast during the days immediately following the Dec 7th 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. During the beginning, a young zoot-suiter pulls his girlfriend into her dad's garage to prevent being seen. He pulls her in so fast that her strappy high-heeled pump is flung from her foot and is shown remaining behind for her girl friend to find. It is returned to her a moment later and we get to see her put it back on as well. Later in the movie there is an USO dance that turns into a drunken brawl and when watched in slow motion on DVD, there are several shoe losses shown. Contributed by “Thomas Johnson”.

  278. Sid and Nancy (1986): In this movie about Sex Pistols, Nancy (Played by Chloe Webb) is with two friends in a car and is asked to get out to pick up something. She protests, saying she has a broken heel, but they make her go anyway. She limps along in black pumps, with one heel broken but her shoe on. Then the friends throw her luggage out of the car and drive off, where Sid (Gary Oldman) and Johnny find it. She comes out of the building in one shoe and they help her put her luggage back together. In the next scene, she is wearing the broken shoe again. Later in the movie, the two are backstage and everbody is gone, leaving them alone. They start to make love and Nancy asks Sid to kiss her toes, which he does after removing her boot and tearing a hole in her stockings. Story contributed by “DJ”, photo by “feeture feature”.

  279. Friends: In one episode of this TV series running since 1994, Courtney Cox walks around in one sandal for about 10 minutes. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  280. Walk on the Wild Side (1962): Jane Fonda’s character has been hitch-hiking on back of a truck. When she gets off, she is carrying one shoe . She shakes foot before and after putting shoe back on. Then she goes into dinner and pretends to get ill from the food. She is put to bed in owner’s room and somehow she has lost the same shoe again. When no one is around she gets up and ransacks the room. Then she leaves the room still in one shoe and finds the missing shoe on the floor at the dinner counter. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  281. Delta Force (1986): During the first rescue attempt of this movie with Chuck Norris, the terrorists free the female hostages from the airliner to make room for additional terrorists. As the women exit the plane and rundown the stairs, several remove their shoes and a couple inadvertently drop or lose them as they run to safety. Contributed by “thomas johnson”.

  282. Kojak (TV Series, 1973): One episode starts with a man carrying the body of a woman down some steps in the rain and one shoe comes off. He dumps her body and goes back up the steps and finds her shoe, which he picks and puts in a bag, then dumps it in the alley. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  283. Sex In The City (TV Series, 1998-2004): “Nigel C” reports that several episodes with shoe loss scenes. The best ones are of her running for a ferry and trips out of one shoe and has to limp back for it. The next one where she is on a catwalk and one sandal comes off and she has to walk in only one sandal . In still another one, she is trying to have sex in a fire station when there is a call and the fire tender goes out. Kim is left nude wearing only one shoe and she is picking up her clothes.

  284. Death Wish (1974): Mother and grown daughter were attacked. Daughter played by Kathleen Tolan crawls over her mother’s body to get phone and has lost one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  285. Street Fighter (1994): When Jean-Claude VanDamme leads “A.N.” soldiers off to attack the evil dictator towards the end of the movie, the politicians who unsuccessfully try to stop them end up quite dishevelled and the lady politician is shown limping around, carrying one shoe and the second shoe could be off as well. Story contributed by “Thomas Johnson”, caption by “feeture feature”.

  286. I Could Go On Singing (1963): Judy Garland’s character is walking along sidelines of rugby practice mud and loses a high-heeled shoe. A guy picks it up and puts it back on her foot. Soon, she realizes it is a lost cause and takes off both shoes and walks in mud in stocking feet. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  287. Morecamb & Wise Show (TV Series, 1968-77): Shirley Bassey gets her foot trapped and they take her sandal off and she has to walk in only one shoe. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  288. Daydream (Hakujitsumu): Kanako Michi’s character in this 1964 Japanese film is running down escalator to escape a guy who makes her take part in S&M games. She gets a high-heel stuck and cannot get loose. She then runs down escalator in one shoe. At some point she loses the other shoe. She never makes it off the escalator and seems to be hynotized at times and goes back up and then tries to run down again. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  289. Tooth paste commercial: In this Signal Fresh tooth paste commercial aired in Europe in 2002, girl is getting ready in hurry for blind date. She puts on a short summer dress, then slips one foot in her slide, but cannot find the other one. She searches all her room, her closet, and even looks under her bed, but cannot find it: In her panic, her hair and make-up ruined and her bracelet comes off spreading pearls all around. In the next scene, she is meeting her friends and being introduced to this young guy, who takes a disgusted look at her footwear, big & ugly pair of solider boots. Then, the commercial’s theme arrives; she had of course brushed her teeth with Signal Fresh, and feeling her breath, the guy is impressed and happens to like her… Disaster of a commercial! But at least, nice shoe loss scene…

  290. The Bill (1984- ): In one episode of this TV Series from UK, there is a raid and some prostitutes are arrested and one is wearing only one shoe. The copper is holding her errant shoe. Story and caption courtesy of “nigel c”.

  291. The Stunt Man (1980): Barbara Hersey’s character, in old lady makeup, pretends to be knocked into ocean by helicopter flying close to cliff. Guy jumps in to rescue her, not knowing it is fake accident. She loses one shoe in the water and then scares the guy when she peels off makeup. She asks him to complete rescue and toes off the remaining shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  292. The Terminator (1984): When the terminator zeroes in on Sarah Conner (played by Linda Hamilton) while she is hiding in the club, there is a gunfight between he and Reese. A couple of girls in the bar lose their high-heels as they jump and run over each other to get away. Contributed by “thomas johnson”.

  293. Beer commercial: This beer commercial contributed by “nigel c” depicting a wedding reception in a large garden with a markey, it starts to rain and every one runs to get out of the rain. But, as the bride turns to run, her shoe gets stuck in the grass and comes off . So, she leaves it there and runs wearing only one shoe.

  294. Drunken Angel (1948): In this Akira Kurosawa movie from Japan, woman struggles as a sick gangster kisses her, and she loses one shoe. She is shown backing away from bed in one shoe . Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  295. Unidentified TV Series: In this TV series (name could be Black Lace or Black Velvet) aired in UK in 1990-1991 timeframe, the girl (also starring in TV series Coupling) is thrown from a motor bike and her boot is pulled off by the impact, and spends the next 15 minutes in one boot. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  296. Rat Race (2001): In this comedy bringing together several famous actors actresses, middle-aged woman falls down stairs in casino and loses a shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  297. Tarzan (1999, cartoon): Though cartoons and animated films may not be considered within the exact scope of this list, Walt Disney Studios’ recent Tarzan movie pays particular attribute to the shoe loss theme, thereof deserves mention here. In the first quarter of the movie, Jane’s 19th century-style ankle boot is stripped away by a small monkey, as she is saved from a band of savage monkeys by Tarzan. She is left on Tarzan’s lap one-shod. When they finally manage to get rid off the monkeys and left alone, Tarzan is interested in her naked foot and even plays with her toes. When they finally make it back to the camp, Kane tells her father that monkeys stole her shoe (lifting her naked foot up). Overall, quite long and interesting emphasis one shoe loss and one-shoe theme.

  298. London’s Burning (TV Series, 1988-2003): In one episode, a woman is rescued from a burning building and left one shoe behind. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  299. The Beggar’s Opera (1983, TV): Roger Daltrey’s character enjoys a whore having her shod foot on him awhile and then he removes the shoe and sucks her stockinged foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  300. GMTV Fashion Makeover: In this morning ITV program in the UK, two women coming from Essex (image of an Essex girl as a very common one with a tart, short skirt, white stilettos, etc) have a fashion make over, clothes, shoes and new hair style etc, and then compare before and after. As they arrive the studio, they are shown taking one shoe off, holding it while wearing the other, and then both tossing them in the bin. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  301. X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (1963): Woman is injured at carnival and shown in one shoe as doctor comes to treat her. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  302. Silent Killer (2001): Man rescues woman mayor from her car when she has been overcome by gas leak. As she drags her to safety, she is in one high heel. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  303. Gilligan’s Island Reality Show (2004, TV) : The TBS cable station in US started running a reality show based on the famous Gilligan’s Island sitcom shot originally in 1964-1967 (see item 16 of this list). TBS gets a real skipper, first mate, millionaires, movie star, professor and Kansas farm girl together on an island and make them try to get rescued. “Kinja” reports an inadvertent shoe loss in this reality show version as well. Accordingly, the game started with two teams (one of each character in each). They had to swim out into the ocean and get a raft with large flame burning on top and carry it back shore. One of the Marry Ann’s lost one of her slipper shoes (the type you see rafters sometimes wear) in the water. You faintly hear her say “I lost my shoe”. You see her running in one shoe at a little bit of distance. For the next competition, though, she was given a replacement.

  304. The Creeping Terror (1964): In this awful monster movie, the monster looks like a moth eaten carpet. It invades a teenagers’ dance and eats its fill. Here, one victim goes in in one high heel and one shoeless foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  305. Le Joie de Vivre (1934): In this French cartoon, girl loses her shoe and spends most of the 30-minute film in just one shoe . Contributed by “nigel c”.

  306. That Midnight Kiss (1949): Kathryn Grayson’s character gets her heel caught in a garage grate. Mechanic takes off her shoe and carries her to back of truck so that she does not ruin her stocking. While he is working on the shoe, the truck starts moving and he has to go lift her up off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  307. High Heeled and Horny: This X-rated movie has a segment “Where’s My Heel” starring Greta Carlson. She is hunting for a red shoe, having put the other one . Her husband has the heel hidden on the couch. Meanwhile, she hunts everywhere and finally says she will miss her ceremony because she could not find her shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.
  308. Bruiser (2000): Guy imagines he has become tough and throws a woman to ground for pushing ahead of him in line for getting on train. In struggle, she loses a shoe. The white spot about halfway between the two and the left side of the cap is the lost shoe. In a second scene, woman is cowering under table when guy breaks into office. She is guy’s wife and has just been caught having an affair with is boss. She pulls off one shoe to use as a weapon but there are no real views of her feet. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  309. Enciende mi passion (Light My Passion) : In this 1994 movie from Mexico, Ana Alvarez trips going onto a porch and loses a high-heel shoe. She stumbles to the side of the porch and the guy who brought her in his car runs over and picks up the shoe and then examines her leg. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  310. Cuando Calienta el Sol (2000) : Another movie from Mexico. Two women are in a luxury hotel. One, possibly Lorena Meritano, gets up from poolside and carries one sandal . She walks into bedroom and drops her shoe. Then she climbs on bed with other woman, still in one shoe. She props barefoot against bedpost. Then her boyfriend shows up. She gets up and hooks the shoeless foot around boyfriend (bare sole seen between his legs). Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  311. Speed of Life / Saturn (1999): Mia Kirshner’s character has one boot on, one barefoot during lovemaking with guy. He had removed the other boot and sucked her toes earlier. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  312. Heartbreakers (2001): There are no permanent losses but a couple of temporary ones from the two female leads, Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. They play mother and daughter con-women. In one scene, the two of them sit on either side of a man they are trying to con and beforehand they had a bet on who could get him to buy one of them a drink (or something like that...). Their flirting went back and forth and Sigourney Weaver slipped off a shoe – a silver two-band slide to the floor (they were all sitting on elevated bar stools). She looked down at the floor and suggested he helped with her shoe back on and he did. Later on in the movie, Jennifer LH is walking through some woods near the ebach where she was going to meet a different guy for a date. She stepped in mud and ended up in the mud with one of her black slides off and stuck in the mud. She left them there and went to the beach barefoot for their date. She ran off afterwards but was not shown recovering her shoes (at least in the edited TV version). She was seen wearing them later. Contributed by “kinja”.

  313. The Play Pen Girls (1967): Tiger Lilly’s character runs from her lecherous stepfather near end of movie out in country. She is carrying one high heel and one foot is stockgined, she keeps the other shoe on. After a few minutes she puts the first shoe back on. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  314. Quest Dex Commercial: There is a brief scene where a one-shod young woman approaches the guy (Dex) asking where the nearest shoe repair was. Apparently, she broke her heel of her shoe, and walks off in one shoe. A video shot could be seen at dexmedia website, under “Hanging Around”. Reported first in “Legs & Heels” message board. Captions contributed by “nigel c”.

  315. Let’s Make A Deal: In this TV Show aired in 1960s, Monty Hall made women trade articles of clothing for prizes – innocent things like hats. In one early show, a woman traded her shoe in for a prize and never got the shoe back. Story courtesy of “strangeringray”.
  316. Saturday Night Live (1977-): On Saturday February 5th (2005), with Paris Hilton as the guest host, there was a skit where the cast was pretending to be Barbie and Ken dolls in a child’s playhouse. Amy Poehler was Flight Attendant Barbie. Paris Hilton was Passion Barbie and was caught with ‘Ken’ by the older Barbie when she came home for a flight. As the Flight Attendant Barbie came home she was visibly wearing one matching blue slide and called out to Ken that she had lost one of her shoes again. There were a few glimpses of her one shoe during the skit and she walked with a slight one-shoe gait. Of course, this part of the skit served to play off the fact that little girls tend to lose the tiny easy to slip off Barbie shoes. Contributed by “kinja”.
  317. Freaky Friday (1977): Jodie Foster’s character changes place with Barbara Harris playing her mother. Foster, with her mother’s mind, takes off a shoe and sock on bus to get change for the fare. Then, after sitting down, she looks at her dirty sole and thinks it must never have seen a bathtub. Later in the movie, Harris, with her daughter’s mind, is rushing off and loses a slide. She picks it up and carries it as she walks one-shod down sidewalk, saying she can put it on on the bus. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  318. The Cool Surface (1994): Teri Hatcher’s character slips out of one shoe when guy standing behind her gets her all excited. He spoils it by saying, “Keep the heels on; take off the dress”. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  319. Bacardi Commercial: Stars with a red mule drop into a fish tank . Next, there is a row of seated women wearing mules, relaxing with a glass of Bacardi. They cross their legs and as they do so, one mule from each flies off. The next scene is a guy sitting by a fountain and as he looks up, he gets showered with the flying mules and they drop all around him. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  320. You Have Been Framed (1990): In this TV program aired in UK, people send video clips of their own make. In this one, the woman was dancing at a disco, and during a high kick, her stiletto shoe came off and got stuck in the ceiling. It is not shown whether she gets her shoe back. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  321. Fierce Creatures (1997): Woman falls down steps and loses right shoe. Shoe can be seen on step above her. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  322. Sledge Hammer! (1986-88): TV series with David Rasche, playing a dumb police detective who always looks for the most violent solution to any problem. In one episode, one of the female participants in a fight ends up losing one pump. Contributed by “kinja”.

  323. Honky Tonk Freeway (1981): According to “Nigel c” reporting, near the end a young woman rolls down the embankment of the road and when she climbs back up, she has only one wedged sandal on. Whereas “feature feature”s account describes Sandra McCabe’s and Celia Weston’s characters climbing up a hill after a crash (during closing credits), and Weston is carrying a shoe but there is no view of feet.

  324. Wabash Avenue: Betty Grable’s character gets mad at guy and throws her slipper at him. He catches it and salutes her with it and leaves with the slipper. She runs over to the door and kicks it with her bare foot. He gives the slipper to another guy outside the dressing room to return to her. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  325. Animatrix (2003): In this animated movie, the humans are threatened by machines that went out of control. The woman character is grabbed by one of them and hershoe comes off. Yet, a machine reprogrammed by humans comes to her rescue and picks her up. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  326. Singing Detective (1986): In this BBC production, a woman is making love on bushes and she has lost a shoe. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  327. Assassination Tango (2002): Right at the start of movie, a mugging victim loses a shoe struggling to keep her purse. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  328. Crimewatch UK (1984): In this crime reconstruction series, a woman was kidnapped and she lost a shoe in the process. After the kidnapper tied her up , he went back and found her missing shoe, then put her shoe back on her foot. I think she was raped and they said the guy who did it had a shoe fetish because he put her shoe back on her. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  329. Along Came Polly (2004): Jennifer Aniston is one-shod while being carried by Ben Stiller. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  330. Lust and the Flesh (1965): Helen has her feet on the edge of car window as she makes out with guy. She loses one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  331. Lethal Weapon (1987): At the start of the movie, there is a woman jumping from a high building and she is wearing only one high-heeled sandal. It is a bit dark but, if you look closely, can make it out. Story contributed by “nigel c”, picture by “feeture feature”.

  332. Bachelor Flat (1962): Ann Del Guercio’s character hugs Terry Thomas’ on the beach and his bowler hat falls off. He walks away and realizes he has no hat. He looks back and sees that she has standing on the hat with her high heel. He comes back and she raises her leg. As he pulls the hat, her shoe comes off. He puts on the hat not realizing the shoe is still stuck in it. Then he gets back and she takes her shoe back. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  333. Earth Vs. the Spider (2001): In this thriller movie shot for TV, Theresa Russel’s character is left on sidewalk in one shoe after being attacked by spider creature. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  334. Sharon and Elsie: In this British sitcom aired in 1984-85, Janette Beverly (as Sharon) played a new young secretary setting in a printing office. In the very first episode, she was getting ready for her first day and she put on one shoe and the dog picked up her other shoe and run off with it. So, she had to limp after the dog wearing only one shoe. There was a nice shot of the dog walking up the road with her shoe in its mouth and she was limping up behind wearing only one shoe. She caught up with the dog and got her shoe back. As she put her shoe on, she said “it’s all wet and it’s like wearing a soggy dog biscuit”. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  335. Love & Sex (2000): Famke Janssen’s character ,s having sex with guy in stall of men’s room and one pump flies out of the stall. Another guy picks up the shoe. Then the guy who had sex comes out of the stall and pulls up his zipper. Janssen comes out and takes the shoe back from the second guy, putting it on and saying that she hates when that happens. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  336. Caprice (1967): Another Doris Day movie with shoe loss theme! This time, her character is an industrial spy. She wants to steal a lock of a woman’s hair. The woman has used water-repellent hair spray. While the woman is lying on her deck, some hair extends below and Day goes crawling along under the supports ready to clip the hair. But it doesn’t work because a dog spots her and tries to bite her fingers and as she struggles to keep her balance, she first drops the shears she has and almost stabs a guy photographing her from the street. Then one of her shoes falls off and hits him on the head. Next she is seen climbing down the cliff below the deck in one shoe. At the bottom the guy leads her to his car. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  337. Caddyshack (1980): Lois Kebbee’s character is at home after a boating accident and walks through hall in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  338. Lynx Deodorant Commercial: This ad borrows its theme from the martial arts movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. It starts with him offering her flowers, but she rejects them and runs off. He goes after her; this time she rips his shirt with her bare foot, while she wears a sandal on her other foot. You can see that she is wearing only one sandal, but you don’t see the other come off. Once his shirt is ripped off, the Lynx’s effect takes over and she falls for him. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  339. Locusts (TV movie, 2005): Women under desk as locusts attack. One is in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  340. Joey (2004- )*: In this spin-off of popular TV series “Friends”, Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc) moves to LA to pursue his acting career. Towards the end of one episode, Joey is supposed to appear in a TV show, but he is somehow late and her sister Gina (played by Drea de Matteo) turns up with a pink scooter she has found for him. When he complains about the color, she starts telling what she had to go through to find that scooter, and lifting up her bare right foot, she says “I also dropped my shoe”. Then, as he gets on the scooter, she steps down and walks away in a very obvious one shoe gait (apparently wearing a high-heel on other foot, but now shown).

  341. Hope and Faith (TV Series, 2003- ): “Kinja” reports three one-shoe scenes in the episode aired on May 6th, 2005. First, the main character (Hope) played by Faith Ford is in her bedroom, and her foot is almost out of her mule . After she ad-libbed flipping both mules off to be more comfortable in the next one. In the second scene, Kelly Ripa (playing Faith) is teasing the newscaster and dropped one red high- heel and is massaging his knee with her toes. In the last one, Kelly was handcuffed to a shower door by her sister and she had come next door to win over the neighbor, one-shod. It was just bad editing because in the frames just before she has both shoes on. They probably filmed the secene many times and they kept one where a shoe came off in the process.

  342. Method (2004): Ionna Pavlescu’s character steps into mud and loses a shoe. A guy comes and digs the shoe out of the mud and puts it back on her foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  343. Reefer Madness (2005, TV): Amy Spanger’s character leaves a scene of hit and run accident and walks into lamppost, losing one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  344. The O.C. : In this TV series aired since 2003, Summer /played by Rachel Bilson) is at a charity auction with her friend and there is some random bidding on items. The bidding is slow and Summer is asked to provide something for auction. She and her friend are nest to the stage wjere the auction is taking place, and she decides totally off the cuff and to auction her shoes! She immediately takes one shoe (red, high-heeled pump) off and holds it in the air for potential bidders to see. And of course the upshot is … she is ultimately and immediately rendered one shod whilst the bidding takes place. The shoes eventually go for $60! Contributed by “Gordybhoy”.

  345. On Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970): Barbara Streisand starts taking off shoe and stocking due to post-hypnotic suggestion. Doctor takes her off to his office and she keeps trying to remove the stocking until he tells her it is a suggestion that is making her do it. He gives back her shoe and she puts it on. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  346. Modern Girls (1986): Daphne Zuniga gets released from police station and is walking through parking lot carrying one shoe. Guy says that’s very hip, one shoe on, one off. She throws the shoe at him. Unfortunately, her feet are never shown. There is also an earlier scene where she is part of a group walking the city streets and she says her feet hurt. The she is shown having changed one shoe with another woman. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  347. Cutting It (2002- ): In this TV series from UK, hairdresser Allie Henshall lies dead after being knocked down in the street. She is missing one shoe. Contributed by “nigel c”.

  348. Hit the Deck (1955): Jane Powell sprains an ankle and sailor sits with her on park bench. He takes off her shoe and she asks for him to get a taxi. He says best thing is to rest it and they brake into song. At the end of song she puts shoe back on. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  349. Beijing Bicycle (2001): Guy hits woman (played by Xun Zhou) with bicycle and she lies in the street, one shoe off, one partially off. Torn stocking on foot with no shoe… Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  350. The Punisher (2004): There is a scene where hitmen wipe out the entire family of Frank Castle (played by Thomas Jane) during a reunion. In the background of a fight scene between Frank and a knife-wielding thug, a dead woman can be seen lying on a large table with her legs dangling over the edge. One of her clogs has fallen off and the other is just barely dangling off her toes. Later in the scene, the hitmen run down Maria Castle (Samantha Mathis) and her son with a truck. When Frank discovers their bodies, she has lost one of her sandals. Story contributed by “Jonathan Gagliardi”, caption by “feeture feature”.

  351. Hairshirt (1988): In this movie whose 2001 re-issue title is “Too Smooth”, Rebecca Guy’s shoe flies through the air as she kicks it off, but no foot is shown. Contributed by “wang tohan”.

  352. The Brooke Ellison Story (2004, TV): Girl (actress is 22 years old, Lacey Chabert) is in accident and in one shoe, one bare foot as taken into hospital. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  353. Day-Time Wife (1939): “Feeture Feature” reports two one-shoe scenes in this movie. In the first one, Binnie Barnes’ character meets woman in ladies’ room at nightclub. The woman’s husband has been cheating with a secretary who is also somewhere in the restroom. Barnes takes off a shoe and says they should go beat the secretary. In the second scene, the secretary played by Wendy Barrie is spending the night at apartment of husband and wife, although she does not know the woman is boss’ wife. She overhears the boss insult her and when he is getting ready to sleep on couch (wife has made him pretend to be a guest), secretary sneaks up behind him and removes high heel slipper and hits him on head, breaking heel. She puts shoe back on and marches out of room.

  354. Chupke Se (2003): Right at the beginning of this Indian movie, Masumi Makhija’s character is trying to catch a bus when her shoe breaks. She reaches down and slips off the shoe and carries it with her as she runs for the bus. She enters a bus exit and the conductor motions that she has to enter at the other end. She gets off still carrying the shoe but the bus starts up and leaves before she can get on. She stands in the street yelling and throws her shoe at the bus. Next, she is shown getting the shoe repaired by a street vendor. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  355. The Nuisance (1933): Ambulance-chasing lawyer stumbles over a woman’s (Madge Evans) shoe at a scene of crash. He picks up shoe and then locates woman on ground. She is not injured and asks for her shoe. He insists that she must be injured and needs representation. He even breaks the heel on her shoe to show damage. He finally puts broken shoe back on her foot and takes her home. In nice touch, later in film, he brings her new shoes and puts them on her feet. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  356. Thunderbirds (2004): Lady Penelope (played by Sophia Myles) has to kick off her slingback to knock down an icicle to help people escape from a freezing room. You get a close-up as she holds up foot and wiggles it to loosen the shoe. Then the flies through the air and hits the icicle. There is finally a close-up after someone must have brought the shoe back to her as she just finished stepping back into it. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  357. Gridlock (1996 for TV): This item was moved here from the “prime list” on the basis of corrected script provided by “feeture feature”. Accordingly, there is a scene where Kathy Ireland’s character pulls of both high-heeled shoes to escape from some thugs. But she drops one and it is found by the thug. He reports back that he found a woman’s shoe, still warm. Meanwhile, she has a gym bag and while she remains trapped in the building, she wears sneakers.

  358. Swing Parade (1946): Gale Storm’s character has a broken shoe and stops outside nightclub where she wants to get a job and takes off one shoe. While she is standing there, a drunk gets tossed out and presumably she puts shoe back on and enters. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  359. Shaolin Soccer (Siu lam juk kau): In this 2001 movie shot in Honk Kong, two guys lay odds on a girl (played by Hui Li) slipping on a banana peel. As walks-bye , they are watching at a distance. She steps on the peel, slips and loses her shoe in the process. Afterwards, she is seen standing up with her empty shoe in her hand. Contributed by “Blizzard”.

  360. Marshalls Commercial: “John” reports this commercial for Marshalls Department Store, in which they are talking about “Marshalls Laws”. Law #16 stated that for the price most people pay for one shoe, you could get two at Marshalls. It showed two women each with one shoe. One was a close up and it showed a mixed lady with her legs crossed, wearing only one golden pump. All of a sudden, a leaf covers her bare foot and the mate appears. Before that, you can see the other woman wearing black nylons and a single checkered slingback.

  361. Latin Lovers (1953): Lana Turner plays a woman who goes to Brazil and finds a lover there. In one particular scene, she feels a pain in her foot after dance. One of the guys carries her to somewhere and makes her sit on a table. He kneels down before her, takes one shoe off, and spots a wound on her foot. While he starts bandaging her foot, his father enters the room and says things praising her feet. Upon her asking her shoe back, he slowly ties the shoe’s strips; she stands up and leaves.

  362. Priceline.com Commercial: This recent commercial during summer 2005 shows woman shopping for shoes, one shoe on, one off, as she talks to William Shatner. Commercial ends with Shatner barefoot in red high-heel slides. Contributed by “ feeture feature”.

  363. Carry On Girls (1973): In this romantic comedy, a beauty contest is spoiled by sport feminists spraying itching powder on the girls, and using some sort of oil to slip them off. One girl slips up on the ramp and one of her shoes fly off her foot. Contributed by “Blizzard”.

  364. Voglia di donna (1978): First scene of this Italian movie has a woman in one shoe making out with a guy at beach. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  365. Red Eye (2005): A woman karate kicks a man, and her high-heel shoe impales in his body. We don’t see the shoe leave her foot, but she is then seen barefoot. There was a few times in the movie that I thought she would lose a shoe; earlier on she is strangled and lifted up and we see her feet almost leave her shoes. Then later on the killer grabs her foot, bot doesn’t remove her shoe. Contributed by “Blizzard”.

  366. Killer Instinct (TV Movie, 1988): Melissa Gilbert’s plays a psychiatrist and she has to run from a crazed patient, falling and getting one shoe caught under a chair and losing the shoe. Probably just happened and was not scripted. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  367. Have a Heart (1934): Jean Parker falls off an apartment balcony when the railing gives way and lies injured on the street, in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  368. Witness for the Prosecution (TV Movie, 1982): Corpse found at the beginning of movie, one shoe on, one off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  369. Adventures of Superman (TV Series, 1952-57): In episode #4 (Mystery of the Broken Statues), Lois Lane played by Phyllis Coates buys a batch of porcelain statues to understand why someone is buying them. When she gets back to her apartment, she takes off one heel to break one open, but then hoobles one-shod to get waste basket and back to her couch. Posted in Mickflux’s board by “MrHypnotyk”; caption contributed by “feeture feature”.

  370. Scream and Scream Again (1969): Judy Huxtable’s character gets transmitter put in her shoe to trap a murderer who picks up women in clubs. Later the murdered attacks her in car. No clear view of her feet as she is lifted out by police. Guy gets away and her shoe is shown lying in car. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  371. Unidentified Movie: “Nigel C” contributed those 2 captions from an unidentified movie, in which a woman is kidnapped. As she is tied up, she loses one sandal.

  372. Play Dirty (1968): Vivian Pickles plays a German nurse and 3 British undercover agents attack her in desert. As she struggles, she loses one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  373. What I Like About You (TV Series, 2002- ): “Kinja” contributed this link to the episode where Holly (Amanda Bynes) loses a high heel slide while riding a horse in the forest. Her sister, Val (Jeannie Garth) retrieves it. Look starting on the fifth row of Act Two to see related photos. Also, “Feeture feature” caught the following posting in MousePad: “… Amanda Bynes’ character had followed her boyfriend down to Florida and the two ended up sleeping on the beach. The episode opened with them waking up and Amanda had her right shoe off.”

  374. Elizabethtown (2005): Kirsten Dunst is the female lead in the movie and she is leaving a guy’s motel room in the morning while he is still asleep. They show the TV in the room left on and it is showing the scene from “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn – one of the best shoe loss scenes ever. Then they flash to real time and Kirsten’s character is groping under the bed for a just out of reach high heel red strappy sandal. After a couple of seconds of stretching she reaches it. It should add that throughout the movie there were times where the background music lyrics were saying something similar to the situation at the time, so this fits the pattern. Text contributed by “Kinja”, photo links by “John Silva”.

  375. Where’s Poppa? (1970): Trish Van Devere’s character is jumping up and down on bed with George Segal’s character. She says they still have their shoes on, so Segal gets off bed and removes his then removes hers. She hears banging in the house and Segal says it’s his mother. Van Devere says she should meet her. So Segal puts his shoes back on and Van Devere gets only one on. She starts wandering the house with him in one shoe, carrying the second one. Finally, he tells her to put her shoe on while he gets his mother. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  376. Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938): Priscilla Lane’s character falls from horse and guy pulls off her boot, almost causing her to fall into horse trough. She then soaks sore ankle into the trough. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  377. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series, 1955): In the episode “Man from the South” aired for the first time in March 1960, woman at a bar is dangling and her strong drink makes her shoe slip from her foot. Steve McQueen’s character picks up the shoe and puts it on her foot. Sure seems like this could have been the inspiration for the Sigourney Weaver’s identical scene in 2001 movie Heartbreakers. Contributed by “feeture feature” and “Wang Tohan”.

  378. Biscuit commercial: “”Gordion” contributed this interesting “Biskrem” biscuit commercial aired in Turkish television. The woman walking down the street has her heel broken . She tries to fix the heel back into the shoe, but can’t manage. She starts walking one-shod, and when she stops at a traffic light to cross the road, she realizes the woman standing next to her wears the exact same pair of shoes. After picking up some courage, woman with single shoe whistles something into the ear of the other. But, the second woman takes a strange look and says something like “no way!”. But the first one is undaunted and says “what if I gave you a Biskrem (biscuit)…”. “Right now?” asks the second one, and the first woman takes a Biskrem out of her purse and holds it in the air. The second woman is then shown taking one shoe off, and the commercial ends with the first woman walking away perfectly happy (wearing bot shoes), and the second woman sitting on the sidewalk, holding a broken shoe at one hand, and eating biscuit with the other.
  379. Mr. Write (1994): Woman playing a bit part in commercial is sitting in swing above stage, and is wearing one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  380. Dead End (2003): Lin Shayne’s character jumps from speeding car and then is shown walking back to other people who stopper car. She is in one shoe , although contract of scene Is not good. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  381. Upperworld (1934): Ginger Roger’s character needs to be saved while swimming. A rich guy has her pulled from the boat onto his yacht. The he drives her home and as she says goodbye and turns to go up the steps outside her apartment building, she trips and loses a shoe. She is dressed in clothing much too big for her since she had no clothes but her swimsuit when rescued. You don to see the shoeless foot, but the shoe can be seen on the steps above her when she reassures the guy that she is OK. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  382. The Glow (TV movie, 2003): Woman was pushed from 14th floor and landed in street, one boot on, one off. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  383. Point Blank (1967): Lee Marvin finds wife, played by Sharon Acher, dead in bed, one shoe on, one stockinged foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  384. The Bachelor (TV, 2002-2005): “Kinja” reports an inadvertent shoe loss in the first new 2006 episode of this reality show from US. Here is an account from the show’s website: “Soon the women’s limos start arriving. There are five Bachelorettes to a car and every last one of them is overwhelmed at the sight of the chateau …. April loses her shoe on her way to greet Travis.” Here is a photo after April regained her shoe and greeted Travis. All you could see was April stumble and look down. Then the camera panned down to see her trying to get her foot back into her pump. She had more trouble than you might think. It looked like her heel stuck in a sidewalk crack and that is what made her shoe pop off in the first place. Interestingly, this is the first shoe-related incident, and because of the very large number of beautiful women wearing dressy, feminine shoes.

  385. Eye of the Tiger (1986): Kimberlin Brown plays a nurse who gets attacked by bikers and raped. Good samaritan comes along to take her to hospital and picks her up in one shoe to put her in his truck and take her to hospital. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  386. Mécaniques Célestes (Celestial Clockwork): In this French movie shot in 1995, woman leaves a singing lesson all nervous and leaves a shoe behind on the stairs. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  387. Fever Pitch (2005): Drew Barrymore chases a shoe under her desk when boss comes to talk to her. He has to pick up shoe from front of desk and give it to her. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  388. Home is Where the Hart Is (1987): Valri Bromfield character is chasing off old twins from her front yard. She loses her right shoe in doing so and almost steps out of her left shoe several times as well. After chasing them off, she picks up the errant shoe and carries it back inside the ouse, having to walk up the front steps to house in one shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  389. Sexual Life (2005): Elizabeth Bank’s character meets her old boyfriend at a construction site. They end up having sex against a door. She has lost one shoe. Afterwards, she hops on one foot to retrieve her errant shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  390. A Sinful Life (1989): “Rainbow Smiles” (Cynthia Songe) is a stripper, and the woman hired her thinking she was a clown, to perform at daughter’s birthday party. Guy grabs her leg and pulls off shoe and takes a big sniff. She continues to parade around and strip in one shoe. Woman grabs the daughter to remove her from unfit mother and everyone at party runs out the door, including “Rainbow Smile” in one shoe, as she hasn’t been paid. They all run downstairs and at the door to the building are knocked down as someone enters. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  391. Imagining Argentina (2003): Journalist (played by Emma Thompson) is being abducted by secret police, and during the struggle in a dark, deserted alley, she loses and leaves behind one mid-heeled shoe. For the rest of the movie, she is shown under custody and in prison, always barefoot. Toward the end of the movie, the husband finds the errant shoe, hanged on the wall by the owner of a house overlooking the alley. He uses the errant shoe to establish some sort of psychic or telepathic link with her missing wife, and the shoe and the image of her being abducted keep appearing throughout the remainder of the movie. BTW, very strong and impacting movie…

  392. Scream (1996): Courtney Cox loses a red high heel rolling downhill. Her left shoe is off and right foot has high heel on. Very hard to see. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  393. Commercials: Pantene Hair Products, Subaru Outback: On Only One Shoe, “Snydley” and “Foot Caress” reported May 2006 airing of Pantene Hair Products commercial in which a gorgeous and most beautiful blonde is first seen lying on a chair or table and then kicks off one (her left) leopard hi-heel shoe, then at the end of the commercial she is seen answering the front door and once more removes her left leopard shoe. At the very end, you see her place her left bare foot down right next to her now empty left shoe. “Foot Caress” also remembers of a SUV commercial from few years ago involving a dainty blonde trying to climb out of this enormous SUV which was so far off the ground that she lowers her leg and points her toes to reach the ground, her shoe starts sliding down of her foot. You can see she is trying to prevent the inevitable and it seems like it is in slow motion. The camera cuts back to show her hanging onto the door as she looks downto see her shoeslide off and the sole of her nyloned foot exposed. At some point she is standing on her stocking-foot and in yet another attempt to dismount the SUV her other shoe falls off in the same manner and she is left standing shoeless on the step of her SUV. “NM1700” remembers the type of footwear at stake: red high-heeled pumps.

  394. The Simpsons (TV Series, 1989- ): In the episode named “Bye Bye Neardy”, Marg comes out of her home wearing one shoe. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  395. The Sex Killer (1967): Guy breaks into woman’s apartment and tells her to undress. She removes a shoe and a stocking and then tries to run, but he throws her to couch. She remains in one shoe as he strangles her. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  396. Dancing With the Stars (2004-…): In the Australian version of this reality show, Jennifer Hawkins (2004 Miss Universe, and presenter on “The Great Outdoors”) was eliminated, because her dance was bogged by wardrobe malfunctions as she lost one of her shoes after a strap snapped while dancing. She ended up dancing in one shoe, and lost grades. Contributed by “kinja”.

  397. Airspeed (1998): Elisha Cuthbert’s character is the only uninjured person when a plane is struck by lightning. As another plane descends while trying rescue, she falls down and one shoe is sucked through a hole in the plane from an earlier explosion. She crawls on cabin floor still in one shoe. Later she is told to land the plane herself as rescue attempts have to be called off. Once in the cockpit, she is shown stepping on plane’s pedals with stocking foot. She is in one shoe after safely landing the plane and hugging parents and air traffic controller. Then they walk off together and movie ends. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  398. Bed of Roses (1933): Constance Bennett’s character removes a shoe and stocking, and places them strategically in drunk guy’s house so she can blackmail him when he wakes up by making him think that they had sex earlier that night. He finds the shoe and the stocking in the morning and her scheme works. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  399. Walk the Line (2005): The scene is probably in the 1950’s or early 1960’s and it is the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Johnny Cash is on stage playing and June Carter (future June Carter Cash) who is played by cute Reese Witherspoon is just off stage. Johnny asks June to come out to sing a song with him and she first declines saying she is wearing slippers. Johnny says that no one cares if she is wearing slippers. June then is shown to be kicking off 2-inch heel fuzzy slides. She then comes on stage and apologizes for her barefoot. Contributed by “kinja”.

  400. Her Deadly Rival (1995): This TV movie includes nice dangling scene with close-u as shoe drops off. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  401. Carry On Girls (1973): Woman chases another and they crash in sofa; one loses shoe as sofa tips over. Platform type wedgie shoe can be seen back on floor. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  402. Out Cold (2001): There is a part scene in this comedy and a woman walks across the floor in one high heel. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  403. Kontroll (2003): This Hungarian movie starts with a drunk woman going into a subway station at night. She is all alone on the platform and sees a train approaching. The the lights go out and come back on as the train gets closer. The train rushes into the station and all that is left of the woman is one high heel. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  404. Superman Returns (2006): Lois (played by Kate Bosworth) slips out of her heels to stand on Superman’s feet whom he goes to fly with her. Moments later Lois in her office working the phone lines and under her desk she searches for her strappy heel with her barefoot and slips back into it. Posted in legsgandheels.com message board by “Podunk”. Also, “feature feature” reports Lois playing with her shoe as she is on phone, and then slips into it.

  405. Desperate but Not Serious (1999): Near beginning of this movie whose DVD version is titled “Reckless + Wild”, Paget Brewster’s character trips on lawn and loses a shoe. Shoe flies up in air and comes down next to hedge as Brewster falls flat. She gets up and walks to get shoe and then gets soaked as lawn sprinklers come on. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  406. American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005): In the final scene, the main female character Elyse, played by Arielle Kebbel, is at a prestigious music school she wants to get into. She is dressed up, wearing a skirt and black heels, and is obviously having trouble walking in the shoes. Her friend has tricked her into being there, and when she finds out her appointment is fake, she storms out, where her friend is waiting. She is obviously angry, and still having trouble walking. She takes off one shoe like she is going to throw it at him, when rest of her band friends emerge with their instruments and begin playing a song she wrote. She drops her shoe and proceeds to direct the band through the song with the recruiter watching. The recruiter is impressed, and she starts to celebrate with the band, still wearing her other shoe the whole time. She even stands with her bare foot up in the air as she kisses her friend in the final shots. The whole thing lasts about 5 minutes straight. Contributed by “Johnny”.

  407. The Night Heaven Fell (1958): “Feeture feature” reports a real footfest in this movie with Brigitte Bardot. She helps a guy escape from the police in Spain and they walk cross country. Finally they enter a windmill and she lies on the floor on her stomach. The guy pulls off one of her shoes and says her feet are bloody from all the walking. Then he is yelling about handcuffs he is in and she gets up with one red shoe still on.

  408. The Story of Marie and Julien (2003): This French-Italian joint production has a scene where Emenualle Beart’s character going into a room barefoot and finding a pair of high heels in a closet. She rummages around some more and tries some clothes. Then she sits on floor and puts on one shoe. She gets up and walks around a little in the one shoe, finally kicking it off back into closet and leaving room barefoot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  409. Mortel Transfer (2001): In this German-French movie, Helene de Fougerolles’s character lies down on psychiatrist’s couch and toes off one high heel blue pump, nicely shown. Then she gets up and walks to ashtray on a desk across the room, comes back and lies down again and after a little while toes off the other shoe. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  410. NCIS (TV Series, 2006): “Feeture feature” reports a one-shoe theme in plot of October 3, 2006 episode. Investigators are at scene where bloody car is found. They mention that woman seen earlier in car has lost a shoe. The investigator replies that there was only one in the car. Then the leader asks if the other guy ever saw a woman walk in one high-heel and that she would not do it for long. They start examining the parking lot and find a blood spot, which has some nylon with it, so they guess she fell and tore stocking and skinned knee. They keep looking and soon find discarded high heel, shown lying on ground. Too bad they had no flashback to woman in one shoe, but still interesting to have it as part of plot. At very end of show, they find woman in stocking feet. Interesting enough, further shoe loss is to be found in Nov 28 episode. An actress of Oriental background in a minor recurring role lost a shoe. She is the newest investigator and has been carrying on a clandestine romance with the medical examiner’s assistant. She came up to him when he was getting something from the investigator’s van and signalled him she wanted to fool around. As he lifted her into van, there was a close-up as her shoe fell to the ground.

  411. Curse of the Pink Panther (1983): At the very beginning of this comedy, Ted Wass playing a NYPD officer disguised himself as a prostitute, and he ends up at the middle of a street fight between several hookers and pimps. Several women end up losing one or both their high-heel slides, including the one in front right of cap who lost right shoe. When the cops finally show up and everybody runs away, some errant shoes could be seen on the ground.

  412. The Shoe Fairy (2005): Vivian Hsu’s character is terrified when visiting dentist and she kicks off her fluffy hi-heel slide. It bounces off the dentist’s light and hits him in the back of the head and then lies down on the floor. He picks it up and looks at her feet, one foot still in a shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  413. The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1975): Nita Lorraine plays the mother of a teen daughter and they are both frolicking nude in the hay with a handyman when a cop makes a noise outside as knocks over some wood. Lorraine and her daughter rush to get dressed and she rushes around for a while in one shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  414. Seizure (1974): In this first Oliver Stone film, Christina Pichles’ character is running at night outside with husband to escape something evil. And she loses her night shoe. The left gold shoe cannot be seen but she has no shoe on her right foot. They come to a car and get in. They leave the car again soon and she again has two shoes on! Contributed by “feature feature”.

  415. Desire, the Vampire (1982, TV): Nurse played by Anne Bloom gets attacked by vampire and loses a shoe as she gets dragged off. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  416. Rag. Arturo De Fanti (1979): Woman sits with feet over the edge of kitchen table as television goes blank. She is one hi-heel slide and one stocking foot. She is first seen sitting there when the bank teller of the movie title comes home. He goes in kitchen and causes a short as he tries to open the refrigerator. That’s when the power goes out. Another woman turns off the power at a switch box and then walks past the one with her feet up and pulls off the second shoe.. They come to a car and get in. They leave the car again soon and she again has two shoes on! Contributed by “feature feature”.

  417. Twin Town (1997): There is a group of scenes of night-time street scenes and one is this close-up of two women’s feet, one in one shoe, second shoe not in sight. Have no idea what was going on as the women are not part of the story otherwise. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  418. That Girl (TV Series, 1966-1971): The 23 March 1967 episode called “This Little Piggy Had a Ball”, Marlo Thomas is bowling and reads an article about a guy who bowls with his toes. So she takes off one shoe and sock and jams her big toe into a bowling ball. It won’t come off. The manager of the bowling alley tries greasing it and she says it tickles, and the ball won’t come off. She and her boyfriend get a taxi to go to fire department. Guy there can’t help and neither the emergency room. She has to attend an award ceremony where she has promised to pick up the award if another woman wins. She arrives with a bandage around her foot and the ball. Then the winner is announced and she has to go to accept the award. When she climbs the few steps to the stage, the bandage unravels and her bare foot comes out of the ball. She says her toe relaxed. End of episode. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  419. Lady Killer (1995): Judith Light is involved with an obsessed younger man. When they first go at it, he is seen prying off one shoe and then there is a long shot of her with one shoe off as they are on stairs. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  420. Celebrity (1998): In this Woody Allen movie, woman is fighting with a guy in hotel room and she loses one heel, which remains off during the struggle on bed. The other high heel remains on, and she grabs the single shoe as she leaves room to get help. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  421. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005): Kimberly Elise’s character is physically thrown out of her house by her husband and sits on steps with one shoe off. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  422. Banlieue 13 (2004): Dany Verissimo’s character in this French film is chained on a rooftop by her wrists and has lost one shoe. She stretches out shod foot and stockinged foot, trying to knock over a gas can so she can start a fire. Finally she grasps a board between her feet and knocks over the can and pulls it toward her with her feet. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  423. Playgirl Killer (1968): In this movie from Canada, guy knocks a woman out and drags her through grass and she loses shoes. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  424. Don’t Drink the Water (1969): Estelle Parson’s character is part of a family stranded in the US Embassy in Bulgaria without their luggage. She complains about her uncomfortable shoes and in one scene takes off a shoe while seated and rubs her foot. The she gets up and walks around the room in one shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  425. Tattle Tale (1992): At the end of this TV movie, Ally Sheedy’s character tosses a shoe at people in her house that she is mad at and chases them outside in one stocking foot, one shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  426. America’s Next Top Model (2003- ): In March 7, 2007 episode, the girls do a runway walk at a high-school track, and one of them, Sarah, loses her black patent pump. The camera focuses on her foot on the ground afterward, as she puts her foot back into her shoe. Posted in the Mouse Pad by “jediofthefeet”.

  427. Jade (1995): Linda Fiorentino’s character has been attacked in her home at night and is on floor in one shoe. Scene may be present only in unrated version of video. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  428. She’s The Man (2006): Amanda Bynes’ character gets in 3-way catfight and pulls off a shoe and throws it at another woman. Then she trips the other woman and remains in one shoe as older woman stops the fight. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  429. Malice (1993): Nicole Kidman’s character tries to seduce Alec Baldwin’s in a restaurant scene. She kicks off her shoe under the table then rubs her nylon clad foot against his leg. Contributed by “troy”.

  430. The Right Approach (1961): Juliet Prowse’s character visits a guy in a rundown house where 5 actors are staying. The couple is alone at the time but the woman does not like the place. Guy says she can lie down for a while and she puts an extra pillow on one of the cots and takes off her shoes. She lies on her back but with her feet on the pillow. Later she gets more disturbed and wants to leave and can only find one shoe. She hunts for the other but camera cuts away and never shows if she finds it. Later she walks out to car with guy and hard to tell if she is walking in only one shoe. Feet are not shown while she is walking or earlier when hunting for shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  431. The Beast (1975): In this erotic movie starring Lisbeth Hummel, she plays an American to marry into a European family. She dreams she is in woods being chased by a huge beast. She loses her dress and then is running in one socked foot and one shoe, carrying the other shoe. She stops by a tree with the shoe in her hand and then throws the shoe at the beast, hitting him. She climbs up a tree but he catches her and her feet, still in one shoe, one dirty sock, give him a footjob. He eventually pulls off her other shoe and tosses it away. She gets away but has later dreams in which she completes the sex act. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  432. Opened by Mistake (1934): Patsy Kelly’s character has fallen in a bunch of hospital pans and a cart. As a nurse helps her out, she loses one shoe. The cart is on its side and Kelly’s shoe can be seen on one side of handle while her shoeless foot is further on the other side of the handle. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  433. Borat (2006): In the mockumentary “Borat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”, Pamela Anderson, as herself, is at book signing and the Borat character comes with a “marriage sack” to kidnap her for marriage. In the struggle, she loses a high heel and then runs from the store in one shoe. Borat catches her and the security catches him and she loses the other shoe in the parking lot. The filmmakers claim that the scenes in the movie were real and not stages, but the feeling is that Anderson was in on what could happen or her security guards would have shot Borat character. Contributed by “feature feature”, who notes it is a dreadful movie full of toilet humor and racial prejudice.

  434. The Prophecy: Uprising (2005): Woman sees another woman being attacked by a pack dogs and rushes to help her. The woman on the ground who has been attacked is in one shoe. And she is not what she seems… Contributed by “feature feature”.

  435. Hustling (1975): Jill Clayburgh plays a prostitute running from cop. She either twists her ankle or breaks her platform shoe and pulls off the shoe and throws it away as the cop arrests her. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  436. Hanky Panky (1982): In 1982 movie, Kathleen Quinlan’s character is in fight with guy in hotel room. At one point, she has lost her right shoe , although she appears to be wearing both shoes when she staggers from hotel room after being shot. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  437. The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991): Harley Jane Kozak’s character is visiting a guy’s house. She is on couch and gets up to leave and carries her shoes with her. At the door, she slips on shoes and opens door. Then guy kisses her and the door closes. Camera pans down as she slips off one shoe . Contributed by “feature feature”.

  438. The Legend of Tom Dooley (1959): Jo Morrow’s character gets bitten in boot by snake. Guy comes and shoots snake and then takes off her boot to examine her socked foot. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  439. CSI (TV Series, 2000- ): In the episode first aired in November 2007, Hogins designs a CSI crime game aimed at recreating crime scene circumstances and events. At a certain point, she slips off at the stairs at evidence room and as she falls, she loses a shoe. She is taken away on a gurney and there is a nice shot of her feet, one in shoe, and other bare . Her shoe is left on the floor , and apparently a colleague examines it . Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  440. Alien Species (1996): Ashley Semrick’s character is in one shoe when she is saved from cave where aliens have her. Her bare foot is extremely dirty. Guy carries her out over his shoulder and then lays her down when he shoots a bazooka into cave. She travels with two other people overland for a while still in one shoe, until they all get picked up by a guy in a truck. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  441. Getting Even (1988): At the beginning of this Italian movie whose original title is “La Vandetta”, woman is being attacked by gang and is kneeling nude except for one flimsy sandal at front of car. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  442. Mr. Wu (1927): Renee Adoree plays a beautiful young Chinese woman. She is part of a group of people throwing things over a wall. A British man is in his car on the other side of the wall and he starts catching all the stuff coming down. He climbs from hic car to the top of the wall and the people run away. Adoree’s character falls down and is seen to be in one shoe. She sees her shoe back near the wall and hops on one foot to get it. The guy jumps down from the wall and they both reach the shoe at the same time but guy ends up with it, and talks her into letting him put the shoe on her foot . Contributed by “feature feature”.

  443. Auf der anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven) : In this German-Turkish-Italian movie shot in 2007, Nursel Kose plays a prostitute who accepted becoming a much older guy’s paid house companion. In one scene, she is seen in the patio, seated on a chair applying polish to her toenails. She gets upset with the guy, gets off and walks away, leaving behind one of her flip flops. In the next couple of scenes, when she is shown packing to lave, she is wearing a flip-flop on one foot and nothing on the other. Contributed by “Gordion”.
  444. Wind Chill (2007): Chelan Simmon’s character is dragged from a car by police officer and is in one slingback as she struggles. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  445. Hotel Babylon (TV series, 2006-…): In the episode aired on April 8, 2008, Emma Pierson’s character loses a high-heel slingback shoe while crawling through air vents. Story contributed by “feeture feature”, pics by “Anon”.

  446. The Clock (1945): Judy Garland’s character breaks off a heel. Robert Walker hands it back to her , they go off to find a cobbler who fixes it and he puts it back on her foot. Contributed by “polo_tottie”.

  447. Superman (TV series, 1948): In the episode “The Human Bomb”, Lois Lane (played by Noel Neill) is tranced and forced onto the ledge of the Daily Planet building. She creeps along, her one shoe fall off to the street below, revealing her foot in RHT stockings. Cited in aol.com group Pantyhose in TV shows .

  448. Dellamorte Dellamorte (Cemetery Man): In this 1994 movie, Anna Falchi plays the mayor’s assistant who is overwhelmingly drawn to Rupert Everret’s character. In the later half, he pulls a gun put on her when she knocks on his door and she faints. As he pulls her to his bed she loses a shoe in the process. 5 minutes into the scene she is kissing Rupert Everret and you get a great close up of her nylon clad foot slipping off her remaining shoe.

  449. Free Money (1998): Mira Sorvino plays a federal agent who confronts Marlon Brando’s character. They struggle and he says she should take off her shoe. You don't see her do so but soon he is beating her with her pump. She pulls a gun from under her skirt. You see she is in one shoe and magenta pantyhose.

  450. Tena commercial: “Feeture feature” reports 2 versions of a one-shoe commercial airing for Tera bladder weakness products. One has a woman dashing from her car, a close-up of her losing one shoe in a mud puddle, to reach the door and jiggle the keys around and a restroom stall falling from sky. The other has same woman dashing from her car through a lawn in one shoe to get to the door.

  451. Turkish Wizard of Oz (Aysecik ve sihirli cuceler ruyalar ulkesinde): In this Turkish movie shot in 1971, actress Zeynep Degirmencioglu (age 17) plays “Aysecik”, the equivalent of Dorothy. At the end of movie she is coming into room where witch is and she trips over a rope stretched across floor and loses a shoe (a golden flat ). Witch picks up the shoeand shortly afterwards Ayesecik throws bucket of water on her and witch dissolves. Aysecik retrives her shoe and walks off in one shoe, carrying the one she got back. The 17-year old also appeared in same year in Turkish version of Cinderella (Sinderella Kulkedisi). Has the scene where she leaves ball and loses glass slipper on stairs. Then she runs off into the countryside, removing the single glass slipper later. The mean stepmother has her locked in cellar when prince comes to try shoe on women but some people break her out just in time to try the slipper. Both movies contributed by “feature feature”.

  452. Sydney White (2007): Guy is giving a tour new students and he mentions that this sorority has girls that can outparty any fraternity on campus, as one the women on sidewalk is in one high heel . Contributed by “feature feature”.

  453. Die Seltsame Grafin (The Strange Countess): There is a nice scene in this 1961 German movie. Brigitte Grothum’s character is on an old mansion’s balcony, which gives away and she grabs a beam to save herself. When the buttler pulls her up, she has lost one pump. She gets carried inside and laid on the bed, where another woman removes the remaining shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  454. Enchanted (2007): In Walt Disney movie, princess from fairy tale (Amy Adams) is at the ball in modern world and man she has come to love is kidnapped by evil queen from fairy tale. She pulls off one shoe and is shown ready to pull off second, but then she rushes off and you do not know if she really pulled it off. The queen has changed into a dragon and there is a battle. The queen is killed. Back to the scene of the ball and the one shoe on the floor. Instead of the princess, the guy’s fiancée (Idina Menzel) from before the princess’ arrival holds it up and cries. The prince who was to marry the princess comes along and takes the shoe and putsit on the woman’s foot and it fits. So everyone presumably lives happily ever after. The prince and the former fiancée go back to the fairy tale and the princess and modern world guy stay in the modern world! Contributed by “feature feature”.

  455. Austin Power: International Man of Mystery (1997): The caricature of a secret agent played by Mike Myers tries to neutralize bunch of androids in the shape of beautiful blondes. When he is done, the androids are lying on ground and at least one of them misses one of her fluffy slippers.

  456. The Phantom of the Opera (2004): Minni Driver plays diva Carlotta. The owners of the opera house are celebrating her appearance. One pulls one of her shoes (satin mules) off her stocking foot and then pours champagne into it. He gives the shoe to his partner, who drinks from it. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  457. Smokin’ Aces (2006): There is a scene with about half-a-dozen prostitutes passed out in a penthouse and at least two are in one shoe. In a later scene, when prostitutes are getting up to leave, a third one is in one gold platform-soled boot. She falls across glass coffee table and breaks it and guy starts chasing all the women out and she remains in one boot as they leave. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  458. Kinky Boots (2005): A scene in this UK movie has the male lead Charlie finding his fiancée Nicola’s (played by Jemima Rooper) unique fancy shoe (Manolo Blahnik?) stuck in the cobblestones at the restaurant as she and the real estate agent flee their dinner because we was there. Contributed by “mike”.

  459. Please Teach Me English (2003): In this South Korean movie, Na-yeong Lee’s character loses a sneaker when crowding into elevator after class. Then she comes back and is holding socked foot against her leg. Guy is holding the sneaker and she hops out of elevator. He puts sneaker on floor and he bends down to help her into it. Some other foot scenes in the movie as the guy is a shoe salesman. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  460. To Kako (Evil): Shot in 2005, this is probably the only Greek zombie movie ever made. Stavroula Thomopoulou’s character is part of a small group of people trying to escape from the zombies. They are running from zombies at one point and she loses a shoe. The zombie right after runs into a light pole and knocks himself down. When he gets up to chase her again, she removes the other shoe and tosses it at him, hitting him in the head where the heel embeds itself. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  461. Fringe (TV Series, 2008): In episode 9, the woman is getting ready to go out and she is wearing only one shoe and looking for the other one which she finds under the bed. Contributed by “Nigel C”.

  462. The Garden of Redemption (1997): In this movie for TV, Embeth Davidtz is going to be shot by Nazis for being an Italian partisan. The priest who is called to give her last rides is in room alone with her when Americans start attacking the area. The priest removes his sash to lower her out of window. As she is lowered she has lost her left shoe. The sash tears and she falls the rest of the way to the ground but is okay. The priest finds her shoe still inside the window and throws it down to her. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  463. The Phantom (1996): Catherine Zeta Jone pulls off the boot of Kristy Swanson’s character. As she inspects it and talks with “Phantom”, she is left in one boot for a while, then picks it up running away. Contributed by “Steve”.

  464. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (2002): This made-for-TV movie from Canada and Luxembourg had Jenna Harrison playing the part of stepsister attending ball and captivating prince. She said she turned her ankle while dancing and went off with prince. He removed her shoe to examine the ankle and fire broke out at the ball. She ran out in one shoe and one stocking foot, down some steps and into the darkness. Later of course the prince came around the shoe and it did not fit her two stepsisters but did fit her. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  465. Captivity (2007): Elisha Cuthbert’s character is unconscious and is being dragged across floor and loses a high-heeled shoe. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  466. Stump the Band (2006): Movie about crazed foot fetishists who capture women in the woods and then torture them. Leader likes to save their feet after cutting them off with an ax. Courtney Bean’s character is a member of an all-girl band who gets captured. They drag her to house and when she is unconscious, the leader undoes her sneaker and removes it, tossing it into field and one of the other guys goes fetch it like a dog. Then he pulls off her sock and reveals her beautiful foot. He sniffs the sock and then tells a third guy to put her in basement. She is left in one shoe. Movie has scene at the beginning where one woman does get feet chopped off and a guy saves one in a shoebox. There is a very long scene where leader threatens Bean’s character with having her feet cut off. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  467. Hanes pantyhose commercial: This youtube link has the Cinderella themed Hanes commercial from 1980, when an attractive woman loses one of her backless slides down the stairway and the prince retrieves it. It was re-discovered thanks to “all_matt” who posted it in losthershoe.

  468. Germany’s Next Top Model: In one of the April 2009 episodes of this contest from Germany, contestants are asked to walk in one shoe, but not before Karolina Kurkova and Heidi Klum show them how to do it. The following links (1), (2) and (3) were discovered thanks to “nigel powell” who has posted them in yahoo group losthershoe.

  469. Quantum of Solace (2008): James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Towards the end, Bolivian general Medrano is having violent sex with a hotel waitress. Her mouth and hands are tied, and as she struggles to escape, she loses one high-heel shoe . When the character of Olga Kurylenko breaks in to kill the general, she is shown running away in obvious one-shoe limp. Another scene of interest has Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko (or rather their stunts) skydiving into a desert cave. She is in night dress and pair of high-heel pumps, but manages to land intact without losing either shoe. Yet, she continues to continue barefoot.

  470. Man of the East (1972): In this Italian spaghetti western, a dancehall girl, Speedy, walks away from table after guy said to bring them drinks. She obviously is in one shoe from up and down movement as she walks. And on offscreen voice says, “ Hey Speedy, we found your shoe under the bed”. There is no other reference to how she lost it. On another scene,2 guys are fighting in saloon and the girls gather at the top of stairs to watch. Speedy still has the one-shoe walks and says “where the hell’s my shoe!”. Must have been running gag throughout the movie. Contributed by “feature feature”.

  471. News Radio: In this US sitcom, season 4/episode 16 (“Beep Beep”) aired in 1998 has a woman who loses one shoe after being hit by a tiny car (driven by the character Matthew). Contributed by “Amy” and her husband.

  472. Dead Meat: In this Irish film of 2004, Marian Araujo’s character is trying to escape from zombies (ill due to mad cow disease) and is in high heels. She takes off one high heel and kills a zombie. Then she runs around an old abbey for a while in one shoe. She takes off the second shoe and kills another zombie and then runs around countryside in stocking feet until she gets a pair of sneakers off another zombie. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  473. Mission Killfast (1991) : Early in movie, Sandra Browning’s character (name from credits, not listed on IMDb) is murdered and left in desert with one bare foot and one shoe. The removed shoe blows in the wind next to her body. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

  474. Sex and the City: the Movie (2008) : Sarah Jessica Parker’s character at end of the movie is lying on floor with guy. He then proposes to her and instead of a ring, puts one shoe back on her foot. Contributed by “feeture feature”.

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