is the heart's own way
Of holding loved ones close
And keeping us
in constant touch
With those
who mean the most.
is the heart's own way
Of sending loving thoughts today!



Sir Kanna began his education in Ashby Road School, Ipoh. Though he was educated in Malay medium, he had a great love for Tamil Language. he made efforts to study the mother tongue and could even write beautiful poems in Tamil. Sir Kanna continued his secondary education at Sek. Men. Labrooy and proceeded to Medhodist High School for his upper secondary education. He was greatly loved and admired by his teachers and friends.

Sir Kanna was a workaholic. He would work for 15 - 18 hours per day. Dedicating his time and life helping the poor and needly students. The little time he had left was spent in hurturing the "Perak Indian Culture Group" which was established in 1991. He was pious man who respected all religion. He was proud to be a Indian and a Hindu.

Every year, he would conduct special prayers for his student at the "Sri Saiva Muniswarar Temple" in Sungai Pari, Perak without fail. The great Tamil Poet Kannadasan, once wrote, "My Life is my dedication" and Sir Kanna dedicated his life for others with his death. He dedicated his whole life to his "Sugumaran Tuition Centre - STC".

He had said " A Learned Person Never Dies". He had left us and his proved that a learned person would always be remembered though he is here no more.

He gave his life so that others may succeed.

"Mr. Kanna Sir" an unforgettable name which is planted in my heart and mind though he has gone away .His death was great shock for me and the entire people in Buntong , Ipoh.

He is well known for his kind, loving nature and caring heart.Discipline and hard work was also embedded within the characteristic of his nature.He regarded his students as his own brothers and sisters.He cared a lot for them and their future.

He even spends a lot of money to make all his student happy in education as well as in their personal matter.His numerous help for the people in general, especially to the students are uncountable.He spends a lot of time and energy for his students to perform their level best in their studies.He was the man who opened my eyes in the education field.

Only through him I realize the importance and the use of education and knowledge.His ceaseless encouragements and motivations cannot be valued.His dedication towards his students and to the people in general cannot be written down by mere words.Even though he has vanished from our lives but his spirit of dedication, love, wisdom, advice and his wonderful guidance is still very fresh in our hearts and mind.

Today, I have come this far in my academic life because of Kanna Sir.I wish to thank him from the bottom of my heart, and i will carry his vision to pass it on to the genaration to come.