Farm-to-Market, Ranch-to-Market, and Urban Roads

FM 1073RM 2244 The Farm-to-Market and Ranch-to-Market route markers are white shapes of Texas on a black background for independent signs and white square or rectangular shields on guide signs. Urban Roads are signed as either Farm-to-Market or Ranch-to-Market Roads. For the business route marker, go to the Business Highways page.

FM 2222 RM 2244

Route Descriptions

Farm to Market Roads (FM)

Ranch to Market Roads (RM)

Urban Roads (UR)

What is a Farm-to-Market Road?

The system of Texas Farm-to-Market Roads was created to provide access to the rural areas of the state. This secondary highway network is mostly two-lane roads. The name is derived from the intended use of the roads: farmers bringing their goods to market in the cities.

What is a Ranch-to-Market Road?

The name "Farm-to-Market Road" did not fit well to parts of central and west Texas. In those areas, ranches outnumber farms. Therefore, the name used for the secondary highways is "Ranch-to-Market Road".

What is an Urban Road?

During the early 1990's, it was proposed to change the name of Farm-to-Market and Ranch-to-Market Roads in urbanized areas to "Urban Road". The new classification was needed because, with the growth of urbanized areas, these roads now primarily served urban and suburban residents. As a result, there was a mismatch in the funding programs. Although funds for FM & RM roads were supposed to benefit rural areas, the funds were needed for improvements in urban areas.

It was proposed to change the shields for the new Urban Roads, as well. The proposed sign was to have a black legend on a white background, similar to the State Loop shield except that the word "LOOP" was replaced with "URBAN". However, residents in the affected communities protested the change, saying that they preferred the signs with the shape of Texas on them. As a result, the designations of the routes were changed, but the FM & RM shields were left in place.

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