Secret Society of Super-Villains #7, June 1977


"Luthor's League of Super-Villains"


Editor:Jack Harris
Writer: Bob Rozakis
Artist: Rich Buckler and Bob Layton
Cover Art: Buckler and Rubenstein (signed)

Feature Characters

The Wizard
Funky Flashman
Matter Master
- Mark Mandrill. A Hawkman foe who first appeared in Brave and the Bold #35. Last seen in DC Super-Stars #10. Appears next in the last story of DC Comics Presents #26.
Felix Faust - A longtime foe of the Justice League that first appeared in Justice League of America #10. Last seen in DC Super-Stars #10. Appears next in Justice League of America #182.
Lex Luthor - Appears next in Action Comics #486
Captain Comet
Hawkman - Last seen in Justice League of America #139. Appears next in Adventure #451.
Hawkgirl - Last seen in Justice League of America #137. Appears next in Adventure #451.

Other Characters

Gregory Reed, an Earth-1 actor who portrays Superman in films
Batman appears in a single panel of JLA monitor duty
Citizens of Sapporo, Japan
San Francisco police


This issue portrays the Earth-1 version of the filming of Superman, a movie also filming on Earth-Prime in 1978.
Funky Flashman shows his baldness in this storyline.


Lex Luthor has liberated Copperhead from prison in exchange for the knowledge of how to contact the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the leadership of which he attends to assume. Flashman, forgetting his promises to the Wizard, welcomes the arch-villian but the Wizard objects. After a skirmish with Luthor, the Wizard is defeated and Luthor outlines his plan. He has heard that the Society is capable of acquiring the services of any super-villain and he wants to attack Superman with criminals possessing magical powers: Felix Faust and the Matter Master. Once the Wizard "apologizes", he also joins the two. The villains are then dispatched to Sapporo, Japan a day before the arrival of Superman, who will assist in the films "special effects".

Meanwhile, Hawkman is relieved from JLA monitor duty by Batman and plans to entertain Captain Comet with a Thanagarian meal along. After winning an argument over who should cook dinner with his wife, Hawkgirl, he retires to the kitchen. As Hawkgirl and Captain Comet watch a news broadcast, the Wizard is scene contributing to an avalance in Sapporo, Japan at the site of the Superman movie filming. Captain Comet declares he must intervene immediately and Hawkgirl offers to join him, claiming Hawkman will occupied in the kitchen for at least an hour. Using Captain Comets telekinetic abilities to form a shield, the two depart the Hawks' Thanagarian space craft.

Not realizing that they are a day early, the villains are perplexed as to why Superman is not stopping the avalance. To encourage him to be more active, Felix Faust conjures a double-headed dragon, one head breathing fire and the other, ice. At that moment, Hawkgirl and Captain Comet make a timely arrival. Luthor, watching from San Francisco, is alarmed that Superman has not acted but is re-assured by Flashman. Meanwhile, Hawkgirl and Comet, acting in concert, defeat the dragon. The villains resort to more direct methods, generating a volcano directly under the ersatz Man of Steel. Hawkgirl rescues the actor while Comet deals with the volcano. As the actor and heroine attack the villains, Faust casts a spell to take away "Superman's" powers. Still not realizing the true identity of "Superman", the villains are quickly defeated by the two. Comet arrives to "clean up" as the actor removes his rubbery Superman mask.

Back at the Sinister Citadel, Luthor is incensed. Vowing venegence on the Secret Society, he storms out of their headquarters. Not to be outdone, Flashman quickly arranges a police reception for the arch-villian as he leaves the building. As Luthor is ignominiously taken into custody, , the Wizard telephones Flashman to inform him that he has escaped custody and is en route to San Francisco. Meanwhile, in space, Hawkman emerges from the kicthen to serve dinner, only to be amazed that his dinner guests had wrapped up the Secret Society in less than an hour.

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