Okay, so i'm a dubai manic. Call me whatever u like, but hey its always been where i grew up. And if u don't recognize the place u grew up as 'home', well then u're better than me or worse...decide for yourself :)

I hope to add whatever the hell strikes my fancy on this webpage. However it would be great to find some poor lost dubai maniacs and make them all converge to one site. Its almost like being obsessed with a celebrity.

Unhealthy yes...but god! its still home.

p.s. i'm not arab, but that doesn't matter does it? I think not :)
Purge your dubai obsession here...
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I'll be posting u're purges.... until i've figured out how to get a decent forum on this site.

If u have ideas, i'm open to suggestions :)
Emirates towers and Trade Center
Etisilat Building and Creek tower
Creek View
Hyatt Regency Hotel