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Emirates Internet Help desk messes up on Chernobyl warning (27/Apr/99)
The rumor started today of Internet rates being cut by half
You know you have lived in Dubai too long when ....
This is what the proxy ban looks like

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Clean, green, no taxes, great beaches, plenty of night life, food joints galore, the hub of the region. If you aren't here, you're in the wrong place.

#Dubai is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel in the Undernet Domain.
Opened in September 1996
The Dubai Shopping Festival is over! Did you miss the wonderful event from 18 March to 14 April 1999? Why ? :)

A bunch of IRC chat clients. mIRC is the best. You join Undernet from mIRC by typing: /server dallas.tx.us.undernet.org 7007

Quote of the week (17-23 April  1999)
Topic #Dubai is: 'When the last thing we notice is the colour of the skin, and the first thing we notice is the beauty within..we shall be free..

Etisalat Charges too much.
Have you been reading how the Dubai Police are going on and on about Cyber Crime ? Well, the biggest crime of all is the Etisalat Internet charges !
We want a reasonable UNLIMITED rate like all Internet providers all around the world have.
What can we do about it?
CLICK HERE http://etisalat.charges.too.much.net CLICK HERE

Go straight to the Open Letter to Etisalat. Email Etisalat and tell them.
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Does your browser get stuck trying to connect to the Etisalat Proxy?

Site contents:

Info on the regulars, worth checking out ! #Dubai regulars Who do you find on channel #Dubai. Said to be a most interesting page.
Only for people who don't know how to chat Reach channel #Dubai For aspiring chatters only !
Good place for UAE hackers Inside-Emirates-Internet Public information but amazing stuff. Worth looking at for fun.
Not just info but some funny stuff too! Virus Alert Careful of getting a deadly or funny virus. Useful information ?
Hot hot hot ! Weather in Dubai Great new linked weather reports. Jump in from the theuae.com
As if you're not interested ! The Proxy Server. Latest INFO on how to beat it. This is a must
Worth a quick checkup Internet settings Check yours to see if they are correct. For Emirates users only.
Note:- This page will take time to load so if you are going here be patient.
Did you say free ? Free Downloads A whole bunch of places to find the stuff you want.
Kinda boring - don't even bother - just statistics The Ops on #Dubai Kinda very very boring. Don't even bother with this one !
Find a better link? Let me know. What and where is Dubai You need an explanation of what's here?
Find a better link? Let me know. Nice page on the UAE Wanna know more about UAE and Dubai?
The motto is even funnier ! For a good Laugh Check out Etisalat's mission statement. ROFL
Well, we got to have some rules, don't we ? All those Rules of the channel that really don't need to be read by well behaved people
All right guys, lend me a hand on this.
Fill her up guys n gals.
UAE Links
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Aslo now an Add your own links page will will soon be combined with the above.
Heh, and you thought you knew it all already ! Things you need to know Eye opening web sites !
This is excellent for learning more about the backbone of Emirates Internet Internet in the UAE An extensive look at Emirate's Internet growth in excellent detail. Includes facts about the backbone of the internet in the UAE. (12 Dec '98)
Slag's sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking pages sLumming with sLag You thought Johnny Carson retired? An "up to date" on the happenings in #Dubai Excellent Technical rebuff to Etisalat's claim that its users' modems are to blame. (click on the This Month link on his page)
You know you've livedin Dubai too long when .... Lived too long You know you've lived in Dubai too long when ...........
Free gets arrested and goes to jail over http://etisalat.charges.too.much.net/ Free in jail log Free gets arrested, goes to jail over http://etisalat.charges.too.much.net/
Shows you things keep changing ! Old Alerts/Quotes Old Alerts and Old Quotes of the day.
Sign it, sign it, sign it. Whatchya waiting for ? Our humble Guestbook Our Guestbook finally launched a day before April Fools' Day 1999.

Have you ever read the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) of Emirates Internet? Nothing mentioned about Hacking, Denial of Service, spreading a Virus. Did you know they say it is unacceptable to "To post any advertisement or commercial solicitations to any newsgroup, e-mail mailing list or Forum." Why I wonder. What if it's acceptable to the forum? ( Not that it usually is). This is what Etisalat's Terms and Conditions look like. This is what a proper AUP looks like. (14 Mar '99)

Here is the reply from Emirates Internet if you complain about Denial of Service: Click here for the full log. (14 Mar '99)

I have no idea what I am talking about but I have been told that if your modem chipset follows the 56k K-FLEX standard you get the best connection to Etisalat. Anything else (especially the X2 standard) and expect to get disconnected often ! Wonder when they will upgrade their modems to either the K56flex™ or the v90 standard. Also Emirates Internet does NOT support Multilink, or as they say it is not enabled. Now why would they not enable it? (updated 13/Mar/99)

Protect yourself from back door access to your computer like from Back Orifice, the most common IRC related problem. Here is the cleaner for BO and Netbus. Other sites are ISS Security Alert Advisory (Jan 3 1999) Also use McAfee 4.02 to keep yourself protected from all this. (Jan 30 1999)

To get into IRC chat straight on channel #Dubai in Undernet , click on the button. A new window will open and you will connect directly to the #Dubai Undernet Channel with the nickname Guest0751. It appears that often it directly shows you as being disconnected. Don't worry. Just press the RELOAD button on your browser and you will connect. You'll have a pretty horrible web based interface, but here's the interesting part; No Java required, No Plugins required! Change your nickname anytime by typing in the box /nick YourNewNickname. (31 Mar '99)

Check if a nickname is now in use on Undernet: will open a new window. (4 May '99)

Some New stuff on Internet in Saudi Arabia is finally available! Started on 15.12.1998, there are already 39 Licensed Internet Service Providers. Based on comparisons with neighboring countries, the number of Internet users in KSA is estimated to reach: 115,000 in 1999. Amazingly they have set up their own chat server irc.isu.net.sa on port 6667 connected to IrcNET.

Microsoft's Arabic Help

October 1997 Internet Connect Time is Money : Cut your Internet costs!

So you thought Johnny Carson retired?
sLumming with sLag. We thought we could be funny till we read him. An "up to date" on the happenings in #Dubai Check out his excellent Technical rebuff to Etisalat's claim that its users' modems are to blame.
(click on the This Month link on his page) (Mar '99)

Etisalat are upgrading their proxies and you will find your browser often getting stuck at the automatic proxy. Get around this by using the manual proxy of proxy4.emirates.net.ae on port 8080 since at the moment this is faster that proxy1. Still, don't expect miracles from Etisalat. (10/Dec/98 - updated 13/Mar/99)

Are users in the United Arab Emirates paying too much for internet access? Go straight to the Message Board
Design the #Dubai Button. Click here for more info.                    
This space reserved for Alerts.  So we all got the email sent after 7pm Dubai time stating:
Dear Emirates Internet Customer,
As you may be already aware of the Virus Warning regarding the Chernobyl Virus, Emirates Internet, in the interest of its valued customers, requests you to take note of this warning and the necessary precautions. For detailed information on the Chernobyl Virus and its prevention, please go to the URL
Emirates Telecommunications Corporation | Email: help@emirates.net.ae for assistance.

What was the point of sending an email the evening of the day the Cernobyl virus was to strike, when it was known it was striking in the morning ?! By then whoever had the virus would have had their hard disks wiped out before seeing the email. Pretty useless sending out the information after the fact. Almost laughable. Better luck next time :) (27/Apr/99)

The rumor started today that Etisalat have been compelled to reduce their internet charges from forces beyond. What we are hearing is a reduction by half to Dhs 3 per hour. Can it be true ? (26/Apr/99)

Did you know that dedicated ISDN lines do not go through the proxy server? (17/Apr/99)

Anybody been hearing of Etisalat having purchased expensive new hardware in view of setting up a firewall to block access to specific ports in their battle against Net2Phone and Iphone and other such similar software? They appeared to be testing on Friday 16/April/99. This would mean they could then block Ports instead of just IP addresses. Anyone understand what is going on? (17/Apr/99)

Dubai's IP addresses Blocks 194.170 and 195.229. are about used up. Whoever tells us 1st what the new IP Block is gonna be, gets a Snicker Bar from us. (25/Mar/99)

As we've all heard from way back in early 1998, Cable TV is expected from Etisalat. That means Cable modems should follow. Anyone heard anything ?

Using an ISDN external modem. Read this. You could be getting less than you expect. (23/Mar/99)

Did you know Etisalat had a List of approved Modems. We didn't. (22/Mar/99)

Interesting how up to date Emirates Internet's Download page is. It was Last updated : August 18, 1997. It links to versions of software now so out of date one almost feels like crying. But then, we knew we were in for that when we subscribed for our Internet connection didn't we? (13/Mar/99)

Users' modems 'to blame' for Net woes ,so the Gulf News p.3 article said on on Monday March 1, 1999. "Etisalat claims that most problems customers have in connecting with the Internet are caused by their own modems and not by the Corporation. Other complaints, including slow response times, could be because of Internet congestion at those sites accessed by customers." Interesting.Then further on it says, "We have investigated complaints that have appeared in Gulf News regarding access problems (line disconnections) and found them to be related with the modem being used at the customer end. Some of the modems available in the market are not able to handle an automatic downgrade of the link speed while on-line, thus causing the disconnection." Going further into the articles reveals, "As per our statistics, 75% of our users are getting a response in less than one second and 20% in less than 5 seconds. Regarding file downloading, the slowness depends on various factors, including web host and traffic on the associated network and, not necessarily, on the proxy, or local network." Wonder if this discussion board thread sheds any light. So, like us do you feel they are pulling the wool over our eyes? Put your comments here. 4/Mar/'99

The rumor is now gaining momentum that not only have Etisalat considered the Unlimited Plan, but they have been working hard on setting up the infrastructure and decided on a rate in the region of Dhs. 400 per month. We are also expecting this launch during the Dubai Shopping Festival. That means REAL SOON! Read how the rumor started here. ! 7/Jan/99 (updated 9/Mar/99)

ISDN lines getting stuck at the proxy, downloading slower that a sleeping snail? Got an answer ? We Do.

OLD ALERTS & other old headline news !     Meanwhile, don't forget, BIG Brother is WATCHING!

New UAE related Links
Desert Hash House Harriers UAE Communications Welcome to ALPHA DATA ! Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and research Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority KiSS M.E. (Middle East) UAE INTERACT ONLINE Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Middle East Office Welcome to Dubai - the desert's most exciting city! linkmax Emirates Internet Exchange NSRC United Arab Emirates Computer Center - UAE University United Arab Emirates DITnet CIA on the United Arab Emirates Emirates Infosite Arab Information Project Data Bank Cleopatra's Spa Internet Cafe Dubai Ali Al Futtaim's Amateur Radio Club

Some maps of Dubai or UAE  Dubai City Map Hilton Dubai - Map Map of UAE Reference for UAE MAP

Tourist info on Dubai Travel Information of Dubai  Travelers Tips to Dubai

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