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Dubjuice is: Jay- bass, Adam- drums, Mark - guitar/vocals, Dan - guitar, and Corey - dub-selector

Hello Everyone -
Okay - so heres the deal: We have been taking some time off - ok, well A LOT of time off. I realize how shitty it is when bands you might have some interest in, never update their shit and leave people in the dark on whats going on. That sucks and it's exactly what we have done since our last update almost a year ago. We apologize. Now that we have that out of the way, lets get to the important stuff. Although we are quite busy with school and work (as everyone is), we have put together a new EP titled, "When The Battle Starts". This EP features 8 tracks, some of which are brand new sutdio tracks that we recorded during the down time. The EP also includes some remizes of older stuff and a demo or two of newer stuff. A few of the new tracks are avaliable for free download by clicking here. You can order the new EP for $7 amd get the self-titled EP for free by emailing us at Dubsta137@hotmail.com. So by now this update has gotten rather long, but I think it should be. We have alot of good stuff coming up: unreleased studio tracks, big site updates, new shows, live material, videos, and some free shit. Also look our for a brand new Dubjuice track being featured in the upcoming independent film "7even Days", coming to DVD in May from Stickman Productions.

Thanks alot for checking us out, sticking with us, and for reading this lengthy update. There will be alot of future updates, but for now go check out our bros, Part One Tribe. They are dropping a new studio record in June. Support them, they are the real deal.



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