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The Catholic Worker movement is a 72 year old experiment in radical Christianity. The word "radical" is Latin for "returning to the roots". The early Christian movement was criminal under the Roman state and evicted by the established church bureacrats of their day. Radical Christianity has an anarchist orientation towards power and a pacifist orientation towards violence.

"Anarchy"(without exploitation) and "pacifism"(without violence) are negative definitions - they make better Zen questions than tight rigid answers! The radical Christian is one who wrestles with the anarchist question - "How do I live a life without exploitation?" and the pacifist question "How do I live a life without violence?" Living with these ethical questions and experimenting with living answers/responses is a direct threat to capitalism and imperialism. Pope Paul VI said, "If you want peace work for justice!" The flipside is also true - if you want to maintain exploitation you best prepare for war!

The Dublin Catholic Worker attempts to explore a radical way of life through community, hospitality and resistance.

mayday march DCW at the May Day March on Saturday 1st May '04. The DCW newsletter was distributed marking the two year anniversary of the RTS May Day in 2001 when people were assaulted by Gardai.From left: Ciaron, Petria (Oregon CW), Leo, Jim (Christchurch CW), Treena.

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