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Date: 18 août 1997

De: Fred T. L. Wilson" (12)

Sujet: Fatality report: correction and an appendum

Fatality Report: I have a Correction and an appendum

The student Julie had no problems inflating. The instructor had been

spending a lot of

time with the other female student whom he had to 'push' and help.

This correction should be clearly understood to all whom I sent the

statement out to. The student Julie had not been having trouble with the

inflations according to the accident report.

Secondly, the police clearly state the impact was so severe, a helmet would

have made no difference.

(This may also be an indication of the location of the impact. The coroners

report, which is normally released in about a year, may clarify this,

although Ontario law requires permission of the family to release such

information... A difficult request to make.)

HPAC Accident Review & Safety Committee Chairman

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