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1 juin 1997 au 20 août 2000

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Date: 22 février 2000

De: Jacinthe Durand (29)

Sujet: Survol (26)

Salut Line,

suite au décès de Philippe, mon frère m'a chargée de te demander de retirer

l'article qu'il avait soumis pour

le prochain survol (l'article qui parle entre autre de l'échange de

décollage). Benoît est en voyage au

Mexique, il écrira probablement un autre article à son arrivée.

Merci !

Jacinthe Durand

"line.turcotte" a *crit :

> Bonjour à tous!

> Je sais que pour la plupart d'entre nous le Survol n'est pas la priorité

> en ce moment. Je dois quand même faire le prochain numéro de mars et

> comme d'habitude j'ai besoin de vous. Toutefois, je déplace la date de

> tombé au 27 février. Ce qui veut aussi dire que le numéro ne sera pas

> prêt pour la mi-mars mais bien pour la fin mars.

> Au plaisir de vous lire bientôt,


> Je voudrais profiter de l'occasion pour souhaiter bon courage à tous

> ceux et celles qui sont grandement touché par le décès de Philippe... et

> je sais que nous sommes plusieurs.

> ... Bon voyage

> Line

Date: 22 février 2000

De: Jerome Daoust (230)

Sujet: [hpac] reel pilot wanted !] (2)

Plus besoin de HAGAR pour competitionner au Canada ?

Voir les 2 paragraphes :

> Until recently all pilots flying ....

> NOW you don't need HAGAR to enter...


Ian McArthur wrote:


> It's a GO ! & You're ALL INVITED !


> 2000 @ Eastend Saskatchewan


> If you weren't there in 1996 you missed one of the best Canadian events

> of the decade. Great hospitality, excellent weather and fantastic

> flying. Every day someone would set a personal best.


> July 01 - 08, 2000 will see a repeat of the event. We have an HPAC

> Sanction for this event and we are hoping for an FAI CIVL Category 2

> sanction as well. If experience is any indicator we know where the best

> flying and the best pilots will be!


> Henry from Hamilton, Barry from Winnipeg, Ian from Sun Peaks, Mike from

> the big empty place, Gerhard and Ross from the Great White North , have

> all agreed to work together to bring this event to a successful

> "Climax". Jeff Rempel, Barry Bateman, Kim Staus, Ross Hunter and many

> others have helped through discussions and suggestions to bring the

> event along. We look forward to their support and enthusiasm. Yours Too!


> We can assure you that the meet will be held in strict compliance to the

> FAI Section 7 and HPAC Competition Rules. Turnpoint verification, start

> and finish times will all be verified by GPS. Cameras will not be used

> except for backup. The GAP Scoring system will be used.


> Are YOU Qualified?


> Until recently all pilots flying in Peaks Flying Team events needed

> HAGAR (Canadian Airspace Regulations Examination) in addition to an HPAC

> Intermediate rating and Insurance. Certified gliders, helmets and

> parachutes have always been required in Canadian competitions.


> NOW you don't need HAGAR to enter, but you MUST attend every pilot

> meeting to be sure you are aware of any airspace concerns. NO Transport

> Canada hasn't agreed to this, but until the HPAC decides to be a little

> more proactive on the HAGAR issue its not reasonable to place

> unreasonable demands on pilots.


> If you are a U.S.A. pilot you will need your Intermediate rating and

> signoffs for turbulence, footlaunch, towing and aerotowing in addtion to

> your current USHGA insurance.


> It's Tooooooo Expensive !


> Well compared to the price of a bad landing, the entry fee is a GIFT !


> The Eastend 2000 will require an entry fee of $34.00 U.S.


> The Eastend 2000 will ALSO require a donation to the Eastend 2000

> Competition Committee c/o the HPAC (on site) of a $50.00 CDN gift

> certificate from an approved Flight School in Ft. Langley, Calgary,

> Winnipeg or Ontario. Gift certificates from selected Eastend merchants

> and the official clothing supplier to the Peaks Flying Team, Valhalla

> Pure may also be accepted. It is anticipated that these gift

> certificates will be awarded to pilots who have shown great skill or

> sportsmanship.


> All pilots will pay their entry fees before their first flight. No

> entries will be accepted after the first competitive pilot leaves the

> ground on the first day of competition.


> But Where Will I Stay?


> The Eastend Municipal Campground has showers, water and electicity.

> Hidden in the Frenchman River Valley this delightful little gem has

> everything a campground needs and it's less than 3 minutes from shopping

> and pubs!


> Camping fees will be paid to the Town of Eastend by the individual

> campers.


> In 1996 I believe it was $10.00 a night.


> Just how good was 1996?


> Well it was the stuff of LEGEND. I flew 154 MILES in just five flights.

> A rookie like me could have an absolutely fabulous time and still come

> in 26th. (Well I think it was 26th but I can't remember.) First you

> needed to have no clue about where you were going. Then you could make

> excuses about not having a map or a GPS. I missed the GOAL twice because

> I didn't know where it was. Ripped in from over 7500 MSL and ten miles

> only to find I was in the wrong damn place. Bright eh? Great flying.

> Excellent hospitality.


> What if I don't know how to TOW?


> Don't worry..... Barry Morwick of Prairie Wind Flight School will be

> there a day early with his tow system as will quite a few others. ATOL

> is not rocket science and you will be flying with some of the most

> experienced flatlanders in the country. They're all invited !


> Expect to pay about $65.00 CDN for a release and another $50.00 or so

> for a lesson/endorsement. Try to get it out of the way BEFORE the event

> starts on July 01 !


> Can I come if I don't want to enter the Meet?


> Hey if you look anything like Britany Spears.... Come on Down!


> On the other hand if you plan to fly while the event is on, you will be

> flying at the discretion of the Launch Director as a PATHFINDER.


> Because it's so important to get all the event pilots airborne together,

> you will either fly first or last.


> If you choose to fly as a PATHFINDER you will have the eternal gratitude

> of the pilots and organizers as well as be eligible for awards of gift

> certificates from various flight centres across Canada.


> GROUND CREW who are available to assist ALL PILOTS will also be eligible

> for gift certificates and other expressions of sucking up cause we just

> don't have enough of you.


> Please let us know how we can help you make this your great holiday

> experience of 2000 !


> Contact Ian McArthur at <ianmc@direct.ca>


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> *****************************************************

> *********************************************************


> *********************************************************


> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Date: 22 février 2000

De: Gilles Boulianne (20)

Sujet: [hpac] reel pilot wanted !] (2)

Jerome Daoust wrote:


> Plus besoin de HAGAR pour competitionner au Canada ?


> Voir les 2 paragraphes :

> > Until recently all pilots flying ....

> > NOW you don't need HAGAR to enter...


> Jerome

Moi ce que je lis dans ce message c'est que le HAGAR n'est pas

nécessaire pour CETTE compétition-là, et que

> NO Transport Canada hasn't agreed to this...

c'est-à-dire que Transport-Canada n'a pas donné d'autorisation

pour voler sans HAGAR à cette compétition.

Il semble que les pilotes de l'Ouest trouvent l'examen du HAGAR

tellement difficile qu'ils sont prêts à mettre en danger

le privilège d'auto-règlementation que nous accorde

Transports-Canada... ou est-ce que j'ai mal compris ?


Gilles Boulianne (gboulian@crim.ca)

Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal (CRIM)

550, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, bureau 100

Québec, Canada H3A 1B9

Date: 22 février 2000

De: Jerome Daoust (230)

Sujet: Pg news : argon, effect, bandit, s-x

Tu peux avoir plus d'info sur ces nouvelles ailes :

Flight Design S-X

Gin Gliders Bandit

Pro-Design Effect

Nova Argon

dans :


La forme plate de l'Argon m'impressione,


Date: 22 février 2000

De: Jerome Daoust (230)

Sujet: Video du nepal

Si tu est pret a attendre 3.5 heures pour downloader (modem de 56 K),

regarde ce super video du Nepal :

Titre : From nowhere to the middle of nowhere

C'est le 3ieme sous :



Date: 22 février 2000

De: Jerome Daoust (230)

Sujet: Comment utiliser l'energie du gradient de vent.

Aparemment, les planeurs arrivent a se servir de l'energie du gradient

de vent. Les albatros s'en servent pour parcourir de vastes etendues

d'eau sans battre des ailes.

Tu peux lire la technique (en Anglais mais bien illustree) :


ou un resume ici en Francais :


En theorie, on pourrait s'en servir au dessus d'un rotor, dans un fort

cisaillement vertical. Mais je vais laisser d'autres l'essayer.

Vas-y en premier,


Front de Libération aérienne du Québec