Welcome to my little picture archive! Yes, these are ACTUAL pictures. (:p) If you want other pictures (anime, etc) look at my other pages. The ones I'm posting in this section of the website are camp pictures. You can see me in some of the pictures... But unfortunately, I'm WEARING MY GLASSES! And I look very bad in glasses. So please ignore any pictures of me, because what you see below is NOT what I look like. So don't get any false impressions.
    And another thing: I'm finding it incredibly hard to carry on MSN messenger conversations WHILE building this website! HEHE! Oh well. Well, here are the pictures, and remember, what you see in the pictures is NOTHING like what I look like...
   The picture at the left is what was known as "The Link" at camp. It was composed of everywhere from about two to fourteen, I believe. It was really funny... We walked everywhere around camp with our arms linked, through lunch lines, down hills... It was funny.
    In the left picture (from left to right): Matthias Hager, Ginger Stacci, Scott (me) Shipley, Crystal Stacci, Huston Hamm, Ginny (what IS her last name??), (A few faces that are unrecognizable at this point...) And, at the far right, Crystal Keith.
    In the right picture, you can see Matthias (yellow shirt) in the back, paying marvelous attention to his Bible (thus the non-view of his face). To the right of him, in the same row, Ginger Stacci flashes the camera a smile (and little does she realize that soon her boyfriend shall be the person sitting next to her!) One row up, in the blue striped shirt, James Shelton sits with his head tipped back, sleeping, trying to undo a loooong, sleepless night. One row up you can see me, flashing the camera a goofy smile (I'm the one squeezing the blue balloon) (no, I don't have buck-teeth! hehe). Sitting next to me (behind me) Crystal Stacci smiles for the camera (my girlfriend! YAY!). And, to the far right of the picture, just barely making it in the picture, Tiffany Green holds a black visor cap, the mark of Camp Sagmount!
   In the upper-left picture (labeled, Mr. Bell!) shows Scott Shipley (me) drawing a mustache on Matthias Hager! We are sitting the the chapel, waiting for it to start. In my left hand I hold my flashlight, which was later decorated with a monster's face on the lens, courtesy Huston Hamm's superior artistic abilities!
    In the upper-right picture (canoe) a canoe can be seen (overturned, naturally.) Some might wonder what fun there is in purposely swamping a canoe, but people like me and my friends wonder what kind of fun you can have keeping your canoe unsunk. So this picture shows me and several friends pulling a swamped canoe up to the shore. (Later the canoe had several more guests; I believe we ended up with somewhere between twelve and fourteen passengers aboard the canoe, going far over the recommended weight limit!)
    What happens when it's raining and there's no space inside to eat, and all the outside shelters are unaccessible? See the bottom picture for details! (In the pic, from left to right: Tiffany Green, (a Stacci), Me, and Huston Hamm.)