Oda Mon Nobunaga's Castle


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Here are some manufacturers of terrain pieces suitable for samurai wargames.

Stronghold Miniatures. Now carry the Village Green range of 15mm and 25mm items. In 15mm, they do a nice castle complete with walls, defences, towers and buildings including peasant farmhouses. The 25mm range includes a samurai walled residence, a temple set and peasant buildings.

Hovels Ltd. 15mm and 25mm ranges. There are 4 buildings in the 25mm range supported by some accessories such as walls, a gate and some figures. In the 15mm range, there are 6 buildings, again with some fences and gates.

Armorcast Miniatures. Just a few items in 28mm scale. Range includes a couple of nice looking peasant houses, bamboo walls and a footbridge.

Irregular Miniatures. They have a 6mm samurai castle. Also a huge range of general terrain items, equipment and animals in all scales, many of which would be suitable for feudal Japan.

Scheltrum Miniatures. A nice selection of 28mm items in their "East of Cathay:Fortifications & Siege Equipment" range.

John Jenkins Designs. Some beautiful 28mm Japanese buildings including a samurai house, temple and 3 village buildings.

Grand Manner. A couple of houses, an archway and a temple/bell tower in 28mm.

Coyote Miniatures. An early and a late period Samurai Castle in 6mm. Should look nice with some Bachus 6mm figures.

Oshiro Model Terrain. Houses, walls, gateways, towers... Scale not specified but looks to be suitable for 25-28mm figures. Also provides custom terrain item service.



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