In 1865, a rich lode of silver was discovered on War Eagle Mountain in southwest Idaho.  Silver was then found many other places in the nearby area.  Silver City was soon a bustling town with 2500 people.  It sits at about 6300 feet in elevation.  Winters can be be pretty severe, but people came anyway.  It gained the county seat in 1866 from nearby (1 mile away) Ruby City. 
     The area has produced over $60,000,000 in prescious metals.  In its heyday, Silver City had more than 75 businesses and over 300 homes.  It had the first daily newspaper and first telegraph in the territory.  By 1880 they had telephones.  And by 1890, they had electricity. 
     Many great buildings still stand there today.  It is only accessible from about May through October.  But it is definitely worth the visit due to all that remains. 
Silver City Barber Shop and Bath House  Courtesy of Dolores Steele
     From Boise, Take I-84 west to Nampa.  At Nampa, take Highway 45 south for 18 miles to Highway 78.  Take Highway 78 south for 10 miles to Murphy.  Continue on for about 3 or 4  miles.  You will see a gravel road heading west going to Silver City.  It's about 15 or so miles down this road.
Silver City Saloon and Drug Store  Courtesy of Dolores Steele
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Silver City Hotel  Courtesy of Dolores Steele