The Fridge Magnet Challenge

So how did it all begin ?

With a bet, which can be traced directly to the Czech republic's biggest export, beer.  I'd like to say it was Absynthe - but I will not tell a lie, not about something so serious.

Prague is very nice - I had a splendid day wandering around and taking in the sights, I even bought a new hat (see photo top left), and in the evening met up with my cousin Kev, who was teaching there, indeed he still is if you want to visit.

The evening went on, and talk turned to stupid boy projects, and silly bets, the basic up shot is I took on the bet that Danny Wallace and Dave Gorman turned down.  I would collect from 26 places a fridge magnet - one for every letter of the alphabet, with irrefutable photographic proof of each acquisition. 

A quick run though the alphabet proved it was possible, and a quick realism check ruled out the first suggested clause ("Each should be from a different country") as far far far too difficult and expensive.  So the bet was settled, it was to be a race, with the prize of a trip from where one person is to the place where the other person is, but to be frank I think Kev has more sense, and only I am sad enough to continue in the cold light of day.  Knowing my luck when I finish off, we will both be living in Leeds and I'll get a bus ticket.  Must say I am a bit worried about
X though…..  Still a bet is a bet, and think of all the interesting people I'll meet along the way (Ok, so perhaps that's not going to happen).

How am I doing ?

Go look at
the Matrix, and find out.

Here is the current status of miles per fridge magnet, assuming a direct line of transport between each collected: (under construction)

Whats New?


M is for Montchavin, T is for Tignes


Hey ! B for Barcelona, and U for Utrecht!


Finally a picture for A for Amsterdam


A hop over the pond gives me O for Orlando


Added L for London and K for Keukenhof

Added V for Valfrejus - the nastiest magnet yet!

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