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Forums--Xsclient--Block ip's--Bittorrent--Daily tech news--Edonkey--Kazaa--Block ads--Gnutella--Direct conect--Other p2p--WinMX--Your own .tk and dns stuff --Musicp2p--IRC/Mirc--Ftp--Other--Comp info--Programs--Mame/Emulators--Privacy--Firewalls--Non ie/ns browsers--Divx--Codecs--.dll--Info about movie's--Online scanning--Newsgroups--How to rip--Info about .iso & .bin/.cue& burning--Coding--Cover links--Telnet--FAQ's

Cyberbork Forum
Official methlabs forum for xs and pg
Peerguardian only forum
Bluetack forum forum

XS client dl peerguardian for bouncing dangerous ip's
XS site from NF
Xs client
Helpguide for xs
XS-Hub setup guide
Trackers and hubs
Hashlinks and general info about XS
Movie dl link for Xs(need CRCCatch.exe build in in xs or dl it seperatly)#B0D392A7A62FCE5100008000 is the code to dl it in Xs client

Block those dangerous ip's
Bluetack's range updater/coverter it's great
Zerodata's bad ip list
Intresting site just take a look

Bittorrent site's
Sharelive's BT zone
Bittorrent faq page
Alternative Bittorrent client
P2P app based on Bittorrent
Bittorrent hash maker
Eike's bt projects
Bittorent spy tool
Section31(bittorrent link site)
Bittorrent link list

Daily Tech news
The Register
BBC Tech news
CNet news

MLdonkey world
Mod list(site is in frence)
Big up to date (in german) mod list
eChanblard MOD eMule 0.29c - v2.5
Server/tool links for edonkey
Edonkey2000 main site
Edonkeybot lite
Help tool for own edonkey server
Edonkey hashlinks from sharereactor
Edonkey hashlinks from filenexus
Edonkey clone called Emule
Edonkey search
Hashlink maker for edonkey

Always has the latest releases of K++ (atm 2.43)
Kazaa hack 2.5
Latest releases available
Collection of kazaa tools
Sig2dat for dummies
Kazaasearch download page
Newest kazaa hacks and add-ons
Kazupernodes help page
Detailed info about kazaa for those whom like to know
Fasttrackmovies sig2dat links
Has 6 skins for kazaa to dl
K++ dl link
Movie Haslink

Ways to block ads
Replace hostsfile dl
Info how to replace hosts file
Info about pc parasites and how to remove them overs updated files that you can use to block spammers in outlook etc
Has many ads ip's and info on how to block them

Several Gnutella links/clients
Gnutella clients

Direct Connect
MoGLO DC search tool
How to build your own direct conect server
Needed software for own direct conect server
Direct connect/DC++
Automatic hublist dl prog

Other p2p clients
Filetopia 2.10d
SoulSeek 1.51
Soulseek forum
Blubster forum
Main blubster site
All mp3 needs here(no songs on site tho)
Download/info on XoloX
Info/client/forum for bearshare
The bridge a p2p client

MXLinks and some other tools
All you want to know about winMX

Your own .tk and dns stuuf
Running dns on win98
Your own free dynamic dns
Your own free dynamic dns 2
Your own free dynamic dns 3
Start your own free Blog
Unlimited free trial version of invision baord

Big mp3 info/dl site
Music p2p client+forum
Download MusicMagnet 2.0
Download Winamp first to use Spyamp
Spyamp(first download Winamp)

IIP aka Invisible Irc Project
Nice irc search engine
Info+latest Mirc
Mirc scripts/bots
Mirc/irc info+downloads
Scroll page down for all mirc commands
Efnet info link

Ftp scanning tutorial
Ftp search engine
Filezilla an opensource ftp client
Wsftp download/some free
Has manuals as well/Smartftp freeware
Searchengines for ftp
Ftp/p2p client use spybot to clean cydoor

Dail up boy his site
Babelfish an online translating tool
Betanews p2p dl's
Zeropaid dot com
P2P support/share from bangyourhead
P2P news archive/clients
Has some p2p clients and tool for more info bout file types
For those with too many spare time
Network/fileshare tools
It is in dutch but it has a great updatelist for software do mind the date in holland is dd/mm/yy and not mm/dd/yy
Help+info site for Cable/dsl owners
Site from Blackviper, many tutorials and games
P2P/B2B news links site

Comp info
Big faq and internet standard site
Bootable cd's for various systems
M$ patches easely explained
Rfc info site
Info about Top Level Domains (TLD)
Nice windows computer help site
Kellys winxp from A to Z
How reverse DNS works
M$ support centre
Cable Modem troubleshooting page
Internet archive
Ip network index
Iana port assignments list
Tutorial site
Local proxy engine
Many whois tools
Online whois tools
Reverse look-up and more
Whois an ip and more
PC knowledge
Big tech forum
Programming tutorials for newbies
Complete computer learing books online
Tweaking and info site about internet connection
A powerfull mailprovider
Info site about servers and tutorials
1000 and more comp defenitions

MeneutOs only 1.44mb big
The FreeBSD project
Make BSD more secure
Avi joiner
LAN scanning tool
Link with some nice pc tools
Openoffice alternative for the M$ office suite
An Ogg Vorbis joiner/cutter
Site to searcg for Cuesheet
CD Tracklist and Cue file converter
Nice freeware text editor
Downloadsite, some in dutch
Another downloadmanager
Cd Ripper
ID3kill, Mp3 Tag killer

Arcade/Mame/Roms-->The Retro way
Emulators site
Emu X haven
Emulator zone
Gameboy advanced emu for windows
New home of Mame32
Big Arcade link/info site
Big retro game site
Another big retro site
Ahh Commodore64 you remeber it :-)
Commodore64 portal

All about Virtual Private Network
Investigate the source of an ip or email
Net-peeker, a nice tcp/ip viewer and more
Voted as best antispam tool of 2003 by Consumers Union and free nice spyware forum
Anti spam prog called mailwasher
Prevent spam with Qmail
Great anti spam site
Privacy/security tools
Great anonymity tool
Site with only privacy tools
Info and prog's about security
A freeware opensource IDS
Information site about the start-up command's
IDcide privacy browser plug-in
Privacy tools

Some free/some trial
All about comp safety
Some handy safety tools
Phirewall for port listening

Browsers non IE/Netscape
Remove internet explorer, for win98/98se and Me only
Has instant pop-up killer
They say the official name for opera
WWW tools opensource

Big info site about dvd and divx
Real big divx site
Divx portal
Divx info+Codecs

The Nimo homepage
Newest codecs site is in german
Tool to find out what codec a file is
Big info site about codecs
Some codecs for watching movies
Codec download
Codec info/download/fourcc
Little device for determing codec
Helpersguide for encoding movie formats like avi/divx etc
RazorLame,front end for encoding to Lame
Oggifier,front end for encoding to Ogg Vorbis
Setting list for Lame encode
The Nimo Code pack V5.0 B8
The vorbis homepage

.dll downloads
Download missing .dll and run time files Big dll/ocx/sys/vxd/inf files dl site
Some .dll for download
Major .dll database
Big dll/driver link/info site
Has some direct and VB dll to download
All the "how to" info for .dll

Look up info bout Music or movie
Look up for cd's1
Look up for cd's2
Look up for cd's3
Look up for cd's4
Look up for cd's5
One of the best review site's
Look up for movies1
Look up for movies2
Look up for movies3

Free newsgroups and Newsgroup tools
Binary newsgroup search engine
News server list
Free usenet groups
GrabIt newsgroup graber
Site that offers free usenet servers
Newsgroups serverlists
Newzbot Newsgroup serverlists
Freeware newsreader
Several free newsreaders
Supports yenc but is a shareware/demo reader

Online virus scanning
Updated rpc patch
DCOM fixer and disabbler
Panda online scan
Online security check link's
Symnatec online scan
Sygat online scans

How to rip
Rip tool with build in sync to rip from vhs to comp
Rip guides
Dvd rip faq
Tutorial for dvd rip
Big music/movie rip portal

Info about .iso & .bin/.cue & burning
A freeware cd-dvd burnertool
All in one tool called SoftDisc
Collection of dvd burning links for dummies
A nice cdr info site
Cdr burning tools
Tutorial about .bin & .cue
How to use nero burning rom for bin/iso
Mega info site about how to burn cdr's
Info about bin/iso
Info about dif file types
Newbie guide for fireburner or nero
Bin tool

Some usefull and basics on coding
Tutorial search engine
Planet source code
Site the offers perl scripts
Learn asp
Another asp learning site
Learn xmlws
Learn html and other's

Links to cd/dvd/vcd cover sites
Cd covers search engine
Site with cd cover links
Another cover search engine
Audio cd covers
Site with covers for series

Links to telnet and BBS clients
How to use telnet
Documentation on how to run the free bbs client Synchronet
What is telnet?
Site with many telnet servers software and help

All common p2p faq's and some more FAQ's
Kazaa FAQ
Edonkey FAQ
Filetopia FAQ
Gnutella FAQ
Shareaza FAQ
Dynamic DNS FAQ
Telnet FAQ
Many photoshop tutorials
Safety tutorials etc
Firewall FAQ