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There is one thing in my life that fuels my zest for life and
that is to be humiliated and then cared for.  I find the concept
erotic and passionate.  Maybe that is different but it is me.  My
husband of five years understands that very much and he caters to
it very well.  He also shares a hair fetish with me but it is
mostly him that winds up being cut that is until the time I am
fixing to share with you.
     My story starts one Monday morning after our showers.  We
had a week off and planned to stay at home.  I had hoped that we
could get into some heavy lovemaking during the week.  Little did
I know I was going to get more than I bargained for. All day
Monday and Tuesday I hinted at receiving a humiliating experience
from him but it seemed to go to deaf ears.  We had some quality
time together but it was just not what I was looking for. I kept
     On Wednesday morning I had a experience I never will
forget.I got out of the shower to find a dress laid out on the
master bed.  It was a very pretty dress that was made into a baby
doll style with an empire waist and cap sleeves.  My husband came
in and said put it on I want us to go out today.  I held up the
dress and said you got to be kidding.  This is a baby doll dress.
It is hardly long enough for me.  He took me by the elbow and led
me over to the bed and forcefully told me to put on the dress and
quit whining.  With the tone he frightened me a little bit but I
put it on.  He said the dress showed off my shapely legs great
and the low neckline showed off my cleavage to my 36c breasts
amply. I tried to pull the dress down enough to hide the bottom
tip of my panties but it would not work .  I told him this dress
is to short but he said to quit whining and to put on a white
pair of pantyhose.. That will look good next to the pink dress.
The next humiliating thing he made me do was to put on a new pair
of saddle shoes that school girls wear. I ask him where he got
all this and he said the shoes were easy and that a seamstress
make the dress.
     I cried when he made me go outside to the car but it was to
deaf ears once again.  We drove through town till we got to the
barber shop that he usually goes to.  I have been there a couple
of times but it has always been for trims.  A father daughter
team runs it. They are both barbers. He told me that I was going
to get a haircut.  I told him the shop looks closed. He said he
has special arrangements with Julie to come in on there day off
which is Wednesday.  I ask him how he wanted me to get it cut and
he said it was a surprise.  I told him I did not want anything
short because I had been waiting a year and a half to let it
grow. I told him it was just now getting long enough to put up on
top and I had been missing that a lot.  He told me to be quiet as
he opened the car door.  He knocked on the barbers door and she
open it up and then when we were inside she opened the shades to
let the light in. She opened up and then I sat on the high barber
chair.  My heart was pounding because I did not know what was in
store for me.  She commented on how cute my dress was. I said it
was too short as I was pulling at the hemline to cover my butt.
She said what will it be. My husband said give her that short bob
we were talking about.  I said no I do not want anything that
short. They both told me to be quiet and that it would go good
with my new dress.  I started to get up from the chair but she
took me by the shoulders and pulled me back.  My husband then
pulled the shades and reached into the cabinet behind her and got
two leather straps with buckles.  He took them and fastened my
wrists to the barber chair arms. He held my shoulders back and
she took a handful of my shoulder length thick brown hair and cut
on a pair of electric clippers and cut my neckline to stubble.  I
was sobbing and I yelled out OK I will let you do it.  With that
she took her scissors and cut off my gorgeous shoulder length
hair to a blunt bob that was ear lobe length. The back was
clipped to stubble for at least 2 inches past my hairline and
stopped to a blunt bob in the back. She cut my bangs to about 1
and half inches which shows more than half my forehead.  MY
husband said now that your earlobes are showing a little bit you
can show off your ear rings all the time. I was still crying.  My
hands were torn between pulling my dress down and feeling the
stubble on the back of my neck.  Julie the barber said I look
just like Louise Brooks in that bob cut. Julie finished brushing
me off and kissed me on the cheek.  He took me to the mall and
people stared at me and I felt very uncomfortable but once we got
home it was all worth it.  I thanked him in numerous ways until
the sun came up the next morning.


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