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Over the past 15 years I've found hundreds of completely unknown 45s by often unknown artists.
Now it's time to give these weird sounds the credit they deserved.
It's amazing; just LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND in thrift stores, second hand markets and sometimes even IN THE TRASH CAN.
Thanks to CD  I was able to save these unusual tunes on 45 rpm 7" records. It's obvious that these 45s have been played a lot, so surface noice is almost obligatory. No hi-tek cd quality, but just back to the times where no one had ever heard of digital recording studios.
All the songs on these compilations are from the original 45 rpm records released prior to 1980 when CD took over the world of warm vinyl sounds. I've tried to exclude any song that's been compiled before, but as I don't own each and every compilation album ever made, there might be some songs that you already own on another compilation album. Look, listen and enjoy...
TITLE: Look What I Have Found vol 90
LABEL: In The Trash Can Records
Subtitle:  INTOXICATED MUSIC - 16 addictive popsike songs from around 1970

Voluntary intoxication or obligatory addiction? Fact is that we are all obsessed by music, be it lounge or popsike, from Belgium or the USA, on major or independent labels, for the young and the errr... not so young...
1. glory be –daisy clan
(Golden12 G12/96 fom 1970)
I know you all prefer Howard Carpendale's German version "Du hasst mich", but this English sung original by the Daisy Clan sounds so much better to me. Germans say Daisy Clan was German while in Belgium they swear it was a Belgian band. Truth is (or seems to be) that the band was partially German and Belgian. This Belgian release from 1970 will always be one of my favourites.
2. intoxication – tenderfoot kids
(Barclay BE61198 from 1970)
Great popsike song from Belgium as b-side of “Time is up” which is better known and already available on at least two compilations. On vol 103 you’ll get another track by this band from Liege.
3. eden – lucifer and co
(Vogue V45-1816 from 1971)
I assume Lucifer & Co was a French outfit heavily influenced by the bossa-nova samba clubs from around Saint-Tropez. This instrumental song can easily played at any lounge club.
4. amen – lucifer and co
(Vogue V45-1816 from 1971)
and also this side is perfect for cocktail lounges all over the world. Again an instrumental and exotic influences are present, but no nods to Brazil this time. It’s rather the British library music (KPM,…) that infiltrated this recording.
5. love needs love –daisy clan
(Golden12 G12/96 from 1970)
The flipside of “Glory be” is as good but more surprising as it is hardly played at parties. I just can’t think why both sides haven’t resurfaced yet on compilations. I know of two more releases on Basart and on Palette in 1969 and 1970.
6. i wanna hold you – revelation
(Labyrinth RVL85 from 1970?)
Phasing guitar sounds give this b-side of "Our song" that extra bit needed to get onto this compilation. Who was this band?
7. happy music – jimmy frey
(Philips PF320368 )
Backed by the JJ Band of Jess & James. The music was written by Tony & Wando Lam aka Jess & James. The a-side is a translation of “Each and every part of me”, “Als een kus naar tranen smaakt”. Jimmy was a famous Belgian singer, especially loved by the older ladies haha. Despite the song title, it’s sung in Flemish. I think it was released around 1971.
8. traveller man pt1 – raw material
(Fever F1001 from 1970)
Heavy fuzz and loads of echo & distortion turn this song into a perfect tune for psychedelic parties or even 70s nights. Three and half minutes long for guitar lovers and watch out for part 2 at the end of this volume.
9. get down with it satisfaction – mack kissoon
(Young Blood DV14925 from 1969)/
It's 1969 and Mack Kissoon is at the start of a promising career. As Mac (with Katie) he had many hit records in the 70s, but I'll always remember him by this fantastic uptempo soul dance floor filler that ends with a nod to the Stones' Satisfaction.
10. shattered man – the o’jays
(Trip TX3008 )
We all know The O’Jays, but do you also know this song? Funky psyched out soul on an appropriate label Trip. Forget the b-side ( =“Now he’s home”).
11. help! – april
(Epic EPC7654 )
This B-side of “Sweet song bird” is not Beatles related. Her real name is Joyce Evadney Ploquin and she moved from London to Paris to record this 45. Originally she’s from the West Indies and you can hear these influences in this peculiar soul tune.
12. hang it up – bobby byrd
(Polydor  2066131 )
A James Brown pupil Bobby released many 45s in his long career including this b-side of “Hot pants I’m coming coming I’m coming”.  It’s one of my fave Bobby Byrd songs, my fave being “I need help”.
13. i won’t let you go – the three degrees
(Roulette R-7137 from 1972)
I never heard this song before nor the b-side  “Through misty eyes” by this world famous trio from Philly who started almost a decade earlier and achieved world fame with hits such as “Dirty old man”.
14. yutta-tutta – vicky baker
(London 45LON9661 )
As flip to “I am what I am” “Yutta-tutta” sounds like an atypical girl group song. The lack of production would make Phil Spector crazy, but that’s just what I like about this song. Just a girl having fun!
15. river deep mountain high – leslie uggams
(Atlantic H426 )
Spanish release (“Profundo como un rio, alto como una montana”) and b/w “En el pais de la fantasia”, or the Burt Bacharach song “In the land of make believe”. So it’s not sung in Spanish as you might believe while looking at the front sleeve. Nobody will ever be able to equal Tina on her own turf, but Leslie’s coming very close, I must say.
16. traveller man pt2 – raw material
(Fever F1001 from 1970)
And as promised here is the second part: three more minutes of guitar screeching mayhem, drum solos. It’s like our intoxicated traveller man is visiting a psychedelic purgatory and lost his way
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