Elizabeth Rector Buell Tent No. 19
Marietta, Ohio
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865, Inc.

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Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865, was founded May 30, 1885, in Massillon, Ohio. DUVCW was incorporated in the State of Ohio December, 12, 1885, and is a national organization devoted to veterans, patriotic, educational, and charitable activities.

DUVCW is federally chartered. Females, 8 and older, who are lineal descendants of Union Civil War veterans are eligible for membership.

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Tent Officers
President Mabel D. Hutson Email Tent 19
Senior Vice President    
Junior Vice President    
Treasurer Lila E. Hill  
Patriotic Instructor    
Council Member #1    
Secretary Nancy M. Riley Email Secretary

Elizabeth Rector Buell Tent No. 19 History

   Elizabeth Rector Buell Tent No. 19, Marietta, Ohio, was instituted April 20, 1903, by Bertha M. Martin, a founder of DUVCW. There were 15 charter members. The Tent was named for the mother of Captain Buell who served valiantly in the Union Army.

   The main object of the Tent has always been keeping alive the memory of the Union Veterans of the Civil War.

   One member, Myrtle Best, was DUVCW National President. Two Ohio Department Presidents came from this Tent: Nora Thornton Perkins and Nancy Riley. Nancy is currently a member of the National Council.

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