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Cleveland, Ohio

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865
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        History of Emma A. Chester Tent No. 6
     Emma A. Chester Tent No. 6 was instituted January 7, 1891 by Minnie Trescott Guittard.  Nineteen names were on the charter.  The Tent was named after the president of the Brooklyn Village Women's Relief Corps, No. 167.  Mrs. Chester was the wife of a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.  Mrs. Chester was also a charter member of this Tent.

     The Tent first entertained the Ohio Department Annual Convention in June, 1894, in what was then known as Brooklyn Village, now a part of Cleveland.

     Many members of this Tent have been Ohio Department Presidents including Julia Croft Phillips, Elizabeth Waltz, Clara Gilchrist Yengling, Hallie L. Everts, Norma Karshner, and Florence Mayer.

     Two Tent members have been DUVCW National President:  Julia Croft Phillips (elected as a member of the Illinois Department), and Clara Gilchrist Yengling.

     Many Tent members have held offices in the Ohio Department and in National.  Currently Ohio Department officers include Norma Karshner, President and VAVS Chairman; Florence Mayer, Sr. Vice President, and Sarah Cooper, Council Member No. 2.  National officers include Norma Karshner, VAVS Chairman.

    The Tent is especially active in veterans activities.

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