oh, yeah, p.s. if you're getting a message for a comet cursor, download it, it's really cool. It's a 30 kb plug in that takes about a minute to get and set up, and it'll let you see the rose cursor I have set up. It's not a fluke in your browser....it only shows if your cursor is within your browser window. I got it from www.livecursors.com, and the button for it's at the bottom of my page somewhere.... the bottom of my page is getting to be like a junk drawer...i keep stuffing important things down there and they just disappear... hmm...

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just a place for pagan teens to hang out

You're in my domain, now, Ms./Mr. websurfer! If you can't deal with original, smack that back button like there's no tomorrow!

Well, while Life is going on, I've become the most "out of the closet while still in the closet" Wiccan I know. I have friends up at school (I now attend Michigan Technological University) and I even started a Pagan club at school (it's in fledgling status. We've only had one meeting.) and at the bookstore that i work at (it's a member of a major chain of mall-based bookstores, not a mom-and-pop type) I wear my pentacle outside my shirt, however, when it comes to my family I just can't seem to let them know! Oh well. )0( back to the topic )0(
But the good news is, I've started a little mailing list. It's not much, but hey, it's something. It's not moderated, and anyone can join. Just type your email address in the box below, and e-groups will send you anything else you need to know. I believe it's just a confirmation letter. But this will get everyone connected and chatting! Chat with y'all there! NOTE TO MEMBERS: I may be scheduling chat times soon where everyone can come in and just chat about anything. Keep an eye out in your email!

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Hello everyone!!! I'm Wiccan Dream, but I have a different Craft name. As you can probably guess, I'm pagan. I've been dedicated to the study of the craft since 6-25-95 and I'm eclectic. If I find anything I can remotely use, I use it. You'll find out soon enough that I'm a little strange... I guess you could also say eccentric... For all those of you looking over your shoulder hoping that your mom/dad/guardian isn't looking at what you're viewing, for fear you'll get into trouble: Don't feel out of place, I know exactly how you feel. My mom doesn't know the real me. She's not very tolerant of different things. She doesn't know I'm Wiccan, and if she did, well, I don't know what would happen. I plan on telling her, though. I've got it all planned out. I know my mom likes Angels, so as a Winter Solstice gift, I'm planning on buying her Silver Ravenwolf's Angels book. It's not religion specific, but it does speak of the Goddess (I think...I haven't actually read it myself) so this might get my mom to think that us Witchies aren't quite so bad after all! :) Cause she'll start to read, and well....it'll go from there, I hope!

You are visitor number since 12-2-97 to stumble upon this page looking for others like yourself. Hope this helps you feel not quite so alone. :)

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There used to be a box here because I am a member of the YPO. But apparently I'm not anymore, because I've been deleted from their webring and their group. I can't understand why?

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