Customize your mobile phones with your personal photos !!

Put your favourite photo of a loved one, pet or best friend or any your favourite picture on your mobile by following these 'very easy' steps:
1. Select an image from your hard drive
2. Apply the frame to the size of your mobile screen (zoom, add texts etc)
3. Send it to your mobile phone! And of course, with MY OWN PIC the logo created can be shared with friends.

Click here to start!
:: A little words ::
Hear yee... hear yee...!! Snow White had been divorced by her (ex) lovely gently funky husband, Prince of Frog because he found her having a scandal with the Hunchback of Notredame.

What??? It's sucks, huh?! Okay, i stop this crap and... Let me just say a little "hi" to you; Welcome to THE GALLERIA and feel free to enjoy the show..

I have a 2 private site on just before i put down my new contents.  I don't care about those adds that always hangin over when each of every my own pages displayed.  In fact, i'm okay with it but, deep deep down in my heart, i really wish to have my own .com or .net in nearly future.

I really don't know what more should i type in this field:0) FYI, i've done this sites in 2 whole busy weeks, done in a hurry, so i'm sorry for any lacking of contents. All i want to say are; Enjoy the Galleria, and tell me ASAP if there any broken link. I will continue to develop this web site, so the contents, and make an up date regulary. Also will add some my preview artworks of company logos and CD covers.
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I open myself for any advice, comments, or suggestion. Please feel free to send it to

Have a nice and safe browsing. God Bless You.
All aboard! i put a simple explaination regarding all links above. Just want to make sure that you will not be confused by all the links tittles.

INTRO is where you are staying right now.
DESKTOP means; wallpapers section. This is a mother link of Tekken and Others.
CG'S means; computer graphic section. Take a look at my original art works of graphic design.
MOBILE is a page where i provided some 'free downloadable' mobile content and some previews of my commercial artworks of mobile graphics. To download premium mobile content, please click here. Access is available to over 50 countries.
JUNKS provided 2 links. First link refer to my hand draw illustration section and the second link will take you to my overlap gallery. You should seen this one!


Term Of Use

I ask that you take note of the stipulations that i have set here. Please respect and abide any decisions i have made here.

1. Please take note that if you use any images, including but is not limited to wallpapers, computer graphics,  and illustrations, on your own site, you should not leech off links from this site. Just make sure they are on your own server.

2. Do not remove the source credit material (duvet25) at the bottom/top of all images.

3. All designed images created by me may not be used as images for design purposes. If you decide to use them for use other then desktop purposes these stipulations are done mainly to preserve my rights as the creator of these works.

In regards to images used in my wallpapers, i ask that you obtain an original source or scan in terms of the character(s) depicted in the wallpaper. A varied amount of work is done in terms of cleaning, editing and reconstructing portions of a particular image in order to make it useable for a wallpaper creation. I do not claim ownership to these images, but just want to acknowledge the amount of effort done and overall process in creating the wallpapers.


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