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Duvvuri Ravishankar

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Not much to say about myself.I am a graduate from the commerce stream.My main interest resides in playing chess professionally.I also like Music of any kind but i generally prefer pop music and hindi film songs.
I also had a shot at learning Classical Carnatic Sangeet but i left it since my larynx could not rise up to the expectations.I like surfing the net for long hours at a stretch.I like watching all kinds of movies and have wasted 1/6th of my life doing that.
2)Age :20 years.
3)CITY:Mumbai (INDIA).

4MOTTO:Always be a winner.

"Heights by great men reached and kept;
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But,they,while their companions slept;
Were toiling upward in the night."

Reading,music,movies,collecting coins of various countries, collecting stamps,surfing the net,chatting,sports.....

Friends r my life...Family...hmmmm...interesting question....i am a lone warhorse on the trot...all my strength i derive from my godsister