DVH's 94' Mazda MX-3 RS-R
    Hey, my name is Derek Van Horne and I live in Nanaimo, B.C.  I am 22 years old and I just graduated from Law and Securtiy Admin. at Georgian College.  I enjoy working on my car.  I just moved out here with my girlfriend from Barrie, ONT and we are both loving it, beautiful country!  I am currently in sales for my occupation.
     I bought my MX-3 two years ago and i am loving it!  My big plan for the near future is to do the BPT engine swap, tranny swap, 18 bronze rims or may go a completely different route and just make a custom turbo project.  I have sold some parts off my car already, like the altezza's (gay), FX wing, rims (I know i just got them), and stereo except for my panasonic deck
     On this site you'll find info and pics of my car, and the trials and tribulations that my and I have went through over th past 2 years.  Also u will find some helpful websites for u to look at, and other MX-3 clubs around Canada. 
That's me!
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