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A. Reita x Uruha

Facades (1/1)
Genres: Drama & Angst [in moderate doses]. If you squint your eyes, you might also see the Humor in this.
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild language.
Synopsis: Break-ups may give you all sorts of feelings, but they can also be blessings in disguise.

(We were broken and we knew it.)

Existence (1/1)
Genres: General & a light dash of Humor
Rating: G
Synopsis: Reita questions his existence and, to his surprise, finds his answer almost instantly.

(Was it because he was meant to make a difference in the world?)

Embrace (1/1)
Genres: General & a moderate dose of Drama
Rating: PG
Synopsis: It's possible to take something from the person you like, even if it's not their heart, and turn it into a timeless memory.

(Because he would do anything for the one he cherished the most.)

Squishy (1/1)
Genres: General & Fluff
Rating: G
Synopsis: Wherein Reita finds an excuse to give Uruha a present.

(Typical Reita to state the obvious.)

B. Reita x Ruki; Ruki x Reita

Hanamuke (1/1)
Genres: Drama, Angst & Tragedy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death. [And a possibility of emoness, among other things.] Please proceed with utmost discretion.
Synopsis: Love sometimes is not enough.

(One of the hardest things in the world, Ruki discovers, is being incapable of crying no matter how much pain you feel.)

Incarceration (1/1)
Genres: General, Introspection & a moderate dose of Drama
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language & mild violence.
Synopsis: Possession is the new face of Love.

(Emotional attachment is both a blessing and a curse sometimes.)

Respite (1/1)
Genres: General, Introspection & a light dash of Angst
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild language.
Synopsis: When words are nothing and presence is everything.

(Ruki surmised that this must be the effect of not being able to get out of the building for a long time.)

Marionette (1/1)
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Warnings: Possible choppiness and unintended vagueness.
Synopsis: When the strings are cut and the music stops.

(He doesn't say anything in response as if he is afraid.)

No Such Thing (1/1)
Genres: Introspection & small doses of Angst & Drama
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mild cursing.
Synopsis: An eye for an eye, an infidel for an infidel.

Because he never listened. )

C. Ruki x Kai

Fragments (1/1)
Genres: Romance, Drama, Angst, Introspection & a light dash of Humor
Rating: PG
Warnings: Story length & mild language.
Synopsis: What do you do when you lose your loved one to something probably worse than Death?

("Do you know her name?")

Reliance (1/1)
Genres: General & Humor
Rating: G
Synopsis: Being there no matter what.

(The scene that greeted him was Kai crying his eyes out, tears freely flowing down his cheeks.)

D. Aoi x Uruha; Uruha x Aoi

Sublime Madness (1/1)
Genres: General & a moderate dose of Drama
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language.
Synopsis: Epitomes of tragedy at their finest.

(They were just a man and man who had special feelings for each other.)

Immaculate Sin (1/1)
Genres: General & a moderate dose of Drama
Rating: PG
Warnings: Possible but unintended vagueness
Synopsis: Deception is always a pretty thing.

("Why do you adore me?")

E. Uruha x Kai

The Prince & the Parrot (1/1)
Genres: General, Fluff & a light dash of Humor
Rating: PG for safety measure.
Synopsis: Bedtime storytelling fun.

("The prince has the same name as Daddy?")

Restitution (1/1)
Genres: General, Introspection & light dashes of Drama & Angst
Rating: PG
Synopsis: An apology too late.

("You're asking me a rhetorical question")

F. Reita x Kai

Toothpaste Commercial (1/1)
Genre: General
Rating: G
Synopsis: Curiosity will always kill a cat.

("Like a big bowl of ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, nuts, cherries and lots of mallows?")

G. Aoi x Kai

Unconditional (1/1)
Genres: General, Introspection & light dashes of Drama & Angst
Rating: PG
Warning: Mild language.
Synopsis: Once a friend, always a friend.

(Sometimes, Aoi forgets that he is not super human with infinite powers.)

Break the Ice (1/1)
Genre: General
Rating: G.
Synopsis: No tears shed.

They know the matter cannot wait forever. )

H. Ruki x Uruha; Uruha x Ruki

Frangible & False (1/1)
Genres: Introspection, Tragedy & light dashes of Drama & Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Pathetic poetry, possible vagueness at some parts & character death. If any or all scare or irk you, then this fic is not for you.
Synopsis: No strings attached.

("Catch me, catch me; I doubt you can.")

I. Reita x Aoi

Wish (1/1)
Genres: General & a light dash of Drama
Rating: G
Synopsis: Beware of what you ask.

(Reita eyed the candles for a minute as if considering the somewhat silly tradition.)

Allergy (1/1)
Genre: Satire
Rating: G
Synopsis: More than just the usual symptoms.

("I missed you a lot today.")


Ephemeral (1/1)
Genres: General, Introspection, Romance & Humor [both in light doses]
Rating: G
Warning: Story length.
Characters: Reita & OC
Synopsis: Attraction in an entirely new definition.

(It's not a loss to either of them.)

Doppelgänger (1/1)
Genres: General & Introspection
Rating: G
Warning: Possible but unintended vagueness.
Pairing: Aoi x OC
Synopsis: Forever chasing ghosts.

(What a beautiful disaster they make.)

Crescent Moon (1/1)
Genres: AU, Introspection, & the tiniest amounts of Angst, Romance & Drama you will ever find--if you squint hard enough.
Rating: PG
Characters: Reita & OC
Synopsis: Worlds apart. [They were never meant to be.]

(She expected an accident to happen.)

Crying Wolf (1/1)
Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: Kai x OC
Synopsis: What it takes to keep someone with you.

(Maybe they should give it another shot. )


Insensitivity (1/1)
Genre: General [It's a mix of everything, really.]
Rating: G
Characters: Reita & Uruha
Synopsis: The misinterpretation of feelings could hurt a lot more than having them unrequited.

(I wanted to run away. I really did.)

Allegory (1/1)
Genres: General & Humor
Rating: G
Warning: May come off unintentionally ramble-filled and pointless.
Characters: Reita & Uruha
Synopsis: What friends are for.

("Suzuki, do you have a point or not?")

Happenstance (1/1)
Genres: General & a dash of Introspection
Rating: G
Characters: Kai & Reita
Synopsis: Quotes are overrated. So is disbelief and disregard.

(He pressed the Read button and found the most unusual message.)

Solace (1/1)
Genres: General
Rating: G
Characters: Reita & Uruha
Synopsis: A moment of weakness.

(At least it wasn't his mother who came; she'd have a field day telling him off for not keeping his place neat and organized.)

The Bright Side (1/1)
Genres: General & a slight tinge of Humor
Rating: G
Characters: Aoi & Kai
Synopsis: Optimism for the broken-hearted.

("In short, you want me to become Kai Number Two")

Substituting (1/1)
Genre: Satire
Rating: G
Characters: Ruki, Kai & Aoi
Synopsis: Having the last laugh [even when you're undeserving].

Kai, who also saw the same people he did, almost choked on his pie. )