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Find programs to download here

f you have a Nokia phone that you can program the ring tone things into it, check this place out for some decent rings

Tremont has sucky shows comin up. How do I know?

he Freedom of Information Act has made this site possible. Check out how human our celebrities really are.

Psycho murderers,
serial killers, and some other misfits of society. read up.

Yahoo games. you too can be an internet
pool shark.

jEFF - his diary grows more popular by the day. I, however, have never seen it. Hehehe

Julie - a
nice attempt to show me up, but I still love her...

Other links to the official YTF page and my sisters page can be found on the site. I don't want to put links that are elsewhere right here cause that'll get redundant.
Challenge your beliefs. Inform yourself. Tear down the walls of ignorance while you're at it.
Positive Atheism is an online and printed magazine. Lots of neat stuff...check out the quote page, too.
Music Stuff for the kids!!!
Big-ass list of bands
Trust Kill
Buck 65 and crew
In Strife

More to come, I'm just tired of working on the link page dammit.
Oh my goodness..I just found this site. I haven't even looked through it yet, but I don't think I need to. Just the idea is funny enough.
Slightly odd, but interesting none the less. We're all curious about forbidden knowledge
back from whence ye came