SuPeR cOoL y.T.f. PaGe !!!
Young Tom Fury is a powerful force in the growing Rock Hill music scene. Their brand of catchy pop-pun...wait, that's Senseless..oops. Their uncompromised style of amazing punk-emo-hardcore-indie-old 80's hair metal-ROCK is the sort of stuff you go home humming long after the show is over. If you've not been to a show, get your ass out there! As I am the fifth fat kid/street team/PR specialist, this part of the site is to promote YTF as the single saviour for the modern Generation Y love sick teen. Rock.
click on this beautiful, chubby bastard to learn more about him
Expert lover and lead bassist Mike Flowers is also the lead eater. I once saw him eat a sandwhich from Subway with all the meats on it, glazed with honey mustard. I hear he also likes to eat pantie candy...ladies, remove your britches.
click on Ledford to learn more about him, I mean, if you're into that sorta thing.
This here picture shows Mikey Ledford reading his copy of Ebony magazine. Notice Lenny Kravitz on the cover - that's how Ledford learned how to play guitar. You should hear him cover "Are U Gonna Go My Way?"
Rock waits for no man!